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Today - 24th April 2024

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Sunset 19:50

21°C (69°F)
22°C (70°F)
22°C (71°F)
22°C (71°F)
22°C (71°F)
22°C (70°F)
21°C (69°F)
21°C (68°F)
20°C (67°F)
20°C (66°F)
20°C (66°F)
19°C (66°F)
19°C (65°F)
19°C (65°F)
19°C (65°F)

Tomorrow - 25th April 2024

Sunrise 06:22


Sunset 19:50

19°C (65°F)
18°C (64°F)
18°C (64°F)
18°C (63°F)
18°C (63°F)
17°C (62°F)
17°C (62°F)
17°C (62°F)
18°C (64°F)


Rhodes is as beautiful as it is exciting and interesting, which is why thousands of tourists visit the city every year.

Type of holidays: 

Tourists generally visit Rhodes for a week or maybe even a fortnight. There are many all-inclusive hotels and resorts, which are a great choice especially if you're holidaying on a budget. If you aren't looking for all inclusive, there are plenty of other accommodation choices ranging from one-star to five-star.

 Main holiday season: 

The best time to go to visit Rhodes for exploring the area is early in the season, May and June. By mid-June, the temperatures can be uncomfortably high for sightseeing. If you're after sun and sand, late June through August are best. After the temperatures begin to cool, September is also a highly-recommended month.

 Popular excursions: 

When in Greece, there are many historic sites to visit. One way of doing that in Rhodes is with Private Sightseeing Tours. These are conducted in luxury vehicles with English speaking guides.

An alternative way of seeing the city is with a Segway Authorized tour. You will be trained on how to operate your personal glider safely before going out with a small-group, 90 minute guided tour around the Old City of Rhodes.

For an entire day of sightseeing, consider an outfitter such as DeltaNet, which offers a variety of day tours and cruises.

Outdoor enthusiasts will adore Akramitis Mountain Walking Tour. These constantly-updated routes are perfect for those who want to see âthe walker's islandâ up close.  

No matter how you choose to get there, every Rhodes tourist must see the Acropolis. Since it is an active excavation site, it offers the scenic beauty of the unearthed parts as well as the scientific and historic interest of the yet-undiscovered areas.

Popular sports and activities:

The waterpark in nearby Faliraki is easily accessible from Rhodes and a must-do for families and grown-up thrill seekers, too!

A fun twist on your typical relaxing spa day is a foot treatment by garra rufa fish at the first fish spa of its kind in Greece.

If a bit of culture is on your itinerary, visit the Municipal Art Gallery, which houses a vast collection of 20th century Greek paintings.

Nature, science and beauty come together at the Bee Museum. The museum's staff, which is comprised of people who genuinely care about these buzzing creatures, proudly hosts group tours or individuals.

Itâs no surprise that the Street of the Knights, or Odos Ippoton, is one of the most photographed street in the Old Town of Rhodes. Following this street along the city wall, from the Palace of the Grand Masters all the way to the sea, you'll find plenty of photo opportunities.

Fivos Horse Riding Club has been a favourite activity among tourists. A peaceful ride through the scenery is a perfect way to see more of Rhodes.  

Fun in the sea can be had at Kiotari Water Sports Center. It is conveniently located and is one of the best water centres in Rhodes.  Another great centre is Mike's Watersports, which has been in business since 1987.


By far the favourite beach for both tourists and locals is Elli Beach because it is huge and offers a wide variety of activities but is never too crowded.

St. Paul's Bay is very popular because of its stunning sunsets framed by the Greek Acropolis.

The beach at Tsambika has the added bonus of a beautiful monastery atop a nearby mountain. Anyone willing to climb the 300 steps will find one-of-a-kind panoramic views.


Orfanidi Street is home to many of the popular bars and clubs in Rhodes. One such establishment is the Colorado Club, which features three different rooms with different music in each. The first room is a disco; the second hosts live rock acts nightly; and the third room has a chilled vibe with R&B music.

For live music, another excellent choice is Sticky Fingers. A different rock band plays here every night.

A bar with a unique theme is the Bedrock. Plan on staying into the wee hours of the morning, partying with the island's best-known DJs or singing karaoke. Another themed bar you wonât soon forget is Lindos Ice Bar, where everything inside is made of ice. Bring a jacket!

The Luna Bar is an excellent place to hang out and drink which won't break your holiday budget, plus they offer a great food menu and free Wi-Fi as well. The FBI Bar has proven to be a great place to hang out for people of all ages, with great music and affordable prices. Champers Pub is another popular bar that stays packed at all hours of the day and night.

Casino Rodos has two floors for guests to try their luck. The first floor has slot machines, while the second has over 30 live-game tables.

Most popular hotels/resorts: 

The Ibiscus Hotel is an all inclusive resort that is situated right on the beach. Another accommodation with a great location is the Rhodos Beach Hotel. This is not only located on the beach, but is close to the harbour, the airport and is only a 10 minute walk away from the city centre. The Belvedere Beach Hotel is located right next door.

The Andreas Hotel in the Old City is quaint, while the Best Western Plaza Hotel gives guests a more typical holiday experience with many package deals on excursions and car rentals. The Agla Hotel also offers its guests reduced-rate packages.

For a room with a fantastic view, the recently-renovated Atlantis City Hotel, the Hotel Mediterranean, and the Semiramis Hotel are all great choices.