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Helsinki Weather in April, Finland


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Helsinki Averages April

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  • What is Average Rainfall?
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    30 mm

Helsinki Daily Averages April

April 2024 Daily Averages

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4 Avg 32º
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6 Avg 37º
7 Avg 37º
8 Avg 36º
9 Avg 37º
10 Avg 37º
11 Avg 37º
12 Avg 37º
13 Avg 37º
14 Avg 36º
15 Avg 36º
16 Avg 37º
17 Avg 39º
18 Avg 39º
19 Avg 39º
20 Avg 41º
21 Avg 43º
22 Avg 43º
23 Avg 39º
24 Avg 39º
25 Avg 41º
26 Avg 39º
27 Avg 41º
28 Avg 41º
29 Avg 41º
30 Avg 39º
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April Weather Averages

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What's the Weather like in Helsinki in April


The cool, northern city of Helsinki begins to warm just above freezing during the month of April. Though sea temperatures remain at 0°C during the long and cold winter, the weather on land averages around 4°C throughout the month. Highs during the day reach about 8°C while lows will dip down to -1°C. The days will start to warm more toward the end of the month as Helsinki heads into a slightly warmer spring.


 It's not April showers for Helsinki; April is the driest month of the year. The month typically receives only 30mm of rain, spread out through 13 days of the month. Despite the lack of rain, the atmosphere remains mostly cloudy throughout the month. There is very low chance of fresh snow falling at this time, though snow may still be on the ground from the earlier months of the year. The wind in this coastal city blows at about 13km/hour during this month. April can be a bit unpredictable as the seasons change, so travelers will want to check the forecast before they head out for a day of sightseeing.

Sunshine Hours

The days are lengthening as the city heads into the long sunlight hours of sunshine. The change is dramatic, with sunlight lasting just over 13 hours at the beginning of the month to nearly 16 hours by the end of April. Sunrise starts at 6:45 and the sun sets at 20:00; a few weeks later in April, the sun will rise at 5:20 and set at 21:15. Longer hours and a lack of rain make this month an excellent time to explore Helsinki as tourism is still low during this time, so travelers will find a more local scene in the city. However, the cool weather and especially cold nights will require warm clothing.

Helsinki Hotels in April

Hotel Haven

Centrally located in the harbor area, near Esplanadi Park, Hotel Haven overlooks the harbor and offers 137 rooms with elegant furnishings and decorations. The five-star hotel also has a Finnish restaurant on its premises, so guests can enjoy a meal without going far. While it is in the perfect location for exploring the city center, guests will appreciate returning to a drink at Bar Haven, or to relax in front of the fireplace in the luxurious yet comfortable lobby area.

Nikolai II

Travelers looking for a unique experience will enjoy a stay at Nikolai II. This floating ship rests in the Helsinki Harbor near Market Square. Built in 1903 under the approval of Nikolai II of Russia, the ship was renovated to its current state in 2012. Available for private events, cabin bookings, sauna visits, or dinners at the restaurant, the Nikola II ship is a uniquely Finnish destination (and with amenities like WiFi too).

Scandic Grand Marina

Another option close to the sea is the Scandic Grand Marina. Located in the scenic Katajanokka District, just east of the city center. Close to the surrounding archipelago and Suomenlinna fortress, Katajanokka is a great area for exploring outside of the city as well. The hotel is housed in a beautiful warehouse building dating from the early 1900s with large, renovated rooms, an open and airy lobby, a restaurant, bar, and modern meeting rooms. Adjacent to the Marina Congress Center, the Scandic Grand Marina is a perfect choice for business travelers and those in town for events. Ample parking space makes this hotel convenient for guests renting cars or visiting in their own car. Other amenities include WiFi, a gym, a sauna and a 24-hour shop. Bicycles and walking sticks are available too.

Solo Sokos Hotel Torni

The Solo Sokos Hotel Torni is a lively hotel in central Helsinki. Part of the Sokos international hotel group, the Torni offers unique character with a strong reputation. Renovated in Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles, each room comes with its own little details such as tile stoves, artworks, and bathtubs on claw foot pedestals. Some rooms also have beautiful city views. The Torni Restaurant is a popular option for guests while an American bar and an Irish-inspired pub help international visitors feel at home.

Bars and Restaurants

Ravintola Kapsakki

Partnering with the Kapsakki Music Theater, Ravintola Kapsakki is best known for its bar and stagehich hosts regular musical performances. Located a bit northeast of Helsinki city center, the restaurant offers a lunch buffet while the evening offerings are smaller with tapas and small salads and desserts. Events are held throughout the year at this lively destination, so tourists interested in hearing local music will certainly find a performance during their visit. Featuring local, smaller bands and acts, the restaurant is a glimpse inside of local Helsinki culture.


Located in the popular Esplanadi Park area, Bronda is a fresh space with high ceilings and large windows, taking advantage of the beautiful park view. The restaurant offers music on the weekends and the atmosphere stays lively and social throughout the week. The menu reflects the owners' palate preferences, with inspiration coming primarily from Spain, Italy and France, while using local Finnish ingredients. The combination of Mediterranean and Scandinavian results in delicious dishes like the grilled octopus or the beef pastrami. Reservations are available though not required, and the bar is open late, making this a convenient option for travelers in the city center.

Cafe Usula

On the southern tip of Helsinki, Café Ursula sits on the shoreline in the Kaivopuisto district. The café opened in 1952 for the Olympics held in Helsinki that year. Today, it offers Scandinavian cuisine with a view of the Baltic Sea. The café is dedicated to good: both in food and in service. The menu is made up of organic and local ingredients, and part of the proceeds are donated to programs for children, mothers and the elderly. Guests are welcome to stop for a meal or simply relax and enjoy the view with a coffee in hand.

Raw N More

Foodies and vegetarians in particular will appreciate the menus at Raw 'N More. The founder believes in the healing power of healthy food and sought to create a restaurant based entirely on food in its natural state. Foods are mostly organic and vegan, and the menus are gluten-free, milk-free. Famous for its smoothies, Raw 'N More also offers delicious meals and desserts. Its cakes are sweet and popular, despite not using any white sugar.

Things to do in Helsinki in April

Helsinki Cathedral

A symbol of Helsinki seen in every guidebook and tourist photo is the Helsinki Cathedral. Located on the north end of Senate Square, this neoclassical structure was completed in 1852. It is the location for many national and academic festive services and part of Helsinki's Empire era. Once called the St. Nicholas Church, the Lutheran church features sculptures of the twelve apostles on the roof, guarding the city. The beautiful white building and green domes are laid out in a Greek cross style. It is open to the public daily, though closed during services.

Hakeniemi Market Hall

Hakaniemi is an unofficial seaside district in Helsinki, located in the Siltasaari neighborhood. The site of a large farmer's market since 1897, it was once associated with the working class but is now considered part of Helsinki's pricey city center. The lively marketplace includes Oriental food stores, the headquarters of several trade unions, the Social Democratic Party of Finland, and the Helsinki Hilton Hotel. Famous buildings include the round Ympyrätalo building and Hakaniemi Market Hall.

Helicopter Flight

For a truly unique look at the city, take to the sky on a helicopter flight over Helsinki. Available for 1-3 people, this outing is not for a traveler on a budget, but it will surely be one to remember. Spend 20 minutes in a helicopter getting a feel for the entire area from the skies. Panoramic views and the thrill of the ride make this a fantastic way to spend an afternoon or evening, particularly to commemorate special events like birthdays or anniversaries.


The old port at Katajanokka is Helsinki's second oldest city harbor, founded in 1878. Until 1936, the area operated as the Helsinki airport, with a seaplane port as well. Recent renovations have made the area more accessible for visitors, with clearer signage and more access for travelers with disabilities. A ferris wheel and a year-round pool and sauna are just some of the interesting attractions in this historic port.