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Santiago Weather in September, Chile

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What's the weather like in Santiago in September


Spring is upon Santiago in September with warming days and continuously cold nights.  Santiago's average monthly temperature in September is 12°C.  Daytime averages are 18°C for the month of September, though they climb to 21°C by the end of the month.  Nights are still cold with an average temperature of 5°C.


Rainfall amounts really start to drop in September.  Rainfall totals average only 20mm over 6 days of rain for the month.  The probability of precipitation drops from 12% to 7% by the end of September.

Sunshine Hours

Santiago has some longer days and clearer skies in September, contributing to an average of six hours of sunshine per day.  By the end of the month there are 12 hours 24 minutes between sunrise and sunset, up from 11 hours 25 minutes on September 1st.   The probability of cloudy skies is 37% throughout the month, declining as September progresses.


Humidity in Santiago continues to decline in September, with average relative humidity dropping to 72%.  This dropping humidity combined with mild temperatures makes for some dry air in Santiago.


Average wind speeds in Santiago in September see no change from the previous few months, at 2.5 m/s.  The direction does start to change, with the easterly winds starting to switch to westerly winds as September progresses.

Dress Code

You can consider bringing shorts, skirts, and sandals for daytime explorations in Santiago in September.  Daytime temperatures are warm enough.  Nights cool down considerably though, so if you're going to be out all day you should consider wearing long pants when you leave your hotel.  Also bring a light sweater or jacket for nighttime.  Rain isn't much of a concern in September though it still happens.  Check the Santiago 14-day forecast for the most up-to-date information before leaving home.  Santiago is a very casual city, but the Chileans love to look sharp when they go out to dinner and the nightclubs.

Santiago Hotels in September

Sheraton Santiago

The five-star Sheraton Santiago Hotel & Convention Center boasts a wonderful location next to Cerro San Cristobal.  This sprawling property features one indoor pool, an outdoor pool, massage rooms, and fitness center.  There are also three restaurants on-site; El Cid serves fine international cuisine in a beautiful dining room, El Bohio is a seasonal outdoor grill next to the pool, and there is also a relaxed lobby serving drinks & bar food.  Large modern rooms feature contemporary décor, large windows, and modern bathrooms. There are also suites available with living rooms.  A complimentary breakfast buffet is included with your stay.  The Sheraton is a ten-minute walk from the nearest metro station.

Hotel Plaza El Bosque San Sebastian

Plaza El Bosque San Sebastian is one of the few refined properties managed by the Hotel Plaza El Bosque group in Santiago.  The San Sebastian property is located near Costanera Center in Las Condes and features suites and apartments perfect for long stays.  The apartments feature modern, airy décor, separate living rooms, balconies, bright bathrooms, and kitchenettes.  The Puro Bistro serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a comfortable dining room while the Bistro Terrace serves lunch and snacks in an outdoor patio.  There is also a fitness center, sauna, and business center at Plaza El Bosque San Sebastian.  The hotel is a few minutes from the Tobalaba metro station.

InterContinental Santiago

The five-star InterContinental Santiago is an upscale hotel near Constanera Center and Los Leones golf club.  The rooms have been recently renovated and include a minibar, comfortable beds, and wonderful views of the Santiago skyline.  Suites featuring dining areas, living rooms, and hot tubs are also available for upgrade.  There are a couple of comfortable bars & lounges at the InterContinental, as well as a rustic steakhouse serving international cuisine and local meats.  A number of other great restaurants and shops are also within walking distance.  Other amenities include a swimming pool, fitness center, day spa, and business facilities.

Hotel Plaza San Francisco

Hotel Plaza San Francisco is a swanky hotel right in the middle of Santiago, close to the Plaza de Armas and metro station.  The hotel features 146 spacious rooms with comfortable beds, classic furnishings, safes, and a minibar.  Larger suites are also available.  Hotel Plaza San Francisco also offers an outstanding complimentary breakfast buffet, served in their award-winning, refined Restaurant Bristol.  Here you'll enjoy a fusion of authentic and modern Chilean cuisine with fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers.  The hotel also offers an indoor heated pool, sauna, gym, and day spa.

Bars and Restaurants


Ox is an elegant steakhouse near Parque Bicentenario in Las Condes.  Their classy dining room features high ceilings and is surrounded by windows, providing a very bright and spacious ambience.  Meats are sourced strictly from local farmers and fishermen, also using other ingredients found in Chile.  In addition to their many cuts of juicy, tender steaks, you'll also find other menu items such as shrimp risotto, salmon, octopus sautéed with sweet peppers, and ricotta & spinach cannelloni.  They also have an outstanding dessert menu with in-house crème brulee, carrot cake, and chocolate churros.  Ox is open daily from 1:30PM to 3:30PM and from 8PM to 11PM.

Chipe Libre

One of the largest Pisco collections in Santiago can be found at Chipe Libre, located between Parque Forestal and Cerro Santa Lucia.  In addition to their Piscos which can be sampled, ordered straight, or mixed in cocktails Chipe Libre also serves some amazing food to keep your stomach full while enjoying these cocktails.  Some of the crowd favorites include the ceviche, fried octopus, and variety of sandwiches.  Chipe Libre also has a number of platters featuring chicken, beef, and seafood. Chipe Libre is open on Monday from 12:30PM to 12:30AM and Tuesday thru Saturday from 2PM to midnight.  Best Pisco bar in town.

Ruca Bar

The Ruca Bar is an award-winning late-night restaurant located near Parque Bustamante.  Ruca Bar is a chic, trendy Spanish restaurant and has been named one of the top ten bars in Santiago.  Both locals and tourists love their artisan tapas, including items such as wagyu sliders, garlic sautéed octopus with potato, Spanish omelet, eggplant tostas, tuna poke.  Their must-try dessert is their Crème brulee.  The fun dining room has a very rustic, warm atmosphere.  Ruca Bar is open Monday thru Thursday from 6PM to 1AM, on Friday from 6PM to 2PM, and on Sunday for brunch from 1PM until 2:30AM.

Kilkenny Quilin

Kilkenny Quilin is a fun Irish-style pub near the Carlos Valdovinos metro station.  Its location puts it out of the way for most people, but if you're in the neighborhood, or want to sing karaoke all night, you'll need to stop in to say hi.  They serve outstanding burgers, a variety of sandwiches, pizza, and fish & chips.  They have a large selection of draft beers and a full bar.  Kilkenny Quilin often hosts various live music acts in addition to their entertaining karaoke nights.  They are open from 10AM to 2AM.

Things to do in Santiago in September

Plaza de Armas

Present-day Santiago had its beginnings in Plaza de Armas, an impressive square established in the mid-16th century.  The plaza today is where Chileans go to socialize, attend church, visit museums, and eat wonderful food.  The plaza is dotted with monuments, sculptures, trees, and park benches.  Around the plaza there are a number of buildings housing shops and restaurants.  Some of the other buildings include the Metropolitan Cathedral, one of the finest churches in all of the Americas.  There is also the National Museum of History, which has numerous impressive exhibits detailing the history of Chile from prehistoric times to modern day.  The plaza can get extremely busy on the weekends, so if you want to avoid the crowds you're better off visiting mid-week.

La Moneda Presidential Palace

Palacio de La Moneda is one of Santiago's biggest attractions.  It currently houses many government offices and is the home of the President of Chile.  Tourists can accompany a guide through the grounds; this is the only way to tour the property and arrangements must be made at least seven days in advance.  This is strongly recommended and tourists learn more than they imagined they would.  If you don't have a reservation for a tour you can still enjoy the Changing of the Guard.  This colorful celebration takes place in the mornings every other day.  It's a grand military show featuring bands, horses, and lavish military customs. 

Fiestas Patrias

If you're in Santiago during the week of September 18th you're in for a treat and you won't be able to avoid the Fiestas Patrias.  This weeklong holiday centers around Chile's Independence Day of September 18th and also commemorates Armed Forces Day on the 19th.  Festivities include colorful parades, delicious food, music, dancing, and of course drinking.  Many of the local parks feature art shows, barbecues, and concerts.  Santiago hosts a fun rodeo.  Activities for the children are plentiful as well.  This is by far one of the most important holidays in Chile, and even tourists are Chilean during this week.

Parque Cordillera San Carlos de Apoquindo

Spring temperatures make hiking in San Carlos de Apoquindo a great way to spend an adventurous day outdoors.  This large park is comprised of five different natural areas and over 110km of hiking trails outside of Las Condes.  The goal of the park is to promote healthy living and recreation balanced with natural conservation.  The various parks offer different sights and attractions, from canyons, suspension bridges, and rivers to waterfalls, gardens, and bird watching.  The park also offers guided tours around the various areas.  History buffs will be able to find remnants of colonial military history and prehistoric cultures.