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Bergen Weather in February, Norway

Bergen Averages February


  • What is Average Temperature?
    The average high temperature and the average low temperature for that month, on a daily basis, divided by 2 equals the average temperature for that month


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    Total sunshine hours for the month, divided by the number of days in the month. Sunshine hours are taken with a sunshine recorder, either a Campbell-Stokes recorder or an Eppley Pyreheliometer

    Sunshine Hours

    3 hours
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    Rainfall Days

    19 days
  • What is Average Rainfall?
    The amount of mm in rain for that month divided by the number of days, and the number of days that it rains during that month on average, over a given period of years


    240 mm

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Bergen Daily Averages February

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February Weather Averages

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What's the Weather like in Bergen in February


February's temperatures are very similar to January in Bergen.  The average monthly temperature is still 2°C.  The daytime average is only slightly higher at 4°C, and nights drop to 0°C.


Average monthly rainfall starts to slowly decline in February.  Rainfall totals average 20mm less than January, for a total of 240mm throughout the month with 19 days of precipitation.  The chances of rain in Bergen in February are 55%.  Any snow that does fall in Bergen won't be significant or last long, but you may see the surrounding mountains covered in snow.

Sunshine Hours

The length of the days really starts to increase in February, at 7 hours 56 minutes in the beginning of the month and 10 hours 21 minutes by the end of February.  Bergen still has a 74% chance of overcast or mostly cloudy skies, leading to an average of three hours of daily sunshine throughout the month.


The average relative humidity in Bergen ranges between 75%-77%.  This humidity will make the air feel colder than it really is, and it will also feel fairly dry.


The average wind speed in Bergen in February is a constant 4.6 m/s throughout the month, down from an average of 5.0 m/s in January.  The wind direction is generally southwest to southeast with small periods of northerly winds.

Sea Temperature

You probably won't be swimming in Bergen in February, as the average water surface temperature is only 6°C.

Dress Code

Bring your best raingear if you're visiting Bergen in February.  The rain comes down steady over half of the month, and the wind will add a bite to the already cold temperatures.  Bring multiple layers that will keep you warm, ensuring you have an inner layer that is always dry.  Don't forget to bring rain boots as that is often overlooked. 

If you think you'll be taking any outdoor excursions, plan ahead and bring the appropriate clothing for those. As far as going out, Norwegians typically dress in a smart-casual style.  The Bergen 14-day forecast will give you a better idea of expected conditions right before your trip. 

Bergen Hotels in February

Hotel No. 13

Hotel No. 13 is one of Bergen's pricier four-star hotels, located just a couple of blocks from the historic Bryggen wharf overlooking Torgallmenningen Square.  Hotel No. 13 has 34 charming rooms with colorful modern furnishings, and all rooms are equipped with two beds.  The spacious contemporary bathrooms have been recently renovated.  Larger suites are also available and feature arched skylight windows.  A fresh organic breakfast is included for all guests.  Their new No. 13 Restaurant also serves artisan burgers & pizzas.  Hotel No. 13 is near a shopping center, museum, and a variety of bars, restaurants, and cafes.

Scandic Ornen

This modern four-star hotel is located near the Lille Lungegaardsvannet lake in the middle of Bergen.  Scandic Ornen has a capacity for 400 guests and is a popular location for businesses with their large conference center.  Upgraded rooms with large windows and balconies are available, as well as larger suites with sofas and living areas.  Scandic Ornen has three restaurants & a bar; a contemporary restaurant where you can enjoy a free breakfast buffet, a bright rooftop restaurant, and a swanky lounge.  Other hotel amenities include a fitness center and laundry service.

Steens Hotel

The three-star Steens Hotel is a modest bed & breakfast hotel next to Nygard Park.  Steens Hotel is located in a cute 19th-century mansion and maintains its 19th-century atmosphere today with rich wood tones, classic furniture, and warm lighting.  The friendly staff also adds to the ambience and will take great care of you.  Steens Hotel offers 21 rooms with private bathrooms and WiFi.  Most of these rooms have picturesque park views.  Breakfast is included for all guests and the hotel is also located near a few other cafes and restaurants.

Basic Hotel Bergen

Basic Hotel Bergen is an affordable three-star option just outside of the historic district of Bergen, a couple of blocks from Lille Lungegaardsvannet.  Basic Hotel Bergen offers 43 clean, comfortably furnished rooms with desks, spacious bathrooms, heated floors, and walk-in showers.  Hotel amenities include free WiFi, minifridges, flatscreen TVs, and a bar.  The hotel is located in a beautiful neighborhood with cobbled streets, bakeries, cafes, and delicious restaurants.  This is the perfect hotel for guests who only need a comfortable room to stay in.  The hotel is also less than a 15-minute walk from the Bryggen wharf and the funicular.

Bars and Restaurants


This cozy coffee shop makes a perfect stop to warm up on a cold February day.  Kaffemisjonen serves only world-class award-winning coffee and teas.  The baristas are some of the most competent in Bergen and will expertly craft whatever coffee drink you order.  They serve food as well, including a variety of breakfast pastries, sweets, yoghurt, and sandwiches.  This café is very popular with both locals and tourists.  Kaffemisjonen is open during the week from 8AM to 6PM and on the weekends from 10AM to 6PM.


Lysverket is one of the highest-rated restaurants in Bergen, located along the Lille Lungegaardsvannet park, at the KODE 4 art museum.  You'll want to make a reservation before coming to this fine-dining establishment.  Lysverket's chef has been recognized internationally and serves an outstanding menu of traditional Norwegian food with contemporary touches.  There is a lot of seafood on the menu, like shellfish soup with lobster dumplings, mackerel with grilled strawberries, and roasted white fish with grilled kale.  Set menus and a la carte menus are available.  Lysverket is open Tuesday through Saturday from 12PM to 1AM and on Sunday from 12PM to 3PM.

Mingel Gastrobar

Mingel Gastrobar is a fun bar & restaurant in Solheim serving great cocktails and delicious food.  Their food menu is full of juicy artisan burgers, unique salads, lobster dishes, fish, sandwiches, and desserts, all served on rustic wooden platters.  Their craft cocktails are like works of art; they have a full bar menu and serve traditional cocktails and house specialties.  If the weather is warm and dry they do have an outdoor patio available.  Mingel Gastrobar is open Tuesday through Saturday from 3:30PM to 11PM; they stay open until 11:30PM on Friday & Saturday.

Folk & Rovere

This late-night pub in Bergen's historic district is a fun place to end the night.  Folk & Rovere is mostly popular with the locals but tourists are definitely welcome too.  There is a large selection of beers both on tap and in bottles and they're happy to let you sample before ordering.  Folk & Rovere is also a cozy café with good coffee and sandwiches during the day.  They are open every day from 11AM until 2:30AM; they are one of the few bars in Bergen open this late.

Things to do in Bergen in February

Bergen Shopping

Sometimes a little retail therapy will cure a cold, gloomy day outside.  Bergen has no shortage of shopping opportunities.  The city has a long history of trading and continues that today.  Bergen's main shopping district is centered around Torgallmenningen Square.  You'll find a few different fashionable shopping malls with an assortment of stores here, as well as smaller niche stores spread out throughout the neighborhood.  Bryggen wharf also has numerous cute little shops selling souvenirs and gifts from local artisans.  Most shops are closed on Sundays.

Northern Lights Excursion

You can't come to Norway without trying to see the Northern Lights.  The dancing fire in the sky is one of the top activities for tourists near the Arctic Circle, and winter is the best time to see it due to the long nights.  Your chances of seeing the Northern Lights in Bergen are slim, however, due to the constant cloud cover.  You'll have to go inland and get away from the sea.  Bergen does make a good starting & return point for a Northern Lights trip because of the easy transportation options.  Check out some of the local tour operators to plan a trip from Bergen.

Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

Bergen is home to one of the best & oldest orchestras in the world, the award-winning Bergen Philharmonic, established in 1765.  This orchestra is based in the Grieg Hall near Lille Lungegaardsvannet.  Concerts are held regularly in Grieg Hall and it's one of Bergen's best entertainment venues.  Every concert is different and features various soloists and guest conductors performing different musical collections every night.  After the shows enjoy a nice dinner or drinks at the many bar & dining options near Grieg Hall.

Voss Ski Resort

Bergen may not get much snow in the winter, but the mountains surrounding it offer some great skiing and snowboarding opportunities.  Voss Ski Resort is only 1 hour 20 minutes from Bergen and has numerous lodging options available.  The resort averages 540cm of snow every year and has everything from groomed runs to big powder bowls.  The resort has ten lifts, 23 ski runs for all abilities, and two terrain parks.  One of the terrain parks and numerous ski runs are also lit for night skiing.  The village is full of shops, bars, restaurants, and spas where you can unwind after a day on the mountain.

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