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Gibraltar Weather in April, United Kingdom

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April, 2024

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22 Avg 18º 64º
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Weather lowdown

Located on the southern tip of Spain, Gibraltar is a unique holiday destination. As a British Overseas Territory, it fuses together British culture with Spanish influences, namely the weather. Gibraltar enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with hot dry summers and mild winters.

Spring has arrived in April, and with it comes sunshine and increasingly warmer temperatures both on land and in the water. April is a great time to visit Gibraltar as the temperatures are pleasant but not too hot and the peninsula remains relatively quiet before the peak travel season.

The average temperature in Gibraltar for the month of April is around 17°C with balmy highs of 20°C on some days. Low temperatures on an evening fall to around 13°C which is the perfect weather to stroll down Main Street at night and take in a meal or evening drinks. Light attire is recommended for daytime activities, while warmer clothing may be needed in the evenings.

While you may experience a couple of light April showers in Gibraltar, precipitation is slight with only a 25% chance of a rainy day. There's an average of 10 wet days throughout the month and a total of 70mm of rain recorded on average. Cloud coverage is low, with just a 16% chance of a cloudy day, so the majority of your visit should be clear and bright.

Most days in April will see some sunshine on the peninsula, with around 8 sunny hours a day throughout the month. With a 34% chance of a sunny day, visitors should be able to soak up some rays on the beach or on a terrace.

When at the beach, holiday makers who want to swim in the sea around Gibraltar should be able to do so comfortably in April. The water warms up after winter to an average sea temperature of 16°C.

Where to stay

When it comes to finding somewhere to stay, Gibraltar has a small but superb selection of hotels. The O'Callaghan Eliott Hotel has a great location in the centre of Gibraltar, making it the perfect base for those that want to spend their holiday seeing the sights. The hotel has a rooftop pool and terrace where guests can relax as well as beautiful four star rooms with private balconies.

A more unusual option is the Con Dios Hotel where holiday makers can stay aboard a small boat. Permanently moored at the top of the peninsula in Marina Bay, Con Dios offers bed and breakfast accommodation at an affordable price. Rooms include state cabins and twin cabins and there's also a large sundeck that's the perfect place to relax on sunny days.

Hit the beach

As the days get sunnier and the sea warms up, April is a great time to enjoy Gibraltar's many beaches. The peninsula has six beaches dotted around the coast with a mix of golden sand and pebbles.

Gibraltar's largest beach is Eastern Beach. The soft, golden beach is several hundred metres long and benefits from receiving a large amount of sunshine throughout the day. On the opposite side, Camp Bay and Little Bay are located next to each other on the west coast of Gibraltar. The well-developed beaches are popular with tourists, especially families, as they features a series of interconnecting terraces which offer easy access to the sea. There's a small swimming pool for children as well as changing rooms and a café.

Eating and drinking

The dining scene in Gibraltar is influenced by many cultures; British, Spanish, European and African to name a few. From casual lunch spots to fine dining, holiday makers will be spoiled for choice when it comes to eating and drinking.

Fine French food may be unexpected in Gibraltar, but guests can find an excellent example of French cuisine at Bistro Madeline. The continental-style café serves savoury dishes and delicious desserts as well as great coffee. With outdoor seating on bustling Main Street, guests can relax and watch the world go by.

Gibraltar has a distinct British influence which can be seen in some of the cuisine on offer. Brits looking for a taste of home can head to Lord Nelson, a restaurant renowned for its fantastic fish and chips. The eatery offer a quintessential British pub experience with a traditional feel and a great selection of beers on tap.

If you're looking for a place to unwind after dinner, there are no shortages of great bars and pubs for tourists to enjoy. Corks Wine Bar is lively on an evening and has a buzzing atmosphere where guests can gather for a chat and a drink with friends and family. As well as a great choice of wine and other drinks, the bar serves a selection of food and is a great lunch spot. Corks is ideally located in Gibraltar's Irish Town.

Things to do

The one event that visitors to Gibraltar in April should not miss is the Gibraltar International Boat Show. The show takes place in the second week of April and includes fun activities for the whole family. There is plenty to see and do such as viewing yachts, canoeing, diving, and listening to live music. There is even a car show, an arts and crafts fair and several sporting events among the activities.

Another relaxing yet exhilarating event visitors can participate in is whale and dolphin watching. The waters around Gibraltar are home to lots of different marine life but in particular, dolphins. Visitors can take guided tours and have the chance to see the dolphins and whales in their natural environment.

Of course, one of the most popular things to do in Gibraltar is to see The Rock. The huge limestone ridge is situated in the centre of Gibraltar and rises to 426 metres, with sheer cliffs on the northern and eastern sides. Much of the rock is a nature reserve, which tourists can explore on foot. Climb to the top, or catch the cable car up, and admire the breath-taking views.