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Kotor Weather in October, Montenegro

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What's the weather like in Kotor in October

Autumn is now fully settled in the beautiful Kotor Bay, with a moderate ensemble of both clear, sunny skies and hefty rainfall.


The average temperature drops to 16°C, with nights relatively cold at just 11°C. Humidity is on the rise, reaching a significant 70% on average, but the dew points are well below the 21°C threshold that would make the air unpleasant and stuffy. The warmer days will most likely reach an average high of 22°C (72°F), still good enough for the many outdoor activities that this quiet bay area has to offer.

Sunshine Hours

The days get shorter though, with an average of 6 hours sunshine, and chances of uninterrupted sunny days drop well below 40% on average. 


Rainfall increases its volume to 117mm on average over 11 days, and chances of rain hike back up to the 60% margin. October looks partially sunny, but with plenty of precipitation in between, so we do recommend packing a good jacket and an umbrella if you're looking to spend your holiday in Kotor, as the gloomier days might find you ill prepared otherwise.


Wind speed is slightly lower than September, reaching an average of 63kmh, most of it coming from the north-eastern continent regions, where a colder autumn is already taking over Central and Eastern Europe.

Sea Temperature

The sea temperature in the bay is still surprisingly high for this time of the year, measuring an average of 21°C (70°F). It will gradually cool down towards the third week of the month, as the sub-tropical currents begin to withdraw, leaving room for the capricious bay to manifest its usual inter-seasonal whims. If the sky is clear and it's warm enough, you can still splash around if you really feel the need to dip yourself in the water, but make sure you have some thicker clothes handy as well.

Kotor Hotels in October

Apartments Bogdanovic offers wonderful apartments with balconies opening out to the bay and its surrounding mountains. All of the units are self-catering suites with lounge area, flat screen TV, air conditioning, private bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen, complete with an oven and a coffee maker. The building itself is classic and functional, and sits just 30 yards from the main beach of Dobrota, less than 1.5 miles from Kotor's Old Town area. The best part is the access to a private garden, where you can sit back and relax, while the kids can get busy on the hotel's fun playground.

Apartments Pejanovic is another excellent option not too far from Bogdanovic, offering a selection of self-servicing apartments. Each unit features a simple and contemporary design, air conditioning, plush lounge area with flat screen TV, private balcony, en-suite bathroom and a fully functional kitchenette with modern appliances. The aparthotel is surrounded by lush gardens and overlooks the private beach to which it offers direct access. Less than 30 yards away, you'll find a charming little restaurant and a café, and further down the same road there's also a grocery store, making your overall accommodation surprisingly comfortable and easy.

Another aparthotel not far from the Old Centre is Apartments Ivardic. All of them feature a modern décor and splendid views of Kotor Bay, as well as a lounge area, flat screen TV, air conditioning, private bathroom and kitchen with plenty of amenities. Grocery stores, cafes, supermarkets and restaurants are all within walking distance from the venue, as is a charming private beach with both sand and pebbled strips. On top of it all, you can also organize various hiking and fishing trips with the hotel owners.

Kotor beaches for October

With the sun less generous and rainfall levels increasing, spending entire days by the beach seems more like a dream rather than a possibility. However, despite Kotor's absence of fine sandy beaches, the region can still charm you with its pebbled stretches with shallow and crystalline waters. One beautiful place to see even in October is Bigova Beach, hidden deep inland in Bigova Valley, between Budva and Tivat, Kotor's little sister-towns. It was once a fishing port where seasoned fishermen sought shelter from the bay storms, but today it is much more popular for its fine sand, found at the very end of the valley. This place also offers breath-taking views of the bay and the surrounding stone giants, and the very backdrop of the beach is an abundance of lush greenery.

Bars and Restaurants

Palazzo Radomiri is always a pleasure to visit when it comes to Montenegrin gastronomy. This 18th century stone building holds one of the country's finest restaurants, its dining room and terrace overlooking the stunning Bay of Kotor. The menu is overflowing with local delicacies, from a fine cheese selection to fish soup and seafood specialities, as well as delicious homemade cherry pie complete with caramelized olive ice cream sauce. The staff is exquisitely professional and welcoming, and the atmosphere constantly exudes a pleasant mixture of sophistication and local charm, making this one of the best places to eat in the area. It's not even far from the Old Town, it's merely a 5-minute drive over about 2 miles of coastal road.

Restaurant Drago is another Montenegrin haven for foodies across town. It's budget friendly and family-run, making it one of those delightful eateries where you walk in and then find yourself having a hard time walking back out. It's been open since 1967 and it sits atop a hill, overlooking the deep blue sea from its outdoor terrace. The service is excellent and the staff speak multiple languages. The cuisine is a marvellous combination of breezy fish dishes from the coastal regions and heartier meat specialities from the mountain areas.

For drinks and good music, you can always make your way up to the popular Citadella. This terrace bar is famous for its incredible views of Kotor Bay from atop the stone fortress, and at night it offers a sea of glimmering waves and marina lights that you could easily lose yourself into. The drinks are affordable and the place is not insanely busy in October, making it a comfortable and easy decision when planning your Saturday nights in Kotor.

Things to do in Kotor in October

If the 1,350 steps up to the rocky fortress are not enough for your adventurous spirit and herculean stamina, you can also take on the Ladder of Cattaro. You can climb the vigorous and ancient caravan trail, which starts from the Skurda River and works its way up the mountain until it joins the coastal mountain traverse in the wonderful Lovcen National Park which is another must-see location in Kotor, an indescribable and overwhelming cornucopia of flora and fauna typical to the region. You'll breathe in some of the freshest air in the whole of Europe while adjusting your eyes to the wild and natural beauty that this country has to offer.

Weather permitting, you can also take the popular Vrmac Mountain Bike Tour, an outdoor adventure that shouldn't be missed. It will take you off-road through splendid pine forests, giving you panoramic views of Kotor's Bay on one side, and the mountain slopes and limestone cliffs on the other. The tour will take you up an old Austro-Hungarian carriage road all the way to about 750 metres above the sea level, giving you a front seat to the stunning Orjen Mountains and Lovcen Mountain. The ride up takes about an hour, followed by a panoramic photography break at the summit, closing off with a descent it does require some medium bike handling skills, so if you're not too experienced, follow your guide very carefully. By the time you reach the hotel and soak under the shower, you'll find yourself exhilarated by how much a single bike tour can accomplish in these parts of the world.