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Tomorrow - 25th February 2024

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Tomorrow - 26th February 2024

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Sunset 18:37

15°C (59°F)


During the peak season, tourists go to Magaluf for one reason: to party. There are over 100 clubs and bars on "the strip" and in the surrounding area.

Many hotels are designed for clubbers who keep late hours.

However, families and non-partiers will still enjoy the beaches and area entertainment away from the main nightlife.

Typical holidays:

Because Magaluf is a hugely known for being a party destination, many of the holidays that people take there are centered on the many bars and dance clubs.

These visitors tend to stay for one or two weeks in hotels, mainly.

There are also a number of resorts which provide all inclusive accommodation.

Main holiday season:

The main tourist season in Magaluf is from June to August. This is the best time to be in the city if your main priorities are the beaches and nightlife.

The weather is beautiful and dry, and all the clubs and bars are open for the season.

The good weather begins in May though and lasts until September. Those who want to avoid the crowds but enjoy the weather may find these months the best time to travel. Out of season hotel rates are also cheaper and deals can be found.

Popular excursions: 

Sailing trips and deep sea fishing tours are popular excursions with tourists.

The House of Katmandu, better known as the upside-down house, is a theme park that is popular with all ages, with plenty of rides, activities and even a 4D cinema.

For water rides, the Western Water Park is another favourite with tourists, especially in the hot summer months.

For the 18-30 crowd, there's the Magaluf Boat Party, which takes over 200 people aboard for drinking, dancing and swimming, with stop offs on nearby beaches for more of the same.

The Magaluf Bar Pub Crawl is another famous attraction for those that are here for the nightlife.

Bars are not the only place for tourists to party in Magaluf. The 4th of July party is the highlight of a summer, with themed parties that involve both visitors and locals as well.

The BBC Radio One party in August is one of Magaluf's biggest event and always has the biggest names in music on their line ups. People from across the world arrive in time for the event.

Popular sports and activities:

Magaluf has a vast array of activities and tourist attractions for all tastes and ages.

Active tourists will find several scuba diving outfitters in Magaluf and nearby Palmanova, such as Big Blue Diving Center.

Black Lizard Island, less than 400 meters off the coast, provides a swimming challenge that many tourists accept.

Marineland is worth a visit, especially with a family, and the Pirate Show, which has the popular evening show and then an "over 18" version, is widely recommended.


For those that want to spend their days on the beach, there are plenty in Magaluf that offer golden sand and warm water.

Cala Vinyes is one that will give sunbathers a sense of seclusion and privacy since it is surrounded by tall palm trees and cliffs. The Royal Savoy Hotel also has its beach bar and snack hut right on the beach.

Extremely popular with tourists is the Playa de Magaluf. Access to this beach is easy, and there are many restaurants and bars close by.

The Son Maties beach is accessible from both Magaluf and Palmanova resorts, making it extremely popular as well.


The main nightlife activities in Magaluf can be found on what is known as "the strip." There are plenty of pre-club bars, bars, and dance clubs to choose from.

Chaplin's Bar is known for its pre-midnight party games, which makes it a perfect place to start the evening.

City Lights Karaoke Bar is also situated close to the beginning of the strip and is always a popular venue with visitors.

Those who strictly want to bar hop should begin at Sugar Bar, the second bar on the strip.

When it comes to clubs, there are too many to name, but Club 21 and Bonkers are two late night venues that host nightly events that promise to be messy.

Some are known for a specific feature, such as staff or theme. Red Lion Bar is a favourite among the locals, while Jumpin' Jaks is famous for its wide selection of drinks and spirits.

There are brand-new bars like the Jack Daniels Bar, and long-standing favourites like Crystal's. At the end of this long strip is BCM Planet Dance. The famous club is the place to be for anyone that wants to party hard into the wee hours.

Most popular hotels/ resorts:

When it comes to accommodation, there's plenty on offer depending on what you're after.

If location is important, the Fiesta Sahara Aparthotel is hard to beat, as it's close to the beach and downtown, with the water park only minutes away.

The 18-30 crowd should try out Samos Hotel, which is in an excellent party location, right next door to BCM dance club. Or there's the the Sol Trinidad, which is close to all the main bars and clubs. Lively Magaluf Hotel and Marina Barracuda Hotel are two other popular options for clubbers.

Flamboyan/Caribe Hotel has amazing sea views and is also extremely close to several bars and restaurants.

For a quieter stay, HSM Don Juan is a very quiet all-inclusive just five minutes from the beach, yet still only ten minutes from the strip.

For families, the Sol Magaluf Park Hotel is close to many attractions, including the Katmandu upside-down house.

Marina Pax Hotel offers a children-friendly all-inclusive package, and the HSM Atlantic Park Hotel has plenty of daytime activities to keep kids entertained.

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