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With its location on the coast of the Mediterranean, it should come as no surprise that Tunisia has some spectacular beaches. The North African shores are warm almost all year-round and have something to offer no matter what time of year you decide to go on holiday. Hammamet, one of Tunisia's finest resort towns, has some beautiful beaches, countless hotels right on the beach and easy access to other shorelines in the country.

The obvious beach choice when you're travelling to the area is Hammamet Beach. This long stretch of shoreline is readily accessible by many of the popular hotels in town. Most of these hotels have private areas on the beach reserved only for their guests but there are public areas as well, so lay your beach towel down and mark your spot. So, if you're staying in a budget hotel that doesn't have beach front access, don't worry; there are still parts of Hammamet Beach that you can enjoy without any hassle or fees.

Hammamet Beach has fine golden sand and warm, shallow waters. It's a great beach to bring children as it's clean and safe. During the busy season from May to October, there is often a lifeguard on duty, so you can sit back and relax with peace of mind. The beachside hotels will often have parasols and lounge chairs set up for their guests for free or a small charge, and many businesses will rent these amenities to customers on the private stretch of beach. Although thanks to the beach's soft sand, a beach towel will definitely suffice. Depending on where you are on Hammamet Beach, there are water sports and other activities to enjoy. There is sailing, horse riding, volleyball and parasailing on different stretches for active types. The beach is within a short walking distance from Hammamet itself so there are plenty of vendors walking on the beach, if you want to be left alone, just politely but firmly say no thank you.

If you're willing to travel outside of Hammamet, there is an even larger bevy of beautiful shoreline to enjoy without the crowds found in the city. The city of Menzel Temime is a short drive away from Hammamet, roughly 62 kilometres northeast, and has a relatively pristine stretch of beach of the same name that is not frequented by tourists.  The Menzel Temime beach is untouched by the demands of tourists and is incredibly well-preserved. Like Hammamet Beach, the sands are fine and bright white, making for a striking contrast against the bright blue waters of the Mediterranean. Because this beach is relatively undeveloped, there are few commercial and active pursuits available on this shoreline. If you want to parasail or jet ski, this is not be the place for you, however, if it's a bona fide little bit of peaceful paradise you're after, head here. Nature lovers will love this stretch of beach for the wild flowers that grow along the dunes.

Just over 90 kilometres to the south lies the resort town of Sousse. Sousse is home to one of the most popular beaches in Tunisia, Boujaffar Beach. This stretch of beautiful soft sand is much longer than many other beaches in Tunisia, so there is ample room for tourists and locals alike, which is good because it does draw in the crowds during the hot summer months. There are numerous luxurious hotels that sit on the beach and claim private stretches of the beach as their own, however, most of the beach is public and free to access.

On Boujaffar Beach, there are countless vendors who will happily rent out umbrellas, sun loungers and various water sports equipment. If you'd like to simply relax and read while on the beach, there are quiet areas to do just that, and if you'd like to snorkel or sail, there are nearby operators on hand to get you on and beneath the waves. Boujaffar is a lovely beach ideal for all the family and perfect for a day's beach bumming and plenty of water-based fun. The sand is soft and clean while the waters are warm, clear and shallow, so perfect for introducing little ones to the big blue. Similar to Hammamet Beach, Boujaffar is located within the city of Sousse, so there may be vendors trying to take advantage of tourists. Be firm and polite and they will get the hint.

If you are feeling up to the drive, the island of Djerba is one of the most untouched areas in Tunisia and well worth a visit. Djerba, which means "jewel", lives up to its name with clean soft, sandy beaches set against the sparkling Mediterranean. You won't find anyone on jet skis or sail boats here. The beaches are not developed by hotels and other commercial ventures like those in Hammamet, Tunis and Sousse. Hence, if you do make the trek to Djerba, it is strongly recommended that you bring your own food, drink, towels, sunscreen, etc.

While you are on Djerba, you will enjoy some proper peace and privacy. Usually only visited by locals and Tunisian tourists, this island is very quiet and serene. Not only are the beaches not only free from crowds, there is ample space, so you'll be able to claim a big spot of sand all to yourself. While the beach itself is undeveloped, there are restaurants and shops relatively nearby.