flag Kalkan, Average Weather March

  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Sea Temperature
  • Temperature
  • Rainfall

    78 mm
  • Rainfall Days

    9 days
  • Sunshine Hours

    7 hours

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March daily averages


March daily averages for Kalkan

  • 1st
    13 55
  • 2nd
    13 55
  • 3rd
    13 55
  • 4th
    14 57
  • 5th
    13 55
  • 6th
    13 55
  • 7th
    13 55
  • 8th
    14 57
  • 9th
    14 57
  • 10th
    13 55
  • 11th
    13 55
  • 12th
    13 55
  • 13th
    13 55
  • 14th
    13 55
  • 15th
    13 55
  • 16th
    12 54
  • 17th
    12 54
  • 18th
    13 55
  • 19th
    13 55
  • 20th
    13 55
  • 21st
    13 55
  • 22nd
    14 57
  • 23rd
    15 59
  • 24th
    14 57
  • 25th
    14 57
  • 26th
    14 57
  • 27th
    14 57
  • 28th
    15 59
  • 29th
    15 59
  • 30th
    14 57
  • 31st
    14 57

What's the Weather like in Kalkan in March


Spring has sprung in Kalkan when March arrives, and improving weather is certainly the order of the month. Whilst the daytime temperatures in the resort throughout the year rarely reach freezing, the dawning of spring brings a noticeable difference, and sees an average temperature of around 11°C, which can rise to 16°C as an average high. It is worth noting however that evenings are still cold, at around 5°C as an average low temperature.


The good news is that rain is much less now spring has arrived, with a monthly rain average of 78mm, affecting only 9 days out of the month to some degree or another. As with most months, downpours will leave behind fresher, bright conditions, so this is never going to be a constant affair.


A major noticeable difference in the weather as the month moves on is that the daily average sunshine hours are on the up, with a huge 10 hours of sunshine expected during the month per day, making this the ideal time to explore not only this resort, but the resorts and towns around it. Simply sitting outside on a pavement café is now possible, as rain is less, sun is more, and temperatures are gradually rising. Anyone who prefers mild, rather than hot, will find this time of year a very pleasant month to visit the resort, with a more residential feel.


Despite that, it has to be said that beach time is still going to be a little on the chilly side, with an average sea temperature of only 16°C, but the coming months certainly see that changing quite dramatically. If you do want to hit the beach a little, wait until the end of the month, as temperatures will rise even more as April arrives.

Hotels in Kalkan in March

Kelebek Apart

March's improving weather means more in the way of visitors, which of course means more in the way of accommodation available for those choosing to stay in Kalkan at this time of year. If you want to be somewhere homely, yet still with enough amenities to make your stay comfortable, then Kelebek Apart is a good choice for you. This is an establishment set over two buildings, with only eight apartments in total, meaning total rest and relaxation.

Villa Wendy

Another good choice in the same vein is Villa Wendy, which is a small block, great for those wanting travel independence. Set only 1.7km away from the beach, the elevated position gives great views of the water.

Kalamar Hotel

If however you prefer something a little more commercial then you can't beat Kalamar Hotel. This is located right on the hilltop, overlooking the sea, giving you amazing views to wake up to. The on-site restaurant will also cover all your needs, with a large menu to choose from.

Bars and Restaurants

Moonlight Terrace Restaurant

If you're looking for the best view in Kalkan then it has to be the Moonlight Terrace Restaurant. If you want the best spot to check out the sun setting over the sea perhaps, then call ahead to book; overall you won't struggle to grab a good table during March however.

Sunset Restaurant

 Sunset Restaurant is a good choice for those who enjoy seafood in particular. You may need to call in the day before and book some of the more unusual choices on the menu, as the choice is so large. Be sure to enjoy a large portion of baklava for dessert.

Seaport Restaurant

For another great view with a slight difference, head to Seaport Restaurant, situated on the harbour, overlooking the fishing boats lining the area. This is a comfortable and relaxing restaurant, with a large selection of cocktails to go alongside your evening meal. 

Things to do in Kalkan in March

Nearby towns

March in Kalkan means that sunshine is on the up and rain is bidding goodbye, which also means it's the perfect time to hire a car and get out into the beautiful countryside around the region, to explore the rich history and nature just on your doorstep. If hiring a car seems like too much, then the local dolmus bus service will take you to the nearby towns of FethiyeKas, and Patara quite easily. If you want to head further afield, you can look into the long distance coaches which run around the region frequently, however hiring a car is a cheap option for those willing to drive in Turkey remember that here you drive on the right.

Lycian sites

There are many historic Lycian sites around Kalkan, and you only have to drive for as little as half an hour to stumble upon one. The mountains themselves are great for walking opportunities, however during March you may still find the terrain a little difficult, so stick to low intensity walks.

Green Lake

If you are hiring a car, be sure to head to Green Lake, which is around 45 minutes to one hour away from Kalkan by road. This is a beautiful, sacred site which is located in the Taurus Mountain highlands, and is somewhere to learn about the little-known nomadic lifestyle which is still prevalent in certain parts of Turkey. The area is around 6500ft above sea level and is said to have sacred healing waters. On top of this, the area is amazing for photography and simple walking tracks, and the valley is said to have been passed through by Alexander the Great.


Alternatively, Elmali is the largest Ottoman town in this region of Turkey and is extremely well preserved; many of the people who live here still live in the same way as during the Ottoman Empire, with stunning architecture at every turn. The well-preserved wooden houses are famous of the region, and you can buy hand-crafted goods as a souvenir. The large mosque in the town is extremely picturesque too.

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