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Playa Taurito Weather in April, Spain

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What's the weather like in Playa Taurito in April

Playa Taurito is a small and serene holiday resort with a prime location. Nestled on a hillside, Taurito is located on the south west coast of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands. Just across the water from North Africa, the region experiences a similar sub-tropical climate, with warm, dry weather all year round.

The weather in April is very similar to March with some improvements, as spring gets into full swing. This month brings high temperatures, low rainfall and sunshine, making it a popular time to visit the resort outside of the summer season.


Average temperatures for April stay at around 17°C in Playa Taurito, peaking at a lovely high of 20°C on warmer days. Although temperatures will get colder at night, it is rare for them to drop below 13°C in April. For this reason, holiday makers should be able to wear light layers with no problem, even on an evening in Playa Taurito.

Sunshine Hours

Moving towards summer, April sees an increase in sunshine from March. Holiday makers can bask in the sun for 11 hours of the day and there's a 45% chance of a sunny day in the resort. This abundance of sunshine makes the beach a popular destination for visitors, where they can get a golden tan (just don't forget the sun cream!). Gran Canaria is also a great location for swimming in the sea year round, and Playa Taurito is no exception. The waters around the resort's shores maintain a lovely 19°C in April.


The weather in Playa Taurito continues to dry up as we move into April. The average amount of precipitation that falls throughout the month is just 23mm which is spread over just 2 wet days. With just a 15% probability of rain, the chances are that your stay in Playa Taurito will be a dry one.

With pleasant weather that doesn't get too hot, April is a fantastic time to visit Gran Canaria's Playa Taurito.

Hotels in Playa Taurito in April

The Suite Princess Hotel

If you're looking for a place to stay in Playa Taurito, the resort has some excellent options to choose from. The Suite Princess Hotel is one of the best in the area, offering a serene stay for couples only. Four star accommodation here includes a peaceful pool area, first-class dining at the on-site restaurant and a wellness centre where guests can indulge in a massage. Located just metres from the sandy beach of Playa Taurito, the hotel has amazing sea views.

Hotel Paradise Costa Taurito

For all inclusive dining, consider the Hotel Paradise Costa Taurito. Here, guests will find stylish and comfortable accommodation set in beautiful tree-lined grounds backed by mountains. As well as a buffet restaurant and snack bar, the hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, a kids club, a gym, tennis courts and evening entertainment. Playa Taurito beach is just a short walk away, as is the resort's famous water park.

Beaches in Playa Taurito in April

Playa Taurito beach sits at the heart of the resort and is the gem in its crown. Holiday makers staying in Playa Taurito flock here to relax and get a tan on the soft, fine sands or take a dip in the warm, shallow ocean. The beach is sheltered by cliffs at both sides which protect it from winds, while its south westerly location means that it is basked in sunshine all day long.

Visitors to Playa Taurito's beach can also partake in some water sports, such as scuba diving and snorkelling. With calm and clear waters and an abundance of local sea life, the region is often named as one of the best for diving in Gran Canaria.

Bars and Restaurants

Playa Taurito is home to many fantastic all-inclusive hotels where guests can indulge in every meal, from breakfast to dinner. However, for those nights where you want to dine à la carte, there are some marvellous options in and around the resort.

Restaurante Olivia

In the neighbouring resort of Puerto de Mógan, Restaurante Olivia offers delicious Mediterranean-style dining as well as a selection of amazing cocktails. Fresh seafood, meat dishes, tapas and paella are all available. Located in the stylish marina area, the restaurant has an outdoor seating area where guests can dine overlooking the sea.

El Jamonal Wine Bar

Another great venue in Puerto de Mógan, El Jamonal Wine Bar comes highly rated. Open for lunch, diners can sample some authentic Spanish meats as well as tasty cheeses, breads and local wines. A true taste of the Canary Islands.

Zona Verde

Zona Verde provides a unique dining experience, with an outdoor dining room nestled among trees where guests can overlook the restaurant's large barbecue. Here, succulent meat dishes and kebabs are cooked in front of your eyes.

Things to do in in Playa Taurito in April

While some days should be reserved for relaxing on the resort's soft, sandy beach, you may want to take part in some more active pursuits during your stay. With warm, dry weather, April is a great time to get out and explore the areas surrounding Playa Taurito.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a great way to see some of Gran Canaria's spectacular scenery. Bikes can be hired all over the region, while there are also some specific biking companies who will organise a route for you and provide all the equipment, insurance and supplies you'll need.

Dolphin Watching

If you've never seen dolphins in the wild, tick it off your bucket list with a dolphin-watching boat ride around the south coast of Gran Canaria. Hop aboard a catamaran and cruise the calm waters where dolphins love to swim. A great activity for all the family.

Lago Oasis Water Park

Playa Taurito's very own water park is another unbeatable way to spend a day in the region. Lago Oasis Water Park is one of the biggest on the island and is located at the Paradise Lago Taurito Hotel in the centre of the resort. Both adults and kids will have a great time here, with everything from natural sea water pools to super-fast slides and water chutes.