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Blackpool Weather in July, United Kingdom

Blackpool Averages July


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    11 mm

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Blackpool Daily Averages July


July 2024
1 Avg 16º 61º
2 Avg 16º 61º
3 Avg 16º 61º
4 Avg 16º 61º
5 Avg 16º 61º
6 Avg 16º 61º
7 Avg 16º 61º
8 Avg 17º 63º
9 Avg 16º 61º
10 Avg 17º 63º
11 Avg 15º 59º
12 Avg 15º 59º
13 Avg 15º 59º
14 Avg 15º 59º
15 Avg 15º 59º
16 Avg 17º 63º
17 Avg 16º 61º
18 Avg 17º 63º
19 Avg 18º 64º
20 Avg 17º 63º
21 Avg 16º 61º
22 Avg 16º 61º
23 Avg 17º 63º
24 Avg 17º 63º
25 Avg 16º 61º
26 Avg 16º 61º
27 Avg 17º 63º
28 Avg 16º 61º
29 Avg 15º 59º
30 Avg 15º 59º
31 Avg 14º 57º
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July Weather Averages

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July in Blackpool is the logical follow-up to June, with the weather continuing to warm up and the general conditions remaining the same. The only difference is that there may be a few more people on holiday in the seaside resort this month as the summer season properly sets in.

The days see an average temperature of 16°C, the warmest it will get all year. This is in fact the hottest month of the calendar, even though August still sees that same 16°C, thanks to the high and low figures. The average high temperatures rest around 19°C and average low temperatures drop to just 13°C. This may be a bit chilly to some holidaymakers but, for the locals, this is perfect weather. The sun will be shining, and it's t-shirts all round no need to carry jumpers and coats anymore! Of course, if you were looking for something a little warmer, you could go across to the other side of the British coastline: in Skegness, average highs can go as far as 20°C, even if the lows go to 12°C. Generally speaking, though, the weather is very similar.

This resort is regarded as England's most popular seaside town, and people from all over the country come to enjoy a swim in the relatively warm sea, which has an average temperature of 16°C. However, the month also sees a fair amount of rainfall. It receives an average of 11mm of precipitation throughout the month with an average of 16 rainfall days. The bad news is that only half the month will be dry, but the good news is that this is a low point for the actual amount of rain that will come down. Most showers should be brief, and you will be able to avoid them if you pay attention to the weather forecast in the morning.

Where to Stay

Why not stay at the Claremont Hotel this July? It's close by to the North Pier, and has luxurious lounges offering a sea view. There is also an indoor swimming pool so you can enjoy splashing about even if the weather isn't perfect, and you can even see the promenade from the hotel. There is also a café bar and a kid's club, as well as cabaret entertainment put on for you every night.

Recently named as the Hotel of the Year for Blackpool, The Strand Hotel is another great choice. There are 33 rooms with en-suite bathrooms available, and you can enjoy Murder Mystery evenings during your stay. Dine in the hotel with breakfast and evening menus available, and be sure to enjoy the other events they put on year-round. You can even reserve a function room if you are celebrating a special occasion.

Or there's The Cliffs Hotel, a beautiful and historic building on the Queen's Promenade which offers facilities such as a swimming pool and leisure centre. There is also a spa, sauna, kid's club to keep families happy, a café bar with sea views, the cabaret room, and a restaurant. Business travellers will also benefit from conference suites and other facilities.

Hit the Beach

One of the nearby sandy stretches that you may want to visit is Bispham Beach. This is a little bit out of the way compared to the main Blackpool beaches, so it's a good option if you want more peace and quiet. It's also one of the few beaches in the area where dogs are allowed, so if you have your furry friend with you, it's a must.

With the average sea temperature of 16°C you might want to take a dip, but do exercise caution there is no lifeguard service here so you will be on your own if you get into trouble. There is a café and restaurant nearby as well as shops and public toilets, so you should have everything you need for a day out.

Restaurants and Nightlife

If it's an Indian that you fancy, head to The Taj Mahal Blackpool. This restaurant and takeaway serves Indian and Punjabi dishes which have been going since 1997, with the proprietor taking on a role as the head chef. They are not licensed to serve alcohol, but you can bring your own along with you in order to have a drink while you dine.

If you just want to stop off at a café, try the Number Five. This blue-fronted business serves coffees, teas, sandwiches, and other small snacks, and is a great place to catch your breath. The good weather in July allows you to sit outside, and you can get a plate of chips if you want something more substantial.

The Velvet Coaster is a Wetherspoons pub, which means it has the same menu and great value you would find throughout the UK at any of their venues. Aside from being a solid and dependable choice, it's also well placed, set right on the promenade. The name was inspired by one of the first rides, added to Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the 1900s, which has since been rebuilt and renamed.

Things to Do

If you are up for a laugh, head for the Comedy Station Comedy Club. A range of acts perform here, from locals who are giving it a go to bigger names who are touring around the country. This is the oldest and longest running comedy club in Blackpool, compered by Ryan Gleeson, a local comedian who has been on the scene since 1997.

The South Pier is the place to go for all kinds of entertainment. This is where you will find attractions like The Adrenaline Zone, log flumes and other rides, two arcades, concessions and stalls, and a bar. This was the last of the three piers in Blackpool to be opened, after plans began in 1890 at the cost of £60,000. These days, of course, that figure would translate to something a lot higher!

If you're looking for a thrill, you can't miss The Big One. Simply put, this is the tallest and fastest rollercoaster in the UK. It is an iconic part of the Blackpool skyline, standing at 235ft so that it can be seen from all around. If you dare to give it a try, you certainly won't be disappointed! It twists and turns for almost 2 full minutes as you plunge towards the beach.