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Coral Bay Weather in December, Cyprus

Coral Bay Averages December


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    5 hours
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    13 days
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    85 mm

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Coral Bay Daily Averages December

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December Weather Averages

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What's the Weather like in Coral Bay in December

For those looking to escape the harsh UK winters, Coral Bay offers fair weather and sunny skies even in the dead of winter. Coral Bay is a seaside town located on the southwestern end of the island of Cyprus near Paphos. Endowed with a beautiful crescent shaped beach and gorgeous limestone cliffs, this resort town is a popular destination for tourists. The landscape isn't the only reason to visit, the subtropical Mediterranean climate ensures long, hot summers and short mild winters.


Even though it is December, the average temperature is still 15°C (58°F) with a high of 19°C (66°F) and a low of 10°C (50°F) this month, which is mild for mid-winter. Travelers should plan to dress in layers to accommodate both daytime highs and nighttime lows.


Unfortunately, winter does bring the rainy season to the area. The mean precipitation for this month is 85mm falling over 13 days. Visitors may want to bring an umbrella along when visiting during this month. Despite the occasionally shower, days will be mostly sunny.

Average Sunshine Hours

The average number of sunshine hours is still 8 per day for December. Furthermore, the average sea temperature for this month is 20°C (68°F) which is not exactly cold, although swimming is no longer an option for most visitors.

Coral Bay Hotels

Annabelle Resort

Annabelle Resort offers a tranquil escape within six acres of lush gardens on the Mediterranean sea-front. The resort has a clean, modern design combined with 5 star luxury and unpretentious service. Enjoy your wine beside a glimmering waterfall or gaze out at the sea. Annabelle Resort has four restaurants and five bars which utilise local produce and fresh seafood to create delicious meals including traditional Cypriot options. The rooms have everything you could desire including a private sea or garden-view balcony.

The ground boast meandering freeform pools, waterfalls, and exotic flora. The hotel offers Grecian style architecture and many facilities including Jacuzzis, working fireplaces, and marble bathrooms. This resort is truly exquisite. There are a variety of rooms and suites to choose from, intimate enough for couples or large enough for the whole family.

Almyra Resort

Alternatively, Almyra Resort is another gorgeous option for lodging on the sea. This hotel welcomes families with children and offers many amenities for the little ones including an indoor playroom and outdoor adventure garden! All restaurants include a children's menu and the hotel even offers a babysitting service. This resort also has a newly revamped seafront walkway which is ideal location for jogging. Golfing and cycling are also available nearby. This highly recommended resort offers indoor and outdoor swimming options, an onsite spa and fitness center.

Meltemi Villas

Meltemi Villas also offer a more private experience while enjoying the peace and luxury of Cyprus. The villas are located just 300m from the sea and is just ten minutes away from Coral Bay beach, offering the perfect balance of privacy, tranquility, and convenience. The villa includes three bedrooms with a private pool and full kitchen. The villa sleeps up to six people and is perfect for parties or large families. There is also a balcony shared by two bedrooms, an outdoor terrace and barbecue. Children are welcome and a baby cot may be supplied upon request.

Bars and Restaurants

Yialos Tavern by the Sea

Every vacation requires thorough inspection of the local cuisine. Yialos Tavern by the Sea is an exceptional Cypriot restaurant with a Grecian twist. Serving breakfast, late night and everything in between, Yialos is a local hotspot. Their menu includes local seafood dishes. This tavern offers seaside views and also holds entertainment events such as traditional dance and Greek Night.

Chinatown Paphos

If you find yourself craving Chinese, have no fear! Chinatown Paphos is here to help. This restaurant offers both take away and delivery. Offering authentic Chinese options such as Szechuan chicken and Peking duck, Chinatown Paphos is open until 10:30pm. Their restaurant has a modern atmosphere and is kids friendly! If you're looking for Asian flavour, check out Chinatown Paphos.

Haris Tavern Bar

Finally, for a slice of nightlife, go to Haris Tavern Bar. Enjoy live music while sipping on fresh brews, this Tavern even has a pool available during the day! Serving traditional Cypriot dishes alongside finger food, this bar has an international atmosphere. Entertainment includes live musical events such as Irish singer Joe MC, and rock music, and country tunes. The swimming pool is free for customers to use but is closed during the winter months. 

Things to do in Coral Bay in December

Petra tou Romiou

December is a great time to spend prolonged periods of time outdoors as the weather is generally mild without periods of extreme heat. The area surrounding Coral Bay is perfect for visiting historically significant places such as Petra tou Romiou (Rock of the Greek). This landmark is known as the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek mythological Goddess of love, beauty and sexuality. The bolder is sometimes referred to as "Aphrodite's Rock."  This site is highly recommended for individuals with an interest in history, Greek mythology, and unique rock formations.

Eco Tour Adventures

If you're looking for excitement, Eco Tour Adventures is the best way to experience all Cyprus has to offer. Highly rated, Eco Tour Adventures offers several tours to showcase astonishing natural areas and wildlife. You can go on a preplanned tour or customise your own. Some options include a drive through the Paphos forest over Venetian bridges, passing through traditional villages, swimming at secluded beaches, or gawking at gorgeous hidden waterfalls. Each tour offers the ability to stop for a bit to eat or enjoy a picnic at one of the astonishing locations. Pass through the wine region or see UNESCO protected churches. The options are limitless!

Paphos Market Traditional Shop

If you're interested in shopping, check out the Paphos Market Traditional Shop! This unique cultural experience offers a various traditional foods and locally made products. There are wine tasting events and samples available. The lovely stalls offer shoppers a chance to escape the resort and experience life like the locals. Walk through the stalls filled with colourful produce and eye-catching garments. You won't leave empty handed.

Kings Avenue Mall

If you're looking for a less traditional shopping experience, Kings Avenue Mall is a massive shopping center selling many fashionable brands and services. Great for an afternoon of shopping, dining, and entertainment. Dozens of stores, restaurants, and spa services are available at this mall as well as an arcade and billiards room and cinema.