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Santiago Weather in April, Chile

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What's the weather like in Santiago in April


Temperatures really start to fall going into April, offering reprieve from the hot summers.  Santiago's average monthly temperature in April is 15°C.  Daytime averages are 26°C at the beginning of the month and 21°C at the end of the month, for a monthly average of 23°C.  Nights continue to cool down with an average temperature of 7°C.


April is still considered the dry season in Santiago.  Rainfall totals average around 10mm with trace amounts occurring over four days.  The probability of precipitation is 6% in the beginning of April and 10% going into May.

Sunshine Hours

Santiago has decreasing amounts of sunshine going into April due to shorter days and increasing clouds.  By the end of the month there are only 10 hours 47 minutes between sunrise and sunset.  The probability of cloudy skies increases from 22% in the beginning of the month to 38% by the end of the month.


Humidity in Santiago continues to rise in April, with average relative humidity climbing to 80% by the end of the month.  With the falling temperatures and lack of rain this will still feel dry to most people.


Santiago sees an average wind speed of 2.5 m/s steadily throughout April.  Easterly winds start to take over, with small periods of westerly winds and occasional winds from the north.

Dress Code

Daytime temperatures in Santiago are very comfortable throughout the month of April.  Most people will be most comfortable in shorts, a skirt, sandals, and a t-shirt.  However, once night approaches, temperatures will rapidly drop.  For this reason you'll also want to bring long pants and a jacket or sweater.  Check the Santiago 14-day forecast for the most up-to-date information before leaving home.  Santiago is mostly a casual city, though Chileans tend to dress up more when going out for dinner or to the nightclubs.

Santiago Hotels in April

DoubleTree by Hilton

The four-star DoubleTree is located in the upscale neighborhood of Las Condes, the new financial center of Santiago.  The hotel itself is quite modest but the rooms feature modern décor, comfortable custom beds, work desks, and have great views of the Andes.  Suites are also available with living rooms and sofas.  Guests will be able to enjoy the gym 24 hours a day.  DoubleTree has its own Mediterranean Bistro, along with a bar and café.  DoubleTree is next to the Costanera shopping complex and the Great Santiago Tower, the tallest building in Latin America.

Hotel Ismael

Hotel Ismael is an upscale four-star hotel located near the bustling Plaza de Armas.  The 43 chic rooms feature contemporary décor with wooden accents, walk-in showers, and are kept in excellent condition by hotel staff.  Some rooms are available with balconies overlooking the park.  The hotel does not have a restaurant on site, but they do offer a free breakfast buffet.  Hotel Ismael is in an urban, trendy neighborhood surrounded by hip cafes, wine bars, and small galleries.  Their rooftop is the perfect place to relax with a cocktail, offering a small pool and wonderful views of the city. 

Su Merced Boutique Hotel

Many old buildings in Santiago have been repurposed into gorgeous hotels, and one such example is Su Merced near Plaza Baquedano.  This stylish hotel offers a boutique experience with simple, fashionable rooms, private bathrooms, and personalized 24-hour service.  Suites are also available that include whirlpool tubs and balconies overlooking Forest Park.  Guests are entitled to a generous complimentary breakfast, and in the evenings you can enjoy drinks at their 4th-floor terrace bar.  Su Merced is minutes from the National Museum of Fine Art and the Baquedano metro station.

Park Plaza

Park Plaza is a small, five-star boutique hotel in Las Condes.  This luxurious hotel is perfect for a romantic getaway and offers suites for that purpose.  Standard rooms are also available.  Park Plaza has a beautiful glass-enclosed indoor pool surrounded by a terrace with dining tables.  Park Plaza also offers a free breakfast buffet, fitness center, sauna, masseuse, and a business center.  The Park Plaza is home to the Park Lane Restaurant, an award-winning international restaurant serving European-inspired dishes with Chilean flavors.  Park Plaza is a few minutes' walk from the nearest metro station and the Costanera Center.

Bars and Restaurants


One of the best sushi restaurants in Santiago is Naoki, a cozy, modern restaurant in Las Condes.  Naoki is more than a traditional sushi restaurant; the chefs blend traditional Japanese sushi and local Chilean flavors for a sushi experience you won't get elsewhere.  Service is fast and the staff is extremely friendly, set in a minimalist dining room with Japanese décor.  They are able to accommodate vegetarians, vegans, and those with gluten sensitivities.  Naoki is open for lunch and dinner and can get quite crowded in the evenings.

Castillo Parque Forestal

Castillo Parque Forestal is, like the name suggests, located near Parque Forestal and is a great option after visiting the nearby National Museum of Fine Art.  Castillo Parque Forestal serves international cuisine with French & Chilean flavors in an elegant, family-friendly setting.  The restaurant itself is situated in a Tudor-style brick building with covered patio and exquisite, full bar.  Brunch is served until 2PM and includes a unique eggs benedict praised by visitors.  Other menu items include great lunch sandwiches, tender filet, and oysters.  Castillo Parque Forestal is open daily from 10AM until midnight (except Sunday when they close at 8PM).  Reservations are accepted.


Loom is a casual late-night burger joint in the Bellavista neighborhood.  But don't let that dissuade you from enjoying a normal lunch or dinner in this cozy restaurant with a great atmosphere and accommodating staff.   Loom is known for their artisan burgers, often considered the best in Santiago.  You'll find everything from the standard cheeseburger, Hawaiian burger with pineapple, burgers with fried eggs, and a number of chicken burgers.  Other menu items include salads, fish & chips, tacos, and wings.  Loom also serves a number of craft beers and cold mixed cocktails.  Loom is open Monday thru Saturday from 12:30PM until 2AM (except Saturday when they close at midnight).

Ruca Bar

The critically-acclaimed Ruca Bar is located near Parque Bustamante and is another late-night option in Santiago.  This trendy, modern Spanish restaurant has been named one of the top ten bars in Santiago and is popular with both locals and tourists alike.  The menu is made up of contemporary tapas plates, including garlic sautéed octopus with potato, wagyu sliders, Spanish omelet, tuna poke, and eggplant tostas.  Crème brulee is their most popular dessert.  The dining room exudes a fun, rustic atmosphere.  Ruca Bar is open Monday thru Thursday from 6PM to 1AM, on Friday from 6PM to 2PM, and on Sunday for brunch from 1PM until 2:30AM.

Things to do in Santiago in April

Sky Costanera

If you're staying in Las Condes you've no doubt discovered Gran Torre Santiago.  Even if you're not in Las Condes you've most likely seen it.  It's hard to miss.  This 300m-high tower is the tallest in Latin America and is part of Costanera Center.  Costanera Center also holds another record the largest shopping mall in Latin America.  Visitors can take the elevator up to the observation deck, called Sky Costanera, on floors 61 & 62.  From here you'll get the best views of Santiago and the Andes that you'll be able to find anywhere.  Sky Costanera is open daily from 10AM to 10PM.

Plaza de Armas

The central social area in Santiago is definitely Plaza de Armas, which makes sense because it's also the center of Santiago and where the city was founded in the mid-16th century.  Art & history enthusiasts will love Plaza de Armas for all it has to offer.  One of the biggest highlights of the plaza is the National Museum of History, which will educate you about Chile's history from prehistoric times up until now with a number of amazing exhibits.  There is also the old Metropolitan Cathedral, one of the most recognizable buildings in Santiago and a magnificent church.  Plaza de Armas is extremely busy on the weekends and in the evening, so it's recommended to visit mid-day mid-week. 

Former National Congress Building

Another one of the historic old buildings near the Plaza de Armas is the former National Congress building.  This landmark has a fascinating history behind it and today is a large tourist attraction.  This neoclassical building housed the National Congress until the 1973 military coup.  Today it still houses government offices.  One of the main attractions of this building are the beautiful manicured gardens, which today stand on the site of the Society of Jesus church that burned in a tragic fire in 1863.  Entrance to the interior of the building is closed but tourists still enjoy walking around the grounds and admiring the gardens & stunning architecture.

Glaciar San Francisco

The adventurous outdoorsy-types should plan a day trip to Glaciar San Francisco in San Jose de Maipo.  This is a scenic, moderate hike up to a few glaciers, today receding at an alarming rate.  Glaciar San Francisco is part of the El Morado National Monument, and a small admission is charged for hikers.  The hike is about 6km up to the glaciers.  The first half is a climb up on a gravel path, but then it starts to shallow out once you're in the valley.  You'll pass lakes, rivers, and horses on your way up to the glaciers.  The trail starts at the very small village of Baños Morales, two hours southeast of Santiago.