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Stockholm Weather in May, Sweden

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What's the Weather like in Stockholm in May


Rejuvenate your spirit! With ten hours of sunshine on average, Stockholm welcomes visitors who look forward to visiting a stunning historic city surrounded by incredible natural scenery. May is, in fact, one of the sunniest months of the year, only June and July seeing more sunshine hours.

Daylight Hours

The reason this time of yearate spring and early summers so sunny is that it has the longest days of the year. In May, the length of the days increases by 2.08 hours, or by 4.1 minutes every single day. 1st May has 15.54 hours of daylight, which is quite a lot, but 31st May has no fewer than 18.02 hours of daylight. This is a magnificent period to visit Stockholm, the extremely long days and sunny weather giving you plenty of time to explore the city's old town or take part in some water activities.

Sea Temperature

These water activities don't include swimming, though, as the temperature of the sea still isn't higher than 6°C on average. Swimming in Stockholm can really only be done comfortably in July, August and possibly September.


The air temperature is more pleasant, averaging 11°C in May, a significant 6-degree increase since April. In the afternoon, the mercury climbs to an average high of 16°C, while at night, it drops to an average low of 6°C.


May is one of the driest months of the yearpring is by far the driest of all seasons a time of year that doesn't see more than 30mm of precipitation[-W1]  in total, spread out over 11 days with precipitation, which is the lowest number of wet days of any month.

The chance that it will rain doesn't vary whatsoever in the course of the month, always ranging around 45%. Although snowfall is still possible (on 12% of the days with precipitation), rainfall is now the most common type of precipitation. Moderate rain is seen on 45% of those precipitation days, while light rain happens on 27% of those days.

Thunderstorms and Snow

Thunderstorms may occasionally occur as well, but are rather rare. Snow is most likely in the beginning of the month (11% chance) and is nearly non-existent toward the end (2% chance).

Hotels for Stockholm in May

August Strindberg Hotell

Within walking distance of various attractions and events, the August Strindberg Hotell is situated at the heart of Stockholm. The hotel offers 26 charming rooms which are all equipped with Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, and a bathroom with shower and toilet. The breakfast buffet at the Strindberg is legendary, while tea and coffee are complimentary and available throughout the day.

Radisson Blu Royal Viking Hotel

The centrally located Radisson Blu Royal Viking Hotel will please both tourists and business travellers. It lies within easy walking distance from major landmarks such as the Central Train Station, the Stockholm Concert Hall, which is where Nobel prize winners are honoured, and the House of Culture. This four-star hotel has no fewer than 459 guestrooms and suites, all equipped with a mini-bar, free Wi-Fi and other modern amenities. Communal areas include the rooftop SKYBAR, a gym, an indoor pool and a sauna, a fish restaurant and thirteen meeting rooms.

Scandic Park

Scandic Park is yet another excellent accommodation option for your May vacation. This well-equipped, three-star hotel features a chic design and has a large lounge area, a Swedish/French restaurant, a truly superb location near the greenery of Humlegarden and is merely 500 metres from Stadion, one of the city's largest sports stadiums and event venuesf you're lucky, you might even spot the Swedish national football team at the hotel.

Restaurants and Bars for Stockholm in May

Kalf & Hansen

Run by a father-and-son team, Kalf & Hansen is a lunch restaurant situated at Mariatorget square in Södermalm. Its menu consists mainly of Nordic-style organic fast food, focusing on beef, fish and vegetarian dishes.

KB, Konstnarsbaren

KB, Konstnärsbaren is a renowned restaurant, bar and meeting point in Norrmalm. Its name meaning "artist's bar", the restaurant serves classic Swedish fare and delicacies. The bar is separated from the dining area and beautifully decorated with murals.


One of the absolute best restaurants in Stockholm (possible even in Sweden) is Esperanto. As its name suggests, this award-winning dining venue gets its culinary inspiration from different cuisines from around the world.

Things to Do in Stockholm in May


With its walking paths, jogging tracks and bicycle trails, Hellasgården is the city's home of outdoor fun. Only 15 minutes from the city centre, Hellasgårde offers various attractions throughout the year. Mini golf, football, fishing, tennis, canoeing, yoga, beach volleyball and indoor cycling are only a few of the activities that can be found at Hellasgården.

Those who prefer to stay overnight can lodge at the environment-friendly cottages of Hellasgården. The centre is open every day, all year round, a wonderful place to enjoy the plethora of sunshine in May.

The National Museum

The National Museum houses the exceptional works of many international masters such as Rembrandt, Renoir, Goya, Degas, as well as outstanding Swedish artists like Carl Larsson and Hanna Pauli. The collections of the museum consist of paintings, sculptures, drawings and applied arts.

The Gustavsberg Porcelain Collection is especially appealing with its 35,000 objects dating back to the 1830s. Located in the centre of the museum, resembling a Venetian piazza, the Atrium Restaurant offers a wide selection of dishes, in addition to scrumptious cakes and pastries. This is one of Stockholm's premier attractionson't skip it!