Kalkan Weather January Averages, Turkey

    • Temperature Temperature 8°C 46°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 12°C 54°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 3°C 37°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 4 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 168 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 12 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 17°C 63°F

    Kalkan Weather for January 2021

    What's the Weather like in Kalkan in January

    As the New Year dawns in Kalkan, you are looking at the wettest month of the year, as well as the coldest; this shouldn't put you off however, as experiencing a Turkish holiday resort during the 'off' season gives you a very different take on what you might expect, with more in the way of culture on show at every turn. The scenery is also extremely different when it isn't dowsed in constant sunshine and stifling heat.


    January sees an average temperature of around 8°C, which rises to a high of 12°C on good days, and drops to a chilly 3°C as an average low during the evenings. You will notice the temperature drop quite suddenly around 5pm as a general rule, so if you are out and about, simply remember to take your coat for this time.


    Despite the chilly temperatures and sometimes wet weather, the sun certainly still shines in the resort during January, with a huge 8 hours of sunshine per day to be expected. This is a large amount compared to other resorts in nearby countries, where days tend to be much darker and shorter.


    We did mention rain however, and we see an average of 168mm of the wet stuff during the month, affecting around 12 days to some degree. So remember your umbrella when you go out! Downpours during this time of year can be prolonged and heavy, but do tend to leave behind bright blue skies.

    Sea Temperature

    One activity you might want to avoid however is swimming. Despite the fact the sea sits at a still quite mild water temperature of 17°C during the first month of the year, it may feel considerably cooler than that in reality! Instead, it is a good idea to explore the on-land scenery, walking trails, and areas of natural beauty whilst the area is much quieter.

    Hotels in Kalkan in January

    There are still many hotels and apartments open during the winter months in Kalkan, especially during January, when many people visit in order to experience New Year in totally different surroundings.

    Zinbad Hotel

    Because the weather is likely to be little on the chilly side at this time of year, you may be wanting accommodation which offers a home away from home feel, and in that case Zinbad Hotel is a good choice. This is a boutique hotel, very clean and modern, which is small and cosy. It is a bed and breakfast, so this gives you great opportunities to head out somewhere authentic for your evening meal, however there is a restaurant on site.

    3 T Aparthotel

    Alternatively, 3 T Aparthotel gives you a self catering option, or you can go for bed and breakfast if you so wish. This is situated a little further away from Kalkan centre itself, at 1.5km away, however the public transport links are plentiful. If you do want to stay a little closer to the centre however, Asfiya Hotel is only 300m away, giving you a traditional Mediterranean-decorated option for your stay.

    Bars and Restaurants

    Small House

    January is not going to be busy in terms of finding a table in any restaurant, which is great news because you have much more choice, and you won't be packed into a busy restaurant, as you may be during the peak summer months. Many of Kalkan's eateries serve traditional Turkish food, hanging onto that authentic vibe in the air. Small House is a family run Turkish restaurant, set in a small, traditional set of surroundings. The Turkish breakfast is particularly good here.

    KOSK Restaurant

    If you want something a little more mainstream however, then check out KOSK Restaurant. This is a modern place, which during the summer months offers open air dining, however during the cooler months you certainly won't be cold! The relaxed atmosphere will make you feel at home, and the food is prepared using organic and fresh ingredients.

    Pataya Cafe

    If views during dinner is your thing then Papatya Café is for you. This is a very popular place to go, serving fresh, home cooked food with amazing views out over the sea. 

    Things to do in Kalkan in January


    The weather can be hit and miss in Kalkan during January, so finding things to do which aren't completely dedicated to the outdoors is the best way forward. The cooler average temperature means a jacket will be required for daytime activities, however the plentiful sunshine will still make any outdoor endeavours pleasant. One particular endeavour you should certainly look towards is a day trip to the UNESCO World Heritage listed site, Xanthos.

    Xanthos was the capital of the Lycian empire and is full of ancient ruins which are quite well preserved, and the area as a whole is steeped in history. This is a completely outdoor area so a quick check on that day's weather is a good idea. During the quieter times of the year you won't find guided excursions, however wandering around at your own pace gives you more freedom and you can explore much easier, without crowds.

    Piart Sultan Hammam

    If you do get a rainy day then there are still plenty of activities to enjoy. One experience everyone must have when they visit Turkey, no matter which resort, is to head to a traditional Turkish bath, or hammam. Pirat Sultan Hammam is a very popular and indulgent choice, where you will be treated to total relaxation, leaving with silky soft skin. A Turkish bath basically involves ridding your skin of dirt and dead skin cells, and the result is very relaxing indeed. You can often request a massage afterwards to up the luxury stakes.

    GP Cooking School

    Alternatively, why not head off for a cookery lesson and learn how to cook authentic Turkish cuisine? Turkish dishes are not the easiest in the world to master, but GP Cooking School will not only show you how to do it, but you'll have a great fun day out too. You are picked up from your hotel, and taken to local shops to buy fresh, local produce; from there you will head to the restaurant for a master class!

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