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Today - 23rd June 2024

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18°C (64°F)
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24°C (74°F)
22°C (71°F)
21°C (69°F)
21°C (68°F)

Tomorrow - 24th June 2024

Sunrise 05:44


Sunset 20:28

20°C (68°F)
20°C (68°F)
20°C (67°F)

Sicily, also known as Trinacria, is an autonomous region of Italy in the Central Mediterranean Sea. It is considered to be the largest among the other surrounding minor islands.

This triangular-shaped island is separated from Italy by the narrow Strait of Messina in the east. The island has been famous for its number of active volcanoes, among which is Mount Etna. Mount Etna is the tallest active volcano (almost 11,000ft) in Europe.

Sicily is also famous for its rich history which is a result of centuries of invasion from the Romans, Greeks and Phoenicians. The city inland is usually hilly and the soil is a great source of healthy crops like citrus, olives and grapes.

Types of Sicily Holidays

The highest number of holidaymakers are in the summer time.

The 5 World Heritage Sites that can be found in the island itself are just some of its many attractions.

The scenery and ambiance of historical architectures in tandem with the dry and sunny climate is the sought after experience in Sicily.

Many are attracted by its archeological sites, beaches with sports facilities and active volcanoes. Wine tasting is also one of its unique attractions, luring many Mediterranean cruise ships into stopovers on the island.

The Main Holiday Season in Sicily

The island of Sicily enjoys the typical Mediterranean climate which is dry and sunny during the summer time and wet and mild during the winter season.

The largest crowds of holidayers usually appear during the months of May until October.

The temperature is usually 22°C rising up to 29°C during the peak of the summer season.

November on the other hand is the start of the winter when rainfall can be occasionally observed and the temperature generally drops to around 13°C on average.

Spring, usually occurring around February/April, is the ideal time to travel for a more active holiday. These months are perfect for walking, mountain biking and hiking.

Popular Activities / Excursions in Sicily

The list of activities to do on the island of Sicily is long. The must-see sites should not be missed, of course.

Among the popular to-do activities is a trip to Mount Etna whether it is to go skiing, biking or hiking.

A drop by to the ancient ruins of Selinunte and the temple of Segesta, to the towns of Modica, Ragusa, Noto and Syracuse can be rewarding.

Shopping in the public market and having an adventurous tongue and palate with the local delicacies of the island are recommended, too.

Beaches in Sicily

The beaches of Sicily have different main attractions although they all share the same white sand and clear Mediterranean waters.

Balata dei Turchi

is famously known as the most isolated and wildest beach in the island, being the former dock area of Saracen pirates.

Capo Falconiera,

on the other hand, has the richest marine floral inhabitants and the most perfect place to experience scuba diving.

Spiagge dello Zingaro

is famous for having the most stunning and uncontaminated beaches in the Mediterranean waters.


though offers a very different ambiance with its traditional Sicilian features, like a church, tuna fishery, baglio (courtyard) and houses.

Sicily Nightlife

Evening time is never a dull time in Sicily. There are plenty of ways to spend the night out on the island.

The market area in Borgo Vecchio and the wide open spaces in Scalinata Alessi are often the evening destination for some who are looking for a friendly atmosphere.

Cafes, pubs and snack bars like Piazza Olivella, Fusorario and Politeama Theatre are popular among couples and family.  

For a hard rock dancing night, the best places to visit are Villa Partanna, which is the most popular dance club in Palermo; Via Candelia, which is the main dance club in the city; Quattro Venti, which has a sophisticated restaurant ambiance; and Neivski, which is the most famous club since it is also the first club that was established on the island.  

Accommodation in Sicily

Accommodation in Sicily is plentiful but many can be more expensive.

Villa Belvedere on the contrary offers a cheaper accommodation with a private and quiet atmosphere. It is one of the oldest accommodations, being established in 1902. It is strategically located by the cliff and only a few minutes' walk away from the historical remains and ruins.