Ko phi phi Weather June Averages, Thailand

    • Temperature Temperature 28°C 82°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 32°C 90°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 24°C 75°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 8 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 261 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 18 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 30°C 86°F

    Ko phi phi Weather for June 2020

    What's the Weather like in Phi Phi in June

    The month of June is the heart of the wet season which means there will be increased amounts of rainfall, cloudier skies, and a slight drop in temperature, though mostly unnoticeable. That being said, June is still a great month to visit Koh Phi Phi if you are not easily bothered by rain. The average temperature continues on at 28 C (82.4 F) for June and throughout the summer.

    The highs and lows at the beginning of June are at 31.3 C (88 F) and 25.7 C (78 F) with one of the highest chances of rainfall throughout the year. This is the warmest point of the month as the temperature drops gradually all the way to the end of June. As the month continues the highs will continue to drop to 31 C (87.8 F) at mid-month with lows at about 25.5 C (78 F).

    Rainfall fluctuates up and down throughout the middle of June, so it is hard to say what exactly are your chances, but this is normal with rainfall in tropical areas. By the end of June the highs will have dropped to 30.8 C (87.4 F) and the lows to 25 C (77 F) making the end the coolest part of the month. Rainfall starts on a downfall trend around the 20th and ends at 52% chance of rainfall around the end of the month.

    The average amount of rainfall is not as much as to match the start of the Monsoon in May, but is still substantial at 261 mm divided into 18 days out of the month. You can expect to see thunder storms, but more often than not, the rain will be moderate or light.

    June is the last month with the highest sea temperature in Koh Phi Phi at 29 C (84 F). Around this time wind speeds are at their lowest throughout the year, so the surface water is clear enough for snorkeling. Cloud coverage does hit at above 80% at the beginning of June and doesn't fall below 70% for the whole month, so do expect to see mostly cloudy skies. This in turn leaves 6 hours of daily sunshine on average during this month, but some days can be sunnier than others.

    Phi Phi Hotels in June

    There are plenty of places to stay in Koh Phi Phi year round that provide great accommodations. The object is to find which one you want to stay in depending on your preferences. Do you want to be close to Tonsai Village or do you want to be close to a secluded beach where you can relax?

    If you want something close to the main part of town go with the Phi Phi Banyan Villa which has its own pool, breakfast, and a nice gym. This hotel is about 5 minutes away from the town center that has many different attractions, but this can be a nuisance for those who want to relax as the party may be too close to your room. That being said, the rooms are nice and clean and you do not have to worry about a far hike or water taxi to get to town.

    For those who want to be close enough to the nightlife and shops, but far enough to not be disturbed at night, the Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel is worth trying. This hotel has a beautiful pool with a stunning fountain in the center overlooking the ocean. Amenities include a gym and a restaurant with the main part of town close enough to walk to nearby.

    Phi Phi Beach for June

    Beaches are in abundance on Koh Phi Phi Don and its surrounding islands. In June speedboats and tours still run depending on the weather at the time. It may be safer for some to go to beaches on the island, but if you are not willing to make the walk, then a water taxi will still be needed to get to your destination.

    Pi Leh Bay is one of those places which seem almost unreal, like if these kinds of beaches are only products or figments of the imagination of humans, but are indeed real. The fluorescent turquoise water calmly strays back and forth surrounded by limestone cliffs which give it the appearance of privacy and seclusion making you feel special enough for it to let you in on its location. This place is a must visit if you are planning on a trip to Koh Phi Phi

    If you want to go a bit more North to the farthest island out, head to Mosquito Island. Although the name may not sound appealing, this island looks like its straight out of a post card with its abundant coral reefs, colorful fishes, and shady hammocks surrounded by white sands. Be sure to bring your own drinks and snacks as there are no accommodations on this island.

    Bars and Restaurants 

    With summer in full swing there will still be plenty of places to dine out or enjoy the Koh Phi Phi nightlife, even though it is low season. The perk is that you get to enjoy lower prices and less people, making the restaurants and bars seem more interpersonal.

    A good place to eat for all walks of life is the Oasis Bar and Restaurant. You can enjoy great Thai food or even a hamburger and a milkshake on the beach since they provide a to-go service. Also the bar is a great place to sit around and drink a delicious cocktail during your vacation.

    If you are craving a delicious donut or chocolate croissant with a coffee in the morning try out the Phi Phi Bakery. There is a relaxing room upstairs as well with bean bags and sofas to enjoy your pastries in ultimate comfort. Other things they sell are sandwiches, fried rice, or a coconut shake served with a real coconut.

    Things to do in Phi Phi in June 

    This is officially the end of high season and the start of the summer low season which is preferred by some of the locals due to the drop in business giving them a chance to relax and soak in the beauty of the island. Prices around this time are also in your favor as most drop as the island stays at around 40% fullness throughout June.

    Most diving places will still remain open throughout the wet season and choose the less exposed or closest reefs just in case the weather gets bad. One such precautious place with a great reputation is Princesses Divers which offers courses and fun diving. Expect to see turtles, sharks, corral, and colorful fishes.

    Try Spidermonkey Climbing for an adventure on land where you can climb rock faces along Koh Phi Phi. The instructors are known to guide people along the wall step by step making safe gear their priority, so that everyone from beginners to experienced climbers can get the most out of their climbs.

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