flag Port Louis, Average Weather October

  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Sea Temperature
  • Temperature
  • Rainfall

    41 mm
  • Rainfall Days

    4 days
  • Sunshine Hours

    8 hours

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October daily averages

Port Louis

October daily averages for Port Louis

  • 1st
    21 70
  • 2nd
    22 72
  • 3rd
    22 72
  • 4th
    22 72
  • 5th
    22 72
  • 6th
    22 72
  • 7th
    22 72
  • 8th
    22 72
  • 9th
    23 73
  • 10th
    23 73
  • 11th
    23 73
  • 12th
    24 75
  • 13th
    23 73
  • 14th
    24 75
  • 15th
    24 75
  • 16th
    24 75
  • 17th
    23 73
  • 18th
    23 73
  • 19th
    24 75
  • 20th
    24 75
  • 21st
    24 75
  • 22nd
    24 75
  • 23rd
    24 75
  • 24th
    23 73
  • 25th
    24 75
  • 26th
    24 75
  • 27th
    24 75
  • 28th
    24 75
  • 29th
    23 73
  • 30th
    23 73
  • 31st
    23 73

October is the midpoint of the spring season with temperatures on the rebound from their coolest point. This also continues to be one of the drier times of the year and a good time to visit in order to see and experience all that Port Louis and the rest of the island has to offer. Now is also a good time to visit locations in the Southern Hemisphere as winter and cold conditions are beginning to move into areas north of the Equator.

What's The Weather Like In Port Louis In October


The overall average daily temperature for this time of the year is now a slightly warmer 22°C (72°F). From this point until January, the average daily temperature will continue to climb. Also climbing are the average afternoon high and overnight lows. The day will begin with temperatures bottoming out at 19°C (66°F). This is still cool enough for a light jacket before the shorts and short sleeves can come out during the afternoon hours when temperatures will approach an average of 24°C (75°F).

Sea Temperature

Water temperatures will mirror those on land and also be on the rise. As a result, it is still warm enough for holidaymakers to enjoy the waters surrounding the region. Temperatures during this time of the year are a warm 24°C (75°F).

Sunshine Hours

Not only will visitors be able to enjoy the beach, but also the rest of the outdoors with an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day. Thanks to the island's location in the tropics, the amount of sun never varies too much from day to day or month to month.


The average amount of rainfall is also rather limited during this time of the year. The region will only receive an average of 41mm of precipitation. This rain comes over an average of 4 days. With the rain coming in short bursts, some of the showers and thunderstorms will be heavy in nature.

Port Louis Hotels In October

Le Sakoa Boutique Hotel

Le Sakoa Boutique Hotel is a small family hotel that only offers seven bungalows, 14 standard rooms and two suites. However, the hotel is still well appointed with a swimming pool, bar and restaurant on-site. Guests may also use the free Wi-Fi to stay connected to friends and family back home. There are also a number of activities to participate in including kite flying, snorkelling, scuba diving, water skiing and parasailing.

Villas Caroline

South of Port Louis, but still located along the western coast of the island is Villas Caroline. The villas are perfect for those travelling with a large party who need or just want separate rooms. Located along a pristine, white beach, the hotel offers plenty of land and water sports as well as on-site restaurants and a bar. Guests may choose from five room types and enjoy the outdoor pool, sauna and fun club for kids.

Maradiva Villas Resort and Spa

The October vacation of your dreams can be had at Maradiva Villas Resort and Spa. This five-star resort features an award-winning spa, elegant dining and more. Situated on a stretch of white sand, the hotel is a small family-run establishment offering five types of villas that all come with their own private pool for the ultimate in luxury and privacy.

Port Louis Beaches For October

St. Felix Beach

The most beautiful beach on the southern tip of the island is St. Felix Beach. With white sand as well as beautiful blue water, the area is perfect for photographs. There are also plenty of trees for an additional vantage point. One drawback, however, is the water itself. Thanks to coral and strong currents, swimming is not recommended. However, with 8 hours of sunshine per day during October, there is plenty of time to rest and relax on the sand and soak up some rays.

Bars And Restaurants

Kimchi House

One of the best Korean restaurants on the island and in Port Louis is Kimchi House. While you might have to look past the basic décor, the food is spot on and the house specialties include Korean BBQ and Korean Delight. The menu offers a wide array of food that can be made to taste for each individual customer.

Meme's Gourmet

While not a five-star restaurant, Meme's Gourmet offers some of the best Chinese food in the city. With a casual atmosphere, locals and tourists are encouraged to sit awhile and enjoy the family-style dishes. This is a good spot for either lunch or dinner. 

Flic en Flac Casino

Those with some money to spend will enjoy the wide array of casinos on the island. The Flic en Flac Casino has numerous games to play and is open until 3:00am for all your gambling needs. It is a good way to spend a little time later in the evening to see if you get lucky enough to bring home some extra dough.

Things To Do In Port Louis In October

Blue Safari

One way to see what is going on underneath the waves without having to don scuba gear is by taking a submarine tour. Blue Safari allows guests to dive down to 35 metres during a 40-minute tour of the bottom of the ocean floor. Guests receive a full safety briefing before each submarine dive and all portholes offer great views of the coral and passing fish.

Skydive Mauritius

From the bottom of the ocean to well above it, one of the best ways to see the island is by skydiving. While not for the faint of heart, Skydive Mauritius offers guests an adventure of a lifetime. With dry conditions in October, this is a great time to experience this thrilling activity.

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