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Altinkum Weather in November, Turkey

Altinkum Averages November


  • What is Average Temperature?
    The average high temperature and the average low temperature for that month, on a daily basis, divided by 2 equals the average temperature for that month


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    8 hours
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    8 days
  • What is Average Rainfall?
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    121 mm

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November Weather Averages

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What's the weather like in November in Altinkum

November is classed as autumn, a very fleeting season in this part of Turkey. The main differences are quite noticeable much less in the way of tourists, less attractions and restaurants open for business, a little more rain, and cooler temperatures, especially during the evening hours. Despite this, if you want to experience Altinkum's more authentic and traditional side, a real taste of Mediterranean Turkey, then this is the ideal month to visit.


The average temperature at this time of year is around the 11°C mark, which can reach a high of up to 14°C on the warmer days. The major downside however is that evenings are back to being rather chilly, so do wrap up warm if you're heading out after around 4pm, with an average low of 8°C throughout the month.

Sunshine Hours

Despite the cooler temperatures, the sun shines for an average of 8 hours per day, which is the ideal setting for heading off and exploring the region on foot, or by bus to one of the neighbouring resorts, such as Kusadasi or Bodrum, for example.

Whilst you might not think that beach days are on the agenda now the temperatures are cooler, the sea does still stand at a very warm 20°C on average throughout the month, which is warmer than the air temperature! You can still head off scuba diving at this time of year, in fact this is a great time to experience it, when you won't be jostling for space on boats or beaches.


We know that most of the region's rain does tend to fall during the off season, and whilst we're not quite at the rainiest month just yet, you will notice more in the way of precipitation at this time. Throughout the month you can expect around 121mm of rain, which does affect an average of 8 days to some degree. Forecasts are generally very accurate in terms of winter rain, and locals always seem to be very clued up on when winter storms are coming, so simply keep your ear to the ground!

Altinkum Hotels for November

The autumnal weather is certainly much milder in Altinkum than many other places, reflected in the fact that there are still a few hotels and apartments open for visitors during November. Buyuk Anadolu Didim Resort offers an all-inclusive programme for visitors, in luxurious surroundings, decorated in Mediterranean blue and white. This is close to the resort centre, but far enough away to offer total peace and quiet.

If you prefer an apartment base, somewhere to give you a homely feel to your accommodation, check out Gostevaya Kvartira Apartments. This establishment is less than a mile from the centre of the resort, and has a private flat feel to it, with all mod-cons for cooking and general daily business.

Alternatively, Neta First Class Hotel offers B&B or half board, and is a comfortable base for those wanting to explore the area further in this quieter time. Three on-site restaurants and a terrace snack bar make your stay comfortable, and there is a kid's club for the little ones.

Bars and Restaurants

There are many restaurants still open during this quieter time of the season, however you will find a more local feel to them now most of the tourists have left for the summer. Dubs Bar is a popular choice, particularly at the weekends, with fantastic offers on drinks, including pitchers.

If it's just food you're after, particularly pizza, Doganay is for you, with a totally laid-back vibe no matter what the month. Similarly, MoonLight Restaurant is a low-key choice, and is a great place for a stop off before a night out at the weekend, with low prices too. 

Things to do in Altinkum in November

Exploring during the quieter times is the best way to go, as you get to see so much more, and November is the ideal time to do just that. Because this is out of the main tourist season, prices on car hire for example will be a little lower, especially if you take a local with you to haggle the price. Remember to take your driving licence with you when you go on holiday if you are planning on hiring a car, and remember that Turkey does drive on the right! Other than that, driving a car in Turkey is safe, provided you keep your concentration, just like anywhere else.

The small villages in the countryside just outside of Altinkum are beautiful and are really authentic, which is an ideal way to experience 'real' Turkey. The mountain road up to Milas is stunningly beautiful, so be sure to stop and take plenty of photos on the way.

You could of course also hire a bike and head out cycling in the countryside, and again, you will find hiring a bike quite easy; speak to your hotel about this if you are unsure of where to go, as they may have contacts.

One Turkish tradition you should definitely try whilst you are away is to head out for breakfast. This might sound like a totally normal thing to do, but a Turkish breakfast is something different entirely. Let's just say the table will probably not be big enough for the number of plates you will have before you, with cheese, meat, bread, olives, eggs, tomatoes, cucumber, and all manner of other preserves offered to you. A Turkish breakfast is a feast, and it is a real social activity too; you will see many locals all sitting with families, enjoying the most important meal of the day.