January Weather Averages for Sicily, Italy

What's the Weather like in Sicily in January

Sicily, Italy, is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, located just west of the south coast of Italy. The island enjoys a Mediterranean climate, much like Agrigento, with long, hot summers and short, mild winters. There is rainfall throughout each month, which keeps Sicily in bloom all year round, but there's a significant difference in the total amount of rainfall between the winter and summer season.


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  • Temperature Temperature 9°C 48°F
  • High Temperature Holiday Weather 12°C 53°F
  • Low Temperature Holiday Weather 5°C 42°F
  • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 4 hrs
  • Rainfall Rainfall 66 mm
  • Rainfall days Rainfall days 18.4 days
  • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 16°C 61°F

Daily January Averages for Sicily

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°C 10 10 10 12 12 10 9 10 11 11 11 11 11 10 11 9 10 9 10 11 11 10 10 11 10 10 10 9 10 11 12
°F 50 50 50 54 54 50 48 50 52 52 52 52 52 50 52 48 50 48 50 52 52 50 50 52 50 50 50 48 50 52 54

What's the Weather like in Sicily in January

SicilyItaly, is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, located just west of the south coast of Italy. The island enjoys a Mediterranean climate, much like Agrigento, with long, hot summers and short, mild winters. There is rainfall throughout each month, which keeps Sicily in bloom all year round, but there's a significant difference in the total amount of rainfall between the winter and summer season.


In the middle of the winter season, January is one of the coldest and wettest times to visit Sicily. Temperatures rarely reach above the average high of 12°C during the day and they can drop as low as 5°C after sunset, so plenty of warm clothing is needed when visiting the island this time of year. That being said, however; these temperatures are more than comfortable when compared to those that more northerly regions in Europe have to endure in this winter month. The average temperature in January is 9°C, one degree colder than December and the same as in February. Historically, January 15 is the coldest day of the year.

Sea Temperature

The sea temperature is also quite chilly this time of year, now averaging 16°C, which, in fact, is much warmer than the average air temperature. Swimming, however, won't be possible until June, when the water temperature climbs above 20°C once again.


January is not only one of the coolest months of the year in Sicily; it is also one of the wettest. The total amount of precipitation this month is 66mm, which makes it the third wettest of all months, after December and November. Those 66mm isn't all that much, though, especially when compared with places in Northern and Western Europe this time of year. The chance that any type of precipitation occurs is 41% on average and doesn't vary at all in the course of the month. By far the most likely type of rainfall you will experience in January is moderate rain—it occurs on 51% of all days with rainfall. Other possible types are light rain and thunderstorms, respectively happening on 18% and 13% of those days.


Snowfall is exceptionally unlikely in these parts, even in mid-winter.

Rain and Clouds

As January is one of the wettest months, it is also among the cloudiest. Cloud cover ranges around 48%--almost the annual maximum percentage—throughout the whole month and doesn't change whatsoever. This means that the sky in January is generally partly cloudy. It is overcast only 25% of the time, while clear skies can be enjoyed 39% of the time.


Because of this relative lack of clouds, even in the wetter and darker winter season, Sicily enjoys quite a lot of sunshine. Each day in January has 7 hours of sunshine on average, which is, mind you, the annual minimum. The same "low" number of sunshine hours is recorded in February, after which it starts increasing toward its annual maximum of 14 in July.

January is also characterised by increasingly longer days. January 1 is the shortest day of month with 9.36 daylight hours. January 31 is the longest day with 10.17 hours of daylight.

Click here for a 14-day weather forecast for Sicily.

Hotels for Sicily in January

Hotel Riva del Sole

Couples and families looking for a winter break in Sicily should take a look at the Hotel Riva del Sole. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this stylishly furnished hotel offers a wealth of facilities and has various rooms to suit all budgets and group sizes.

Disio Resort

The Disio Resort is a fantastic golf and spa retreat. The hotel's spa is impressive and offers a wide array of treatments including numerous different massage styles, aromatherapy, yoga classes and many more. The golf is highly rated, too.

Casa Vacanze "Monovano Centro Storico"

Casa Vacanze "Monovano Centro Storico" offers affordably swish guest house accommodation in high ceiling, multi room apartments. This relatively large guesthouse focuses on quality to deliver a quiet, relaxing and home-from-home atmosphere. The décor is minimalist and definitely inspired by Italian and Sicilian themes.

Restaurants and Bars for Sicily in January

Al Vicoletto

Al Vicoletto is arguably Trapani's best and swankiest restaurant. The food here is meticulously cooked and will satisfy even the most discerning tastes. The restaurant is known for organising special event nights and for being family friendly; despite being a fine dining establishment. The prices are fairly high compared to most other restaurants in the area but you won't find better food in Trapani.

Pasticceria Capriccio

Make sure you stop by Pasticceria Capriccio at least once during your stay. This amazing bakery offers freshly-prepared pastries, cakes and biscuits of all types. If you're lucky, you might be invited to sample a few before choosing one. Highlights include cannolis, cockles marzipans and lots more.

La Madia

La Madia is a contemporary Italian restaurant that specialises in modern pasta dishes as well as creative renditions of classical Italian favourites. The restaurant is family-friendly, extremely welcoming and serves delicious fresh seafood pasta. Buon Appetito!


Located in a beautiful neighbourhood in Palermo, Malox is a rock style cocktail bar attached to a local brewery. This unconventional bar attracts a mixed and friendly crowd and is well known for an up-beat, laid-back atmosphere.

Things to do in Sicily in January

Ex Stabilimento Florio

Ex Stabilimento Florio in Florio is a great place to spend a rainy day. This building used to be a tuna canning factory and is now a place brimming with architecture, art and history. The museum is completely free to enjoy and is one of the most popular attractions in Sicily.

Syracuse Cathedral

Syracuse Cathedral (also known as the Temple of Athena) is a unique Christian cathedral built from the ruins of ancient Greek temples. Inside, tourists can see ancient Greek ruins seamlessly blended in a renaissance building and infused with Christian imagery and artistic styles. The Cathedral is free to visit.

Dates for the diary

Sagra della sfincia di priescia

If you visit Sicily in January you might just be in time to enjoy Sagra della sfincia di priescia in Montelepre. This is a town festival dedicated to a sweet dish typical of the area. During January there will be various stalls offering the sfincia sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar that you can try for free.

January events in Sicily

Public Hoilday

New Year's Day

1st January 2019

This is a day of rest in all regions in Sicily. Recover from drinking and dancing from the night before by indulging in some tasty cuisine.





6th January 2019

Christians annually celebrate this public holiday in many countries. The Epiphany consists of two events in Jesus Christ’s life, according to the Christian Bible. The first event was when the three wise men, or kings, visited infant Jesus. The second event was when St John the Baptist baptised Jesus.

Feast of Saint Sebastian

17th January 2019 to 20th January 2019

The towns of Acireale, Maniace, Piedemonte Etneo, and Giarre all honour and celebrate St. Sebestian with the eating of traditional marzipan cakes.



Feast of St. Sebastian in Melilli

20th January 2019

This religious event is held to honour San Sebastiano. At the church of San Sebastiano in Melilli in the province of Syracuse, worshippers wear white robes with red sashes over their shoulders to highlight where the saint was hit. This is done as a sign of worship.

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