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  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Sea Temperature
  • Temperature
  • Rainfall

    1 mm
  • Rainfall Days

    4 days
  • Sunshine Hours

    8 hours

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What's The Weather Like in Cape Verde in May?

May is a vibrant month of romance and adventure in Cape Verde, both fuelled by the excellent weather and the hospitable atmosphere.

Is Cape Verde Hot In May?

The average daytime temperature for this month stays around 23ºC, with daytime high peaks at 25ºC and nighttime lows of 20ºC.

Sunshine Hours in Cape Verde

Cape Verde enjoys eight hours of daily sunshine in May.

Is Cape Verde Windy In May?

The north-easterly trade winds bring cool breezes over the archipelago and particularly the Barlavento islands, while the Sahara-born Hamattan winds raise the temperature to the southern, Sotavento islands.

Does Cape Verde Get Dust Storms In May?

These winds battle each other through the year and in May, the trade winds are often prevalent. When the Harmattan wind is strong, it can bring dust-laden winds over the islands that may create a mildly uncomfortable experience, especially at the Sotavento beaches. Thankfully, these dust storms are harmless and pass quickly.

Is the Sea Warm In May In Cape Verde?

The Sea temperature climbs up to 25ºC, partially due to the Harmattan winds but also thanks to the increased sunshine hours.

Does It Rain In Cape Verde In May?

May is another dry month with only 1 mm of total precipitation and minimal rain expected to sprinkle over a few Barlavento islands over an avergae of three days of the month.

Hotels for Cape Verde in May

Casa Aquario

The Casa Aquario is the highest ranking inn on the island of Sao Nicolau. This cosy establishment caters mostly to Brits and Germans (but Asian tourists are not uncommon either) with excellent quality of service and one of the best values for money on the whole nation of Cape Verde.

King Fisher Resort

Located inside a protected bay, the King Fisher Resort in Santiago is one of the most charming seaside hotels you will find off the well-beaten tourist track. The hotel features 10 individually designed lodges and apartments with terraces, single rooms and forty beds.

Baia Verde

Set in a magnificent location, the Baia Verde is perhaps the most scenic hotel in the Tarrafal area of Santiago. The hotel overlooks a beautiful beach from the one side and an old chuch from the other, giving tourists a spectacular all-round vista that encapsulates the essence of what makes Cape Verde so great. The service is spotless and the prices rather reasonable.

Pousada Paz e Bem

The Pousada Paz e Bem is a budget, locally themed hotel on the island of Sal. With an "island within an island" design, the hotel offers simple and charming ambience to families and couples visiting Sal for their holidays. The hotel's bar is charming and its facilities are overall well-maintained and very clean.

Oasis Atlantico

The Hotel Oasis Atlantico offers family friendly accommodation on the island of Santiago. This accessible hotel includes numerous children-friendly facilities and also offers a host of services tailor-suited for people with disabilities.

Beaches for May for Cape Verde

Tarrafal Beach

The beach at Tarrafal is located at the northern tip of the island of Santiago and is a popular spot for water sports enthusiasts and especially scuba divers and snorkellers. Tourists can find a number of diving schools close to the beach of Tarrafal where they can book for lessons or rent equipment for their sea adventures in Cape Verde.

Cova Figueria Beach

The Cova Figueira is a secluded beach at the island of Fogo. The beach has volcanic, dark sand and bright azure waters. Even during the tourist season, the Cova Figueira is rarely visited by tourists and is thus one of the most attractive spots for romantic getaways. However be aware that it is also a naturist beach. 

Restaurants and Bars for Cape Verde in May

O Poeta

The O Poeta is an attractive seafood restaurant in Cape Verde's capital Praia. Meticulous attention is given to prepare each dish to be just perfect and the restaurant serves only the freshest fish, caught the very same morning from the coasts of Santiago.

Ocean Cafe

The Ocean Café is a popular café and bistro on the island of Sal. Located in front of the historic square of Santa Maria, the Ocean attracts easygoing locals and tourists to share a bite in a relaxing atmosphere. The environment is comfy and the food really filling. The café also has several suites for tourists to spend the night in.

Disco Kananga

The disco Kananga in Vila Nova Sintra is the most popular discothèque on the island of Brava. This secluded disco attracts locals throughout the year and tourist during the high season. The music is mostly hits from the 70ies and 80ies, mixed with local sounds.

Fogo en Chama

The Fogo en Chama is a beautiful hotel bar in Praia. The bar serves delectable drinks and also holds a buffet during lunch and dinner hours to satisfy hungry patrons. The bar is open to non-visitors and locals alike.

Things to Do in Cape Verde in May

Marina Mindelo

The historic Marina Mindelo is a good place for relaxing and watching the boats come and go. This is the first marina to be built on the whole archipelago of Cape Verde and today is a unique place where yachtsmen can socialise and everyone can watch the island's boats as they pass by.

Surf Zone

Thanks to the trade winds and the Hamaattan winds that come from Africa, Cape Verde a top destination for windsurfing and kitesurfing; two sports which are very popular on the island of Sal. Cape Verde's largest wind and kitesurfing school, Surf  Zone, offers private and semi-private lessons for everyone, from beginner to pro, along with renting out water sports equipment at affordable prices.

Dates for the diary

The island of Maio is named in Portuguese for the month of May in which this island was discovered back in 1460. May is not only a very important month on the island for this reason, but also for the annual Festival of Santa Cruz which takes place on the 3rd of May each year. The festival commemorates the end of slavery on Maio and is celebrated by a drum-playing procession followed by an open-air BBQ style buffet in the main square of Maio.

The Gamboa Music Festival is held every may on the San Francisco Beach north of Praia. This international festival attracts latino inspired musicians and local talent to perform various local and international songs. Many new hits are first played here and vibrant music scenes including Morna, Batuque, Funana and more are celebrated during this festival. 

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