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Kotor Weather in January, Montenegro

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What's the weather like in Kotor in January


January is a cold start to the year in Kotor, as the average temperature hangs around 5°C, bringing about cold northern winds from the continent and plenty of rain throughout the month. The weather is a typical blend of marine and continental climate, with humidity quite high at 75% on average. The nights are expected to reach low temperatures of 2°C, while the warmer days can hit up to 13°C.

Sunshine Hours

The days are short, with up to just 4 hours of sunshine, and chances of sunny days are low at about 30% on average. On the other hand, chances of rain are quite high at 60% on average, with precipitation levels reaching a generous 101mm, spread over a total of 10 days.


Chances of windy days are also quite high at 35% on average, with wind speeds of up to 58kmh. This roughly translates into what is generally known as a humid winter, with occasional biting winds roaming around the Bay of Kotor and chilly nights due to the mountains towering over the town.

Sea Temperature

The sea temperature is low during this time of the year, reaching only 13°C (55°F) on average. While it's not at all recommended for swimming, and it is often rattled by cold currents and choppy waves breaking against the rocky clusters of the shoreline, the Bay of Kotor is still a wonderful sight to behold, with dark and deep blue waters and foamy waves rushing against the marina. Overall, serious winter coats and hats are strongly recommended if you're planning to visit the area during this time of winter. On the sunnier days, the barometric pressure drops a little, giving way to excellent trekking conditions up the mountain slopes, provided you're dressed appropriately for this type of weather.

Kotor Hotels for January

Kotor has plenty of excellent accommodation options to choose from, no matter the month or season. A great example is Apartments Panorama, a good budget choice for January. All of its units are self-catering apartments fitted with fully equipped kitchens, dining areas and private bathrooms. The lounge areas feature plush sofas and flat screen TV, and you can choose to book yourself into one of the apartments that have a private terrace, opening out to stunning views of the Lovcen mountains towering over the bay. There is free parking available on-site, as well as a free airport shuttle service. The complex is within close proximity of the town's landmarks and restaurants.

Pearl Apartments offer beautiful self-serviced apartments, all of them splendidly decorated in classical Venetian style, with fully equipped kitchens Wand generous lounge areas fitted with a flat screen TV. The en-suite bathrooms are spacious and bright, and you'll certainly enjoy the comfort of high end living in the heart of Kotor. Some of the units feature a wide dining area and for a little extra on top, you can book yourself into one of the apartments which also offer a private terrace with breath-taking views of the bay and its surrounding mountains. There is free Wi-Fi throughout the property and some of the town's best restaurants and cafes are within walking distance from the accommodation.

Apartments Marilu rests on the one of the pebbled beaches of Kotor, only 900 yards from the old town centre and its historical beauties. The complex features self-catering apartments with a fully equipped kitchen, relaxing lounge area with a flat screen TV, private bathroom with free toiletries and balcony opening out to superb landscapes of the ria and the lush forests that frame its rocky shores. The complex is surrounded by a rich garden and boasts barbecue facilities, perfect to use on the sunnier days of January.

Kotor Beaches in January

The weather is certainly not fit for any kind of beach activities, and on top of that, Kotor doesn't have any sandy beaches your best option is going 20km up to the Budva Riviera if you're looking for soft, golden sands. However, going down by the shore on a sunny afternoon in January would definitely be a great idea. Admiring the view from the lowest point of the bay will quickly become a favourite daytime activity, and the scenery is an excellent photography subject, with stretches of pebbles and limestone chunks breaking out against foamy waves, while dark green forests spread behind you, their silence disturbed only by occasional bird trills and the wind blowing through the tall trees.

Bars and Restaurants

Kotor is filled with amazing restaurants to try out the local cuisine is deeply rooted into old traditions, and the flavours are all testaments of centuries gone by preserving the unique taste of Montenegro's speciality dishes. One great place to try during your stay is the Konoba Koliba, which promises to offer all the great food that their ancestors once enjoyed. It can be found in the nearby town of Tivat, and it serves an impressive variety of traditional meat dishes (particularly wood-fired), along with delicious vegetable side dishes and seafood delicacies. Their highlight is the homemade bread and fresh lemonade, as well as an interesting selection of smooth domestic lagers.

Hidden in the small neighbouring village of Morinj, Catovica Mlini is one of the most treasured locations in the Kotor area. The Catovica family has been running its mills for over two centuries, producing flour. The family decided to switch its business into a restaurant, leaving the mills and waters that made them turn as a romantic backdrop to a wonderful venue. Catovica's cuisine mainly revolves around speciality fish dishes, as well as shells, seafood salads, locally produced cheese, fine crude ham and a hearty red wine, which can easily compete with better-known brands.

For some night caps and good music while overlooking the stunning nocturne views of the Bay of Kotor, you can head up to Citadella, a large bar with a terrace built on top of the old fortifications, within Cattaro Hotel. While it's packed with tourists during the summer, mid-January gives it a tranquil charm that cannot be found anywhere else in the area.

Things to do in Kotor in January

Since the weather isn't exactly beach perfect, a good way to spend your holiday in Kotor would be by exploring the Old Town. It's considered to be one of the best preserved medieval fortifications in the entire Mediterranean and Adriatic region. The walls reach up to 20 metres in height and carry over 1,000 years of history in their rough stone edges, with hints of moss and untold stories echoing out when the northern winds blow over Kotor in winter. They're best explored on foot by following the cobblestone alleys that line them around town. You can browse through some delightful boutique shops, and engage in conversations with the friendly and welcoming locals.

You can even make your way to Sveti Tripun or Saint Tryphon's Cathedral, an 11th century masterpiece of Gothic-Romanesque architecture. Not much is known about this beautiful structure, despite its purpose being to homage the town's traditionally revered protector. The chapel holds the remains of St. Tryphon and numerous religious festivities are held in honour of the town's patron saint. The small fee is worth paying in order to explore the interior of this splendid Roman Catholic cathedral, and marvel at the grace of its arches and stained glass elements, as well as the religious sculptures and iconic panels.

On the sunnier days of January, you can put on your hiking boots and climb up to the Fortifications, which stretch for about 4.5km above town, on steep, near vertical rocky cliffs. Going up the 1350 limestone steps is extremely rewarding in the end, as the view from the top is simply breath-taking St. John's fortress opens up to the dark blue waters of the Bay of Kotor, its magnificent skies and the surrounding mountains. The 1200-foot ascent will take approximately one hour to complete, and the access fee is only 3 Euros it is strongly recommended that you pay attention, as some of its sections undergo regular repairs, where several steps are broken, and that you take plenty of breaks with water and snacks in between, as the hike itself can be daunting at times. But after a few sore muscles and some sweat under your brow, once you inhale the fresh air at the top and take in the stunning views, it'll all be worth it!