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Puerto Vallarta Weather in August, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta Averages August


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    8 hours
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    15 days
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    350 mm

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Puerto Vallarta Daily Averages August


August 2024
1 Avg 28º 82º
2 Avg 28º 82º
3 Avg 28º 82º
4 Avg 28º 82º
5 Avg 28º 82º
6 Avg 28º 82º
7 Avg 28º 82º
8 Avg 28º 82º
9 Avg 28º 82º
10 Avg 29º 84º
11 Avg 28º 82º
12 Avg 29º 84º
13 Avg 27º 81º
14 Avg 27º 81º
15 Avg 28º 82º
16 Avg 28º 82º
17 Avg 28º 82º
18 Avg 28º 82º
19 Avg 28º 82º
20 Avg 28º 82º
21 Avg 27º 81º
22 Avg 27º 81º
23 Avg 27º 81º
24 Avg 28º 82º
25 Avg 28º 82º
26 Avg 27º 81º
27 Avg 28º 82º
28 Avg 28º 82º
29 Avg 28º 82º
30 Avg 28º 82º
31 Avg 27º 81º
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August Weather Averages

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What's the Weather Like in Puerto Vallarta in August

August is slap bang in the middle of the rainy season (June - October) in Puerto VallartaMexico. Despite it being summer, the hours of sunshine are shorter than the rest of the year and days are characterised by tropical downpours mixed with searing hot temperatures. The city is less busy at this time of year thanks to the increased rainfall, so it's a great time to visit if you want to explore without the crowds.


Average daily temperatures sit at a scorching 27°C, but during the hottest parts of the day it's not unusual to see the mercury soar to 33°C and above. Even at night the temperatures are extremely mild at around 21°C. During the day you can get away with wearing t-shirts, shorts, and swimwear, though it might be a good idea to pack a thin cardigan or jumper to slip on if the temperature drops considerably at night. Don't forget suncream, either, as the sun is particularly harsh at this time of year.


Thanks to its location so close to the equator, Puerto Vallarta enjoys a tropical climate which, unfortunately, does include a rainy season. During August there is a lot of rainfall around 350mm over an average of 15 days throughout the month. It's almost a certainty that you'll experience some showers whilst you're there, so remember to pack an umbrella and some waterproofs to make sure you stay dry.

Sunshine Hours

August is also part of the summer in Puerto Vallarta, yet it sees some of the shortest days throughout the year. On average, you can expect to enjoy around 8 hours of sunshine a day. It may not seem like much, but there's still plenty of time to get out and see all the sights.

Sea Temperature

Puerto Vallarta is hugely popular with beach-goers who flock to its sandy shores and sparkling waters. Even in the rainy season you'll see a considerable amount of visitors on the beach soaking up the seriously hot sunshine. Plus, the sea temperatures are a very pleasant 30°C in August, providing perfect conditions for swimming and watersports.

August may not be the driest month of the year far from it, in fact but it still boasts soaring temperatures. The crowds aren't as thick at this time of the year, either, so you'll have more peace and quiet exploring the attractions and relaxing on the beach.

If you're looking for a weather forecast for Puerto Vallarta, you are advised to visit this page.

Hotels for Puerto Vallarta in August

Plaza Pelicanos Club Resort

Plaza Pelicanos Club Resort is a large hotel complex right on the beachfront. Rooms are spacious and well decorated, with Mexican tiled floors, brightly coloured furnishings and ambient lighting. All have their own private balconies and terraces that either look out across the sea or the central grounds. Guests have access to the private stretch of beach immediately in front of the hotel, as well as the on-site swimming pool, tennis court, restaurant and bar.

Los Tules Resort

The Los Tules Resort is located near downtown Vallarta right on the beach front, and the large complex offers numerous amenities and facilities. The rooms are decked out in a rustic design with tiled floors, chunky wood furniture and muted, earthy colours. Each room has its own private balcony overlooking the bay, and there are also seven swimming pools, five tennis courts, and a poolside bar and restaurant.

Los Arcos Suites

For a more intimate experience, check into Los Arcos Suites, which boasts traditional Mexican décor with tiled floors and plenty of greenery. Each suite has its own living and dining area as well as a balcony or terrace and there's also a swimming pool, a spa, and an on-site restaurant for guests to enjoy.

Beaches for August for Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is hugely popular for its beaches, which stretch the length of Banderas Bay and beyond. Visitors flock to the white-sand shores in search of exotic backdrops and to explore the shimmering blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The beaches here are packed with activities, where you can discover the colourful marine life that characterise this region, try your hand at some adrenalin pumping watersports, or simply kick back and relax with a book beneath a palm tree. At this time of year the rain does scare away some of the beach-goers, but during the hot sunny spells, the crowds start to re-appear again.

Boca de Tomates Beach

Boca de Tomates Beach sits just on the outskirts of the city near the Ameca River and offers a secluded sandy hotspot for those seeking peace and quiet. The biggest draw for this beach, though, is its abundance of pescado sarandeado grilled red snapper which you can find being served up all along its length. It's also great for surfing and windsurfing.

Restaurants and Bars for Puerto Vallarta in August


Chocolate lovers should not miss the chance to visit Xocodiva, an artisan chocolate shop selling a range of delicious handmade treats. You can pick up a selection of truffles, caramels, nougat and other varieties, plus there's always a few free tasters on hand to get you in the mood.

Joe Jack's Fish Shack

For a lively, hip, and laidback atmosphere, grab a table at Joe Jack's Fish Shack, a popular haunt for locals and visitors alike. There is a quirky bar downstairs which rustles up a collection of classic cocktails, and then there's a dining terrace on the top floor which offers great views across the surrounding scenery. The menu is obviously filled with a great variety of fresh fish, like octopus, shrimp, and red snapper, but there's also a non-fish menu, featuring dishes like burgers, BBQ chicken, and salads.  

Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta in August

Mr Marlin's

The 40-mile stretch of Banderas Bay that surrounds Puerto Vallarta is one of the best places in the world for deep-sea fishing. So, if you fancy trying your hand at catching some of the exotic sea creatures in the area, book onto a charter trip with Mr Marlin's. Once out in the water, you'll have the chance to catch a variety of fish including, sailfish, Dorado, tuna and red snapper.


Art and culture lovers should pop into Talavera, a boutique store that displays an excellent selection of locally made pottery. The shop is filled with colourful Mexican designs on plates, bowls, boxes, ornaments and even sinks. Plus, you can learn more about this traditional Mexican craft whilst you're there through the friendly staff and helpful information packs.