Borneo Weather November Averages, Indonesia

    • Temperature Temperature 27°C 81°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 31°C 88°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 23°C 73°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 7 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 300 mm

    Borneo Weather for November 2021

    What's The Weather Like In Borneo In November

    A massive island, the world's third largest, situated in Southeast Asia, Borneo is one of only two places in the worlda href="">Sumatra is the other onehere orangutans, tigers, elephants and rhinos live together in the wild. It is one of the most biodiverse places on earth, covered with primeval rainforests, dotted with epic volcanoes and lined with gorgeous tropical beaches.


    November is the second month of the wet season in Borneo, which runs roughly from October through to March. You can expect about 300mm of rain during this month, which makes this the third wettest month of the year in Borneo. Only December and January are wetter.

    The most common rainfall type is thunderstorms. They are observed 59% of the time when it rains. The probability that it will rain ranges around 80% this month, increasing from 78% in the beginning to 81% at the end of the month. It is clear that rain is a given this time of year.

    Sunshine Hours

    However, those rain showers, even though they can occasionally be violent, are typically very short-natured. This is indicated by the 7 hours of sunshine that can be enjoyed on a daily basis in November. While it does rain pretty much every day this time of year, there is also plenty of room for clearings in the cloud cover and warm rays of sunshine.


    Just like it was in October and will be for the three months to come, the average temperature is 27°C in November. This as cool as it ever gets in this tropical destinationnly January and February are marginally cooler in the afternoons. In November, the average low temperature is 23°C; the average high temperature is still 31°C.

    If you are planning a trip to Borneo in the near future, consider checking out our weather forecast. Also, try to keep an eye on the forecast while you are there, as the weather is rather unpredictable and can change quickly.

    Borneo Hotels In November

    Runga Sari Resort

    For your November vacation, consider staying at Runga Sari Resort, a great tropical retreat in a natural environment. Surrounded by wonderful countryside, rivers and forests, this resort offers guests the chance to partake in a variety of outdoor activities. At the resort itself, there is a tennis court, swimming pool, restaurant and a meeting centre.

    Orchardz Hotel Ayani Pontianak

    If you would rather stay in an urban environment, check out Orchardz Hotel Ayani Pontianak in Pontianak. This modern hotel has rooms with bathrooms, a mini-bar and coffee and tea makers. Guests can use the business centre and meeting rooms, and visit a restaurant that serves Asian and Western food as well as a restaurant serving authentic Indonesian cuisine.

    HARRIS Hotel Pontianak

    Also in Pontianak is HARRIS Hotel Pontianak. This four-star luxury hotel has everything you are looking for in an accommodation, from a spa centre and free Wi-Fi to an outdoor pool with terrace, a restaurant and a car rental service.

    Borneo Beaches For Novemeber

    Kijing Beach

    When staying in Pontianak, you definitely shouldn't miss Kijing Beach. Even though this is the monsoon season, there are still 7 sunny hours each day and temperatures climb into the 30s in the afternoon. Kijing Beach is a long and narrow stretch of beautiful white sand, backed by towering palm trees. Its atmosphere is laidback, its crowds quiet. Facing west, this beach is perfect to watch the sunset.

    Bars And Restaurants

    Nom Nom Resto

    Nom Nom Resto in Pontianak gets its name from "näm näm", which means the pleasure of having a delicious meal. Its menu is chock-full with all kinds of dishes, from fish and seafood to chicken, curries and vegetarian. There is plenty of choice when it comes to desserts as well.

    Raja Uduk

    Also in Pontianak, Raja Uduk claims to serve the best Nasi Uduk in Indonesia. This is also a recommended place for soups, tempe, chicken sambal, roast chicken and various teas.

    Maruga Udon

    Maruga Udon is the first authentic Japanese udon restaurant in Indonesia. This chain restaurant is found in many cities in the countryn Pontianak, it is located in the A Yani Megamall.

    Things To Do In Borneo In November


    A recommended place to visit is the city of Samarinda, East Kalimantan's capital. With a name that breathes exoticism, Samarinda is a trading port and a very popular destination among tourists. The city straddles the banks of the Mahakam River, which is a major highlight. The Dayak people who live along the river are welcoming, their culture one that you simply must experience during a trip to Borneo in November.

    Kalimantan Art Gallery is good for souvenirs and its selection of Indonesian sculptures and paintings, while Arena Promosi Citra Niaga should meet your shopping needs. The Raya Darussalam Mosque is arguably the city's greatest architectural landmark. You could spend a day or two in and around Samarinda before moving on to more remote regionshe city is a great base for journeys into the Kalimantan hinterland.

    Long Bawan

    For more adventure, head to Long Bawan, a beautiful part of East Kalimantan. This area is home to a number of excellent hiking trails that lead into and through Kayan Mentarang National Park, a vast park located near the border with Malaysia that comprises the largest remaining area of rainforest in Kalimantan.

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