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  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Sea Temperature
  • Temperature
  • Rainfall

    14 mm
  • Rainfall Days

    19 days

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December daily averages


December daily averages for Blackpool

  • 1st
    7 45
  • 2nd
    6 43
  • 3rd
    7 45
  • 4th
    7 45
  • 5th
    7 45
  • 6th
    6 43
  • 7th
    9 48
  • 8th
    7 45
  • 9th
    7 45
  • 10th
    6 43
  • 11th
    3 37
  • 12th
    3 37
  • 13th
    4 39
  • 14th
    6 43
  • 15th
    8 46
  • 16th
    8 46
  • 17th
    7 45
  • 18th
    8 46
  • 19th
    7 45
  • 20th
    8 46
  • 21st
    8 46
  • 22nd
    8 46
  • 23rd
    8 46
  • 24th
    8 46
  • 25th
    7 45
  • 26th
    7 45
  • 27th
    6 43
  • 28th
    6 43
  • 29th
    5 41
  • 30th
    7 45
  • 31st
    7 45

The festive month of December is one of the coldest in Blackpool, representing the depth of winter. The month experiences an average temperature of 5°C just 1 degree above the coldest months of January and February - with average high temperatures around 7°C and average low temperatures around 3°C. It is also common for the temperature to drop to sub-zero figures, especially towards the end of the month and during the hours of darkness.

The sea's temperature also drops as it averages 9°C in December. This is far beyond what most would consider to be warm enough for a swim, although some do still try it. In fact, there is a tradition in the United Kingdom in some seaside resorts to run into the sea on Christmas Day, and you can try this yourself if you are feeling particularly brave. For everyone else, a stroll on the sand may be the best you can manage.

The rain is also quite persistent at this time of year. The town averages 14mm of precipitation during this month and has an average of 19 days with rain, which means that more than half of the days will be wet. The month also experiences quite a lot of frost due to the low temperatures this often builds up overnight as opposed to being a problem during the day, but it is something to watch out for. In extreme circumstances, snow may become an issue.

If you are packing to holiday here for Christmas, be sure to pack jumpers and coats, as winter clothing is certainly going to be needed for the duration of your stay. Keep one eye on the weather forecast at all times so that you can judge exactly how cold it is going to be, as the difference between those highs and lows can feel like a big one.

Where to Stay

It is important to stay somewhere that feels special in December, and The Arthington may just provide that. It is a 4-star guesthouse with modern fixtures and décor which gives you the feeling of a home away from home, albeit quite a luxury one with a dining room for breakfast and evening meals. There is even a small bar on site to ensure that you can totally relax and have fun here.

You could also try The North Crest Hotel. This is a bed and breakfast which has a 4-star rating, providing boutique-style rooms in a friendly environment. The prices are very good too, and you can't complain with a warm welcome that intends to make you feel as comfortable as possible. This award-winning modern B&B delivers much more than you would expect.

The Hotel Libra isn't just for those whose star signs match up. It's located centrally in Blackpool, near to the Winter Gardens, and has a licensed bar with flat screen TVs. You can enjoy these great facilities all year round, which makes it a great alternative to some venues which may be closed during the festive season.

Restaurants and Nightlife

If you are looking for a traditional family-run pub, which includes great food service as well, then make sure to visit The Eating Inn. Here you will discover a large range of drinks on offer as well as a seasonally changing menu that offers all you could ask for. British steaks take pride of place, with all food sourced locally where possible. It is located on the Promenade, so you can find it easily.

Head to the Blue Diamond Indian Restaurant for a curry that will knock your socks off. They offer a takeaway service or the chance to eat inside the restaurant itself, choosing from a range of traditional dishes which you will no doubt recognise.

If Chinese food is more your thing, then visit the Ocean Palace instead. A special offer 3-course meal makes even a blowout affordable, and they have a takeaway menu available with discounts on starts and main dishes. The menu includes many dishes that you will be familiar with, common to Chinese restaurants around the world!

Things to Do

Put on your gloves and scarf, and December can still be a great time to visit the Blackpool Model Village & Gardens. In fact, they even sell Christmas trees here! The model village is a tiny representation of real life, which is always fascinating to see in the flesh. Come and marvel at the craftsmanship of these tiny tableaux!

If you'd rather stay indoors, visit The Blackpool Tower Circus. This is a big slice of fun for all the family, with an historic circus that has been open since 1894. Mooky and Mr Boo are the stars of the show, as you will soon find out so don't miss the chance to see what they bring to the stage in the form of their hilarious capers.

Viva Blackpool is a dinner show that will bring you a sense of the historic entertainment in this seaside town, with a little touch of Vegas glamour. Flamboyant, outrageous, and fun, you will never want to leave this show behind. It features showgirl dancers, comedy sessions, and live singing from talented vocalists. Plus you receive table service with fantastic food and refreshing drinks what's not to like?

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