flag Lara Beach, Average Weather April

  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Sea Temperature
  • Temperature
  • Rainfall

    80 mm
  • Rainfall Days

    8 days
  • Sunshine Hours

    9 hours

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April daily averages

Lara Beach

April daily averages for Lara Beach

  • 1st
    15 59
  • 2nd
    15 59
  • 3rd
    15 59
  • 4th
    15 59
  • 5th
    16 61
  • 6th
    15 59
  • 7th
    15 59
  • 8th
    16 61
  • 9th
    16 61
  • 10th
    16 61
  • 11th
    16 61
  • 12th
    16 61
  • 13th
    16 61
  • 14th
    16 61
  • 15th
    16 61
  • 16th
    17 63
  • 17th
    16 61
  • 18th
    16 61
  • 19th
    16 61
  • 20th
    16 61
  • 21st
    16 61
  • 22nd
    18 64
  • 23rd
    17 63
  • 24th
    17 63
  • 25th
    18 64
  • 26th
    18 64
  • 27th
    18 64
  • 28th
    18 64
  • 29th
    19 66
  • 30th
    20 68

What's the Weather like in Lara Beach in April 


Daytime temperatures have reached the low 20's in April with the weather warming up nicely heading into summer. Average temperatures in April have reached 16°C that lies between the average high/low temperatures of 10°C and 21°C. Ocean temperatures will be warming also and the beach is getting more and more inviting as the year moves on. Warmer days and less rainfall mean that summer is getting close and the time to hit the beaches is getting closer. The hardier souls will be in the surf but many tourists will wait for summer proper to venture into the water.

Rain and Humidity 

Average rainfall remains steady at 80mm falling over 7 to 8 days but towards the end of the month rainfall will drop dramatically with just 20mm expected in May over just a few days. Summer here is dry with rainfall not increasing until mid to late autumn when it will increase in October to 90mm. Average humidity is starting to rise with the higher temperatures and the steady rainfall and will hit 70% before it drops at the end of the month with less rain and higher temperatures.

Sunshine Hours 

A steady 12 hours of average sunshine is experienced during spring and the start of summer with plenty of time to be spent on the beaches and pursuing outdoor activities. Hours only lessen with the increase in foggy days as summer starts. The chance of a sunny day has increased to 30% with the chance of a cloudy day dropping to 14%. The chance of a windy has dropped to just 14%.

There are still no foggy days at Lara Beach but you may see one towards the end of the month. May has the average of just 1 foggy day and this may start at the end of April if temperatures are hot enough. The next few months will see the occasional foggy day but they will disappear as the temperature cools into autumn and winter.

Lara Beach for April 

Limak Hotel Lara

Limak hotel Lara is located on Lara Beach and has standard and family rooms and suites to choose from. All rooms and suites are air conditioned, with mini bar, flat screen TV, bathroom, hair dryer and sea or land views. The suites and some standard rooms have Jacuzzis. The main Zen buffet restaurant is open all year as is one of the a la carte restaurants. There are more dining options in summer but you still have choices in winter. There are 4 bars open all year round and the beach bar is open in summer only. In winter choose the heated indoor pool with water slide or enjoy one of the shows, daily activities or work out at the fitness centre. Be pampered at the Spa and wellness centre where you can have massages and different treatments during your stay.

Lara Family Club

The Lara Family Club has a range of rooms from standard and superior and suites for the entire family. All rooms and suites are air conditioned with bathrooms, free toiletries, hair dryer, mini bar and flat screen TV. Enjoy a meal from the buffet restaurant or at one of the a la carte options offering Italian, Ottoman, Asian, seafood and BBQ dishes. There are 5 bars for drinks including the Beach Bar that may be closed during the winter months.

Play a sport or one of the activities on offer, enjoy the entertainment and the kids have their own club and mini buffet to choose from.

Bars and Restaurants 

Denizim Park Meat and Fish Restaurant

The Denizim Park Meat and Fish Restaurant is set in a park and is 2 restaurants in one. You can eat indoors or outdoors and taste some great traditional Turkish dishes. This place is ideal for large groups and parties as well as the more intimate dinner for couples and families. Enjoy music and entertainment each evening as you eat fantastic fish dishes and meat dishes.

Tapas Papas and Marmaris Bufe

For good Spanish tapas and food try the Tapas Papas in Lara as well as the Marmaris Bufe. The menu at the latter is extensive with donors and wraps with steak and chicken, burgers and meatballs and homemade desserts. Tapas is open from 8:30 for breakfast, lunch and dinner and serves fresh pasta and pizzas made to order, sandwiches, a range of coffee and cold drinks. It is a good idea to book a table during busiest times.

Things to do in Lara Beach in April

Sealanya Park

Sealanya Park is a water park and a dolphinarium is a day's adventure ride with being able to snorkel amid a tropical reef and then get close to sharks and feed and pat the sting rays. The kid's pool is a great place for play and fun and your admission price includes a meal at the restaurant. At the dolphin park you can swim with the dolphins and sea lions, watch a dolphin show and have a snack at the café. This park is open all year round.

Ataturk House and Museum

For history buffs the Ataturk House and Museum is a must. The house was moved due to a street widening project and then rebuilt at the same address. The town of Antalya presented Ataturk with the Villa during visits in the 1930's. It was made a museum in 1986 and has a collection of his possessions and newspaper articles about his visit. It is open all year round but is closed on Mondays.

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