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Bergen Weather in October, Norway

Bergen Averages October


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    The average high temperature and the average low temperature for that month, on a daily basis, divided by 2 equals the average temperature for that month


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    3 hours
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    Rainfall Days

    21 days
  • What is Average Rainfall?
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    240 mm

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Bergen Daily Averages October

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October Weather Averages

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What's the Weather like in Bergen in October


Bergen's short autumn transitions to winter by the end of October.  The average monthly temperature in October is 3 degrees cooler than September, at 9°C. Daytime averages drop to 11°C.  Temperature variations between the highs and lows aren't very big during the winter.  Nights will average 7°C in October.


Rainfall totals in Bergen average 240mm in October.  The chances of precipitation are 60% and it rains for an average of 21 days in October.

Sunshine Hours

Shorter days and cloudy skies will mean that Bergen only gets an average of three hours of sunshine every day.  By the end of October there are only 8 hours 44 minutes between sunrise and sunset, and the chances of a cloudy sky are 70%.


The average humidity in October doesn't vary much from September, averaging 80%.  Dropping temperatures will make the air feel dry and cooler than it really is.


Average wind speeds will continue to rise in October, climbing to 4.4 m/s by the end of the month.  Like September, winds are mostly from the southwest to southeast with periods of northerly winds.

Sea Temperature

The average sea surface temperature of the North Sea around Bergen falls to 12°C in October.

Dress Code

Check the extended forecast to see what the expected temperatures are before you start packing for Bergen.  You'll mostly want to bring layered clothes, including sweaters for the cool nights.  You should also bring robust raingear to ensure that your inner layers stay dry, as you won't want to be cold and wet.  You can bet on encountering wet weather if you visit Bergen in October, so you'll need a good coat, pants, boots, and an umbrella.  As far as dress styles go, smart-casual will help you blend in. 

Bergen Hotels in October

Scandic Strand

Scandic Strand is one of the many Scandic hotels in Bergen, this one located right on the harbor near the fish market.  This three-star hotel features 98 casual rooms with bright furnishings and views of the city and waterfront.  Suites and upgraded rooms are available with sitting rooms and sofa beds.  One of Norway's best-known bars, the chic Femte i Andre, is at the Scandic Strand.  You'll also be treated to a complimentary breakfast buffet at their waterfront dining room.  Other hotel amenities include free WiFi and complimentary use of a nearby gym.  Scandic Strand is also close to the Mt. Floyen funicular and Bryggen wharf.

Bergen Bors Hotel

The Bergen Bors Hotel is an upscale four-star hotel located in central Bergen, near the fish market and plenty of shopping opportunities.  The hotel is found in a beautiful Victorian brick building that was once home to the stock exchange.  The hotel's modern rooms feature plush beds, fashionable bathrooms, and contemporary Scandinavian furnishings.  Family rooms and suites are also available, and some of them overlook the harbor.  There is a delicious restaurant at Bergen Bors Hotel, a contemporary, casual restaurant serving a seasonal menu with ingredients from local farmers.  The hotel also has a fitness center, chic bar, and laundry service.

Thon Hotel Orion

The Thon Hotel Orion is a modest three-star hotel near Bryggen wharf and offers great views of the harbor.  This hotel features 219 rooms with warm décor, comfortable furnishings, wooden floors, and bright, modern bathrooms.  Suites with sitting areas are also available.  Thon Hotel Orion offers a complimentary breakfast for their guests and also includes light snacks and an evening meal.  Other hotel amenities include a small gym, free WiFi, and an 11th-floor lounge area.  Bergenhus fortress and the harbor waterfront are only a few minutes' walk from the hotel.

Magic Hotel Kloverhuset

The Magic Hotel group's Magic Hotel Kloverhuset is an interesting hotel between central Bergen and Nordnes peninsula.  This three-star property features 43 edgy rooms with flatscreen TVs, WiFi, futuristic bathrooms, and a complimentary breakfast for all guests.  Almost all rooms offer outstanding views of the surrounding landmarks.  The Kloverhuset hotel is situated on top of one of Bergen's oldest shopping centers, which houses numerous stores, restaurants, a nightclub, and a day spa.  The hotel also has a rooftop terrace where you can enjoy a cocktail and breathtaking views of the harbor. 

Bars and Restaurants

No. 13 Hotel Restaurant

The No. 13 Hotel is one of the best hotels in Bergen, and they recently opened a restaurant that has been very well received.  The Restaurant No. 13 serves a great variety of craft foods, including mouthwatering burgers and artisan pizzas topped with some creative and extremely flavorful combinations.  The dining room is light & airy and is staffed by some of the friendliest people you'll find in Bergen.  You'll also enjoy their selection of wine, beer, and house cocktails.  Restaurant No. 13 is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and accepts reservations.

Potetkjelleren Restaurant

Potetkjelleren is a rich restaurant in central Bergen, situated in a whitewashed stucco basement with warm furniture and lighting.  This upscale restaurant has repeatedly been named Bergen's best restaurant.  The seasonal menu consists of gourmet traditional Norwegian food with modern twists.  Some of the dishes you'll find at Potetkjelleren include whale carpaccio, arctic char with a lemon hollandaise, veal with spinach and a honey puree, and wild boar neck with green peas.    Save room for their sweet dessert options.  A set menu is also available.  Potetkjelleren is open Monday through Saturday from 4PM to 1AM.

Ruccola Café

Ruccola is a cozy family Italian restaurant in central Bergen.  Their bright, modern yet retro dining room will take you to the Mediterranean.  Lunches include ciabatta sandwiches with fresh-baked bread, soups & salads, and pizza.  Their delicious pizzas are also found on their dinner menu and served with a variety of toppings.  Other dinner choices include grilled steak, lasagna, and spaghetti frutti di mare with Bergen's own fresh seafood.  Ruccola is open Monday through Thursday from noon until 11PM, Friday & Saturday from noon until midnight, and Sunday from 1PM to 11PM.


Barkollektiv is an entertaining late night bar in central Bergen featuring a large drink menu and a fun shuffleboard downstairs.  Their food menu consists of great burgers, sandwiches, fries, and salads.  There's a trendy yet casual vibe at this bar that makes it a relaxed place to just go and visit with your companions.  Barkollektiv is open Monday through Thursday from 4PM to 1:30AM, Friday from 4PM to 3AM, Saturday from noon until 3AM, and Sunday from 1PM to 1:30AM.

Things to do in Bergen in October

St. Mary's Church

Bergen has a number of beautiful old buildings and churches.  The oldest building in Bergen is one of these churches, St. Mary's Church, located next to the Bryggens Museum.  Experts estimate that St. Mary's dates back to the 12th century, based on the architecture found throughout the church.  The church has survived numerous fires throughout the years and undergone a few big restorations.  Inside you'll find beautiful frescos, sculptures, and a lovely German pipe organ.  There is a fee to visit the church, to help with upkeep.

Gamlehaugen Palace

When King Harald V is in Bergen he stays at the beautiful Gamlehaugen Palace.  The property is located 5km outside of Bergen and is lovely during autumn.  Visitors are not allowed inside the palace, even when the king is not there, but you may still walk around the grounds and admire this gorgeous building that resembles a Scottish baronial castle.  The palace is also surrounded by a garden with manicured shrubs, trees, and colorful flowers.  A large grassy area is a common sunbathing area on sunny days.  Edvard Grieg's Troldhaugen is also nearby.

Bergen Fish Market

The ocean provides a lot of sustenance to Bergen, especially in the colder winter months.  You can see much of what the ocean provides at Bergen's infamous fish market.  This is one of the largest markets in Bergen and is made up of the older outdoor fish market (since the 13th century) and a much newer indoor market.  You may not be looking to buy any lobster to take back to your hotel, but you can purchase fresh fruit, vegetables, and baked goods here too.  There are also a few really great restaurants at the fish market, some of which serve nothing but what has come off the boats. 

Bergen Fjords Cruise

Norway has some of the most spectacular fjords in the world, and Bergen is considered the gateway to most of them.  One of the shortest and most spectacular fjord explorations takes you to Osterfjord.  This three-hour cruise departs from the fish market, passes the historic Bryggen wharf, small, colorful seaside towns, and then takes you into Osterfjord.  This fjord is full of tall cliffs and picturesque towns.  One of the highlights of the cruise is Mostraumen straight, which is so narrow that you'll wonder if the boat will make it through.  Part of the cruise will take you right up to a waterfall to get splashed.  Bring a raincoat even if it's sunny. 

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