flag Carcassonne, Average Weather September

  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Temperature
  • Rainfall

    40 mm
  • Rainfall Days

    7 days
  • Sunshine Hours

    7 hours

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September daily averages


September daily averages for Carcassonne

  • 1st
    19 66
  • 2nd
    18 64
  • 3rd
    18 64
  • 4th
    20 68
  • 5th
    21 70
  • 6th
    22 72
  • 7th
    20 68
  • 8th
    19 66
  • 9th
    19 66
  • 10th
    19 66
  • 11th
    20 68
  • 12th
    20 68
  • 13th
    20 68
  • 14th
    19 66
  • 15th
    16 61
  • 16th
    18 64
  • 17th
    18 64
  • 18th
    18 64
  • 19th
    17 63
  • 20th
    18 64
  • 21st
    18 64
  • 22nd
    18 64
  • 23rd
    18 64
  • 24th
    18 64
  • 25th
    19 66
  • 26th
    17 63
  • 27th
    16 61
  • 28th
    17 63
  • 29th
    17 63
  • 30th
    17 63

Located in the beautiful Languedoc region, Carcassonne is an idyllic holiday destination, especially for culture and history lovers. The city is built around a medieval castle which is famous for its towers and fortifications.

Carcassonne is also a must-visit for anyone who loves good weather. The region enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate with hot and sunny summers and mild winters.

September marks the end of summer and the busy tourist season begins to taper off slightly as temperatures start to drop. However, there are still many things to see and do in the city of Carcassonne and many people actually prefer the cooler temperatures at this time of year.  

Despite a small drop in temperatures, it is still warm enough to enjoy all of the city's outdoor attractions at this time of year. The average temperature is still pleasant at 20°C while high temperatures can still hit a scorching 25°C during the day. Luckily, Carcassonne is located in a rather breezy region and winds from all directions will help to make these peak temperatures feel cooler. Temperatures will cool in the night in the city, but lows are still pleasant at 14°C.

While Carcassonne is known for its beautifully sunny weather, sunshine levels do drop slightly from August to September. Holiday makers can still enjoy bright days though, with 5 full hours of sunshine every day on average.

Rainfall stays rather consistent throughout the late summer and autumn season in Carcassonne, seeing around 40mm of precipitation most months, including September. This rather small amount of rainfall is spread out over 7 wet days, which means that most of the rain falls in very light and short showers.

While September isn't quite as hot and sunny as the peak summer season, the warm weather is ideal for exploring the city in comfort. There are also less tourists at this time of year, which many consider an added bonus.

Those visiting Carcassonne in September will find a range of great accommodation to suit every need, from luxurious boutique hotels to affordable family-friendly options.

Another popular choice with past travelers to Carcassonne is the Hotel du Pont Vieux. This charming hotel is located in an 18th century building close to the famous castle. In fact, many of the rooms overlook the castle towers. Facilities here include a bar, an outdoor terrace and on-site parking for convenience.

If you're looking for an affordable stay in Carcassonne, look no further than the Hotel Le Floréal. This two-star hotel offers simple but comfortable accommodation just a short drive from the city centre and also features an on-site restaurant. A fantastic option if you're travelling on a tight budget.

The South of France is famous for its rich and delicious cuisine and Carcassonne is no different. Visitors will be delighted by the amazing food on offer in the city's restaurants, cafés and bars.

One of the most highly-rated restaurants in the city is the stylish Le Jardin en Ville. Here, diners will find a menu of fresh and tasty French fare served in a rustic but contemporary setting. One of the best features, though, is the lovely covered outdoor terrace which is a great place to dine on warm September days.

For something a little different to the usual cuisine on offer in Carcassonne, look no further than Restaurant Le Passage. Located in the centre of town, this lively restaurant serves a selection of tapas-style dishes including local specialties and fresh homemade bread. This is a popular venue for locals which is always a sign of great food.

Last but not least, for a luxurious dining experience Restaurant Domaine Michaud is a must-try. This fine dining restaurant is consistently rated as one of the best in the area thanks to its gastronomic delights the restaurant specialises in French and Mediterranean cuisine that's home cooked and perfectly presented.

The comfortable temperatures make September a perfect time of year to view the amazing architecture of Carcassonne.

Some of the most impressive architectural attractions in the city include the Basilica of Saints Nazarius and Celsus, an official national landmark, and Carcassonne Cathedral, which is the seat of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Carcassonne. These two beautiful churches share a close historical connection and should be seen in conjunction with one another to appreciate their shared histories.

Another popular attraction is the Memorial House, or Maison des Memoires. This is the original home of famous French poet Joe Bousquet and has been preserved exactly as it was when he lived there. The Museum of Fine Arts is also worth a visit as it displays European art from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Neither of these museums charge admission, making them a fun and free day out for the whole family.

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