Skanes Weather April Averages, Tunisia

    • Temperature Temperature 16.5°C 62°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 21°C 70°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 12°C 54°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 8 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 30 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 7 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 16°C 61°F

    Skanes Weather for April 2020

    What's the Weather like in Skanes in April 


    April in Skanes sees clement, calm weather and warm, long, Spring-like Mediterranean days. Temperatures are rising, and rainfall averages are now starting to fall. However, it's still a long way from the heat of the summer months, and definitely not beach weather. But for sightseeing and outdoor activities, April in the Sahane is very pleasant.

    Average temperatures of around 17C, with highs of 21C, mean conditions are likely to be warm and pleasant. The highest ever recorded temperature in the area at this time is 36C, and it's not uncommon for temperatures to reach 30C for several days in the month. Overnight, temperatures drop to around 12C or 13C; the coldest temperature ever recorded is 5C. Sea temperatures are gradually warming up now and exceed 16C by the end of the month; while it's still not really beach weather, it's beginning to be. High temperatures are somewhat mitigated by cooling afternoon sea breezes in coastal areas; wind speeds are on average about 11 mph, or 10 knots; quite calm, but enough to take the edge off the heat.

    In comparison, Tunis sees similar conditions with slightly lower average temperatures; 16C on average in the daytime, with highs of 21C; it's generally slightly cooler in the north of the country, although it will feel hotter inland without those sea breezes. Summer has really begun already in the south. In Tataouineaverage temperatures of 19C are expected, with highs of 21C. In El Borma, in the Sahara itself, expect highs of at least 28C.


    April sees lower rainfall averages as the summer months approach, though around 30mm over 7 days is expected throughout the month. By May, this will have dropped down a minimal 10mm; the end of April is likely to be drier than the beginning. Showers are unlikely to be heavy or prolonged, and usually just take the form of a few hours of light drizzle. While the north of Tunisia similarly continues to see a little rainfall in April, in the south, areas like Tataouine and Tozeur will receive less than 10mm on average; unsurprisingly, towns and resorts closer to the Sahara are hotter and drier.

    Sunshine Hours 

    Although temperatures are not quite at their height, and the sea is still quite cool, it is beginning to warm up in Skanes and summer is definitely on the way. Generally moderate temperatures and relatively high rainfall averages do mean that a beach holiday is ill-advised in April; by the end of the month, however, it's certainly possible to do a little sunbathing as temperatures rise and there are up to 9 hours of sunshine a day.

    Skanes Hotels in April 

    The Hotel Sahara Beach is a mid-range, modern complex on the beach, which guarantees peace and quiet. So if you're looking for a relaxing holiday, without too many distractions, the Sahara Beach is perfect. The restaurant offers a range of both Tunisian and international cuisine, and pool side bars caters to midday snacks. There are several pools, (including a gorgeous waterfall pool and separate kids' pool), a water playground during the summer for children, and peaceful gardens. The hotel also offers a range of sports and other activities to fill your time, if you fancy a more active holiday.

    The Club Eden Hotel is a low-range choice, more suitable for families with young children. The rooms are a little dated, but real care has been taken with the hotel grounds to create a pleasant environment. The pool has a variety of waterslides, the aqua park several larger ones, and there are a variety of children's activities scheduled throughout the day to help keep the little ones entertained. The pool bar caters to midday snacks, and the main restaurant serves primarily Tunisian cuisine; there is very little variety, so you may want to eat out some nights. A variety of evening entertainment will keep the whole family happy, and the beach is only a short walk from the main complex.

    Bars and Restaurants 

    While most of the restaurants and bars in Skanes are confined to the hotels, with Monastir right on your doorstep you should be able to find plenty of places to eat without going too far afield.

    Restaurant la Plage on Place 03 Aout, is a little out of the way but worth the journey. The menu is all locally caught, fresh seafood and the limited menu changes on a daily basis to reflect the morning's catch. With high quality, traditional Tunisian fare, Restaurant la Plage is an excellent place to experience a little of the local cuisine.

    Le Chandelier, on Cap Marina, is one of the highest rated restaurants in Monastir. The cuisine is primarily traditional Tunisian sea food, with the menu changing regularly to reflect seasonal local ingredients. The quality of the food is extremely high, the service is excellent, and the bar is well-stocked. Prices are very reasonable, but expect an evening meal to cost slightly less than some of the more rustic local establishments.

    Things to do in Skanes in April 

    There are any number of boat trips that can be booked along the beach. The Pirate Ship Tour is very popular with children and families, involving lunch and two or three hours sailing just off the coast on an old "pirate ship".

    The Punic town of Kerkouane and its Necropolis is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A Phoenician city, it was probably abandoned during the First Punic War (c. 250 B.C.) and as a result not rebuilt by the Romans. The remains constitute the only example of a Phoenicio-Punic city to have survived the Wars. The Necropolis is located outside of the city and consists of a series of vaults set into the hill, with four primary chamber-tombs and a surrounding burial area. The museum at Kerkouane will give visitors a feel for the history and has some fascinating exhibits.

    Keen divers won't want to miss Tabarka, where the remains of one of only three remaining blockships originally sunk in the Burra Sound (to stop enemy vessels gaining access to the Flow) can be explored. The wreck can only be dived at slack water, so timing needs to be carefully planned and it's common to see divers fully kitted up and ready to go, waiting for the last flurries of current to fade.

    If you don't dive, take a boat to the La Galite islands instead (about 35 miles off the coast), where the nature reserve is home to a colony of monk seals. Or take a walk along Les Aiguilles, rocks protruding from the ground and sea, with spectacular views of the 16th century Genoese Castle. The surrounding cork and oak forests are also excellent for bird watching.

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