Vienna Weather March Averages, Austria

    • Temperature Temperature 5°C 41°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 9°C 48°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 0°C 32°F
    • Day Temperature Day Temperature 7°C 45°F
    • Night Temperature Night Temperature 6.4°C 44°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 4 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 41 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 13 days

    Vienna Weather for March 2023

    What's the Weather Like in Vienna in March

    Austria's capital city of Vienna is subject to a climate and weather conditions that are typical of a continental location. Situated in the very heart of Europe, neighboring the Alps as well as the northern European plains, this old historic city, the Old Town of which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has pleasantly warm summers and winters that can be bitterly cold and snowy.


    March marks the beginning of spring in Vienna and is characterised by rapidly improving weather conditions. Winter is now over, nature awakens and the city's population heads outside again. That being said; the nights in March are still fairly cold with an average low temperature of no more than 0°C. It must also be said, though, that this average low increases swiftly in the course of the month, from -1°C in the beginning to 4°C at the end of the month. In the afternoons, the temperature reaches an average high of 9°C, which is also a temperature that rises gradually throughout March. It climbs from 7°C to a pleasant 13°C. The overall average temperature in March is 5°C.

    Daylight Hours

    Another something that increases rapidly is the length of the days. March 1 has 11.03 hours of daylight, while March 31 has 12.49 daylight hours. This increase of 1.45 hours means that each day in March is 3.4 minutes longer than the day before.

    Sunshine Hours

    Add to that a decrease in cloud covert drops from 77% to 69% in the course of the monthnd you have two reasons for the 2-hour increase in sunshine hours since February. In March, each day enjoys 7 hours of sunshine on average.

    Clouds and Rainfall

    That decrease in cloud cover also influences precipitation in Vienna. The chance that some form of precipitation occurs decreases a tiny bit from 57% to 54%, which is about the annual average chance of precipitation, but the total amount of precipitation stays pretty much the same. 41mm of precipitation falls down in Vienna this month and there are 13 days with precipitation. This is essentially the same as the three previous months. The only difference is that precipitation now seems to occur in shorter periods, with clearer skies in between. The most common type of precipitation is moderate rain, which is observed on 47% of the days with precipitation.


    Moderate snow still falls as well, mostly in the beginning of the month, and occurs on 25% of the days with precipitation. Light rain and light snow may happen as well, respectively on 14% and 7% of those days.

    In such a changeable month, for an accurate weather forecast for Vienna, you are encouraged to take a look at this live weather forecast page.

    Hotels for Vienna in March

    Airo Hotel Vienna

    If you're travelling to Vienna in March and are looking for a budget option, consider staying at Airo Hotel Vienna. This three-star hotel is located near the Therme Wien, a huge green area that is Europe's largest urban spa. Public transportation stops right next to the hotel and can take you straight into the historic heart of the city. Featuring many facilities such as three restaurants, car parking, a garden, a mini-supermarket, a car rental service and a bar, this is an excellent place to stay.

    Starlight Suiten Hotel Wien Salzgries

    A more central (and a bit pricier) accommodation is the Starlight Suiten Hotel Wien Salzgries. Located about a half kilometres from the Old Town, this four-star hotel has beautiful suites to offer you the ultimate comfort during your stay. There is a bar, café, gym, sauna, car rental service and a limousine service among many other things.

    Am Parkring

    Housed in one of the tallest buildings along Vienna's ring road, Am Parkring is a four-star hotel that occupies the 11th, 12th and 13th floor of that skyscraper. Therefore, all 55 rooms offer spectacular views of the cityhe inner city is only about 500 meters away. This is a truly amazing hotel, in addition to the views, also boasting a bar and restaurant, business center, room service and parking.

    Restaurants and Bars for Vienna in March

    Coffee Houses

    Vienna is arguably one of the best cities in Europe to have a cup of coffee. The city's so-called Kaffeehaus (Coffee House) Culture dates back to as early as 1685. Nowadays, more than three centuries later, the Viennese coffee house has grown into an institution of its own. The drinking of coffee is an essential part of everyday life in Vienna.

    Coffee houses in Vienna are incredibly cozy, homey and welcoming. They have a quiet atmosphere, wooden chairs and intimate setting. These establishments are so incredibly popular that it's not unusual for locals to spend whole days in a coffee house during the weekend, talking with others, reading the paper or a book, or simply being alone with their thoughts.

    Typical Viennese coffees are mélange, little or large brauner, espresso, fiaker and einspänner. It's common to also order a traditional pastry with your coffeeypical pastries (and cakes) are strudel, zimtschnecke, rehküchen and beugel.

    If you want to experience Vienna's coffee house culture, head to Café CentralCafé SacherCafé de l'EuropeCafé GerstnerCafé Sperl or Café Landtmannhere are many, many others as well.

    Things to Do in Vienna in March

    Although March definitely sees the weather warm up in the course of the month, there may still be the occasional cold and even snowy day. This is by no means a busy month in Vienna, which could be ideal if you're looking to spend a quiet holiday there.


    A particularly nice landmark building that you should check out is the 18th-century Karlskirche (Karl's Church). Designed by Johann Fischer van Erlach, one of the greatest Austrian baroque architects, the striking church is, in fact, the largest baroque church on the northern side of the Alps. It is situated on one of Vienna's main squares, the namesake Karlsplatz. You can get there by underground or, of course, on footith the underground, you'll pass some fascinating art deco stations designed by Otto Wagner. Another nearby attraction is the Secession Museum. Karlsplatz also connects to the fun open-air Naschmarkt, making this area is a wonderful place to wander around in.

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