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Cape Verde can be found in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Africa. The country spans 10 different islands of volcanic origin and several dozen small islets. Every island boasts its own distinctive culture and selection of landmarks and attractions. There are all kinds of islands to explore; each of them offering a different experience, hence the art of "island hopping" is very popular here, with tourists travelling across multiple islands to experience everything this fascinating archipelago has to offer.

Cape Verde is famous for its eclectic mix of music and cuisine; its charming local villages, numerous volcanoes (most but not all of which are extinct), amazing weather, and its unique culture that is a blend of Portuguese, African and Brazilian cultures.

Cape Verde's islands are divided into two groups, the Barlavento Islands (windward islands), which are: Santo Antao, Sao Vicente, Santa Luzia, Sao Nicolau, Sal, Boa Vista and the Sotavento Islands (leeward islands), which are Maio, Santiago, Fogo and Brava. A wonderfully diverse holiday destination - definitely add Cape Verde to your bucket list.

High End

Iberostar Club Boa Vista

The Iberostar Club Boa Vista hotel is a magnificent 5 star resort of the Iberostar chain. It sits right on the beachfront and offers luxurious accommodation along with a host of attractive facilities to entertain and pamper its patrons. Located on Boa Vista Island, this is one of the highest rated hotels on the archipelago.

Baia Verde

Set in a magnificent location, The Baia Verde is one of the most scenic and highly praised hotels in the Tarrafal area of Santiago. The hotel overlooks a beautiful beach from the one side and and an old Portugese church from behind. The services are top-notch, making this the best hotel on Santiago outside Praia.

O Jardim Do Vinho

Located at a scenic vista in Praia, The O Jardim Do Vinho is a luxurious hotel that is only 15 minutes from the international airport Francisco Mendes. This is the meeting place for high-profile island hoppers and executives visiting the archipelago.

Hotel Melia Tortuga

A huge resport on the popular island of Sal, the Hotel Melia Tortuga offers grand villas and suites at walking distance from the famous beach of Santa Maria. The vista is magnificent as across the beach, tourists can see the archipelago's longest coral reef, which sparkles and adds an unparalleled depth of beauty.

Foya Branca Resort

The Foya Branca Resort is a huge tourist complex that caters to discerning tourists. The hotel is one of the most popular on the island of Sao Vicente. With lots of amazing suites and top-end luxurious villas, the Foya Branca offers the most lavish accomodation. The resort boasts 3 beautiful pools a tennis court, a fully equipped gym, children's facilities and many other services that make it one of the best on Sao Vicente.


Marine Club Beach Resort

The Marine Club Beach Resort is an affordable and stylish budget hotel near Praia's marina. The hotel has two noteworthy bars open to non-visitors, the Bar Praia and the Bar Rochino, which between them provide the perfect place to meet and have fun with other tourists and locals. The hotel's restaurant, Tartarughino is also worthy of mention. Overall, this is one o the best value for money hotels in Cape Verde.

Don Paco Hotel Cape Verde 

The Don Paco is a decent 3-star hotel, ideal for tourists on a budget. The hotel is located just outside San Vicente's capital Mindelo and allows visitors to explore the island and Mindelo's landmarks thanks to its ideal location along San Vicente's main road.

Solar Windelo

The Solar Windelo hotel is affordable and cleverly designed for tourists who don't want to break the bank, with lower prices during off-season months. The hotel offers apartments, standard rooms and luxurious suites to suit all budgets and children under the age of 5 stay for free.

Pousada Paz e Bem

The Pousada Paz e Bem is a budget hotel with beautiful Portugese design on the island of Sal. The hotel adopts an "island within an island" style and offers simple yet charming ambience to families and couples visiting Sal. The hotel is very clean, fully renovated and well-maintained.

Hotel Savana

The Hotel Savana is a beautiful family run hotel in Fogo that welcomes budget tourists with attractive prices. The hotel has a decent pool and facilities while the staff is helpful and very fluent in English. Hotel Savana offers the best value for money in Fogo.

Pousada da Luz

The Pousada da Luz is a budget hotel in the heart of Santa Maria on the island of Sal and one of that offers great value for money on the otherwise pricey island. The hotel's facilities are decent and include a large indoors pool.

All Inclusive / Half board

Casa Cavoquinho

A beautiful and scenic hotel, the Casa Cavoquinho offers unique lodgings on Santo Antao's mountains. The hotel is situated away from pretty much everything and offers a breathtaking view over the island. The hotel's restaurant and bar leave nothing to be desired.

Casa Verde

The Casa Verde is an attractive all inclusive hotel on the island of Sao Vicente. The hotel focuses on providing quality rather than quantity, with personalized services and meticulous care to meet the needs of its visitors.

Limeria Hotel Resort

The Limeira Hotel Resort is an all-inclusive hotel close to Cape Verde's capital in the island of Santiago. The hotel is located over a secluded bay and offers an impressive view across the island. The Limeira's rooms are large and very well-maintained while the hotel's restaurant is classy and really worthy a visit.

Boa Vista Hotel

The Boa Vista Hotel is a famous all inclusive resort on the eponymous island and the only hotel in the historic part of Foz where the Douro river meets the Atlantic Ocean. Located among impressive scenery and other historic buildings, the hotel offers quality accommodation to tourists with discerning taste.

Pestana Tropico

The Pestana Tropico is a very popular 4 star all inclusive hotel in Praia the capital of Cape Verde. The hotel is right in front of Praia's busy beach in a very friendly neighbourhood. Around the hotel, you can find lots of shopping centres and tourist shops of all kinds.

Hotel Sabura

The Hotel Sabura is a busy 4 star hotels on the island of Sal. The hotel offers lots of attractive amenities such as a luxurious pool, great room service, a superb restaurant, numerous kids facilities and many more.

Riu Garopa

The famous Riu Garopa is one of the highest rated all-inclusive hotels in Sal's Santa Maria. This family-friendly resort offers lots of top-end amenities and boasts a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ideal for the perfect vacations.


Kingfisher Resort

The Kingfisher Resort offers lodge-style accommodation. The hotel's flexible system includes self-catering and half-board options to suit every budget. The Kingfisher is located at walking distance from the local beach and its facilities are rather decent.

Murdeira Village

The Murdeira Village is a beautiful self-catering hotel on the island of Sal. Located just by the Atlantic Ocean, the Murdeira offers a number of clean and spacious apartments to accommodate tourists who seek self-catering vacations without breaking the bank. The hotel is very close to some of the best restaurants and shopping districts in Sal.

Santa Isabel Pensao

The Santa Isabel Pensao is a family run self catering hotel in Santa Isabel, a small village on the island of Boa Vista. The hotel is quaint and its rooms are budget priced. Nonetheless, its services are excellent and the staff is very fluent in English.

Praiano ApartHotel

Another great self catering option in Praia, the Praiano ApartHotel offers affordable self catering accommodation in Cape Verde's capital city. Perfect for families who wish to cook their own meals and stay on Cape Verde for more than a week, this cosy aparthotel offers everything you might need for your self catering experience.

Praia Village Hotel

The Praia Village Hotel offers stylish self catering accommodation in the centre of Praia. A great hotel to be if you wish to explore Praia at your leisure, the Praia Village Hotel offers all you could wish from a quality self-catering experience.

By the Beach

Casita Verde

A traditional hotel by the beach, the Casita Verde hotel on the island of Maio offers clean beach view rooms that will surely impress. The hotel frequently hosts sculpting, moulding and drumming lessons on the beach as well as full day tours of the various towns around Maio.

Marina d'Tarrafal Guesthouse

The Marina d'Tarrafal Guesthouse is a beautiful seaside guesthouse on Santo Antao. Located right in front of the scenic marina, the guest house attracts tourists who seek relaxation in the quiet island of Santo Antao.

Tortuga Bed & Breakfast

The Tortuga Bed & Breakfast is a charming B&B that's located right on the sea at the island of Fogo in Pico di Fogo. The beach is spectacular and visitors are also treated to the hotel's frequent excursions around Fogo. These excursions include trips up and around the crater, as well as visits to nearby small villages.

Perola Hotel

Located literally on Praia's famous beach, the Perola Hotel is a beautiful, family run resort that has gained tremendous positive reputation over the last few years. This hotel is popular with water sports enthusiasts and island hoppers.

With a Spa

Limeira Hotel Resort

The Limeira Hotel Resort is a beautiful seaside hotel in Santiago with a fully equipped spa, a beautiful pool and lots of other attractive amenities. The hotel's spa is open to non-visitors and includes everything you would expect from a world-quality spa centre.  The staff is professional and very polite at the spa and all across the hotel.

Odjo d'Agua

One of the most highly acclaimed spa hotels on Sal, the Odjo d'Agua boasts luxurious areas for relaxation and pampering. The décor is sublime and the hotel's spa includes indoors and outdoors areas for massage, Jacuzzis, yoga classes, a fully equipped fitness centre and much more.

Crioula Clubhotel & Resort

The Crioula Clubhotel & Resort is has a large and impressive, members only spa in Sal's Santa Maria. This is one of the best hotels for tourists who seek the ultimate relaxation experience. With facilities such as aromatherapy, mineral water pools, saltwater Jacuzzis and more, the Crioula leaves even the most discerning visitor satisfied.

Hotel Dunas de Sal

Located inside a real oasis in Sal's sandy north, the Hotel Dunas de Sal is a fantastic hotel that has something for everyone. The hotel's spa is only available to visitors and employs some of the most skilled masseurs in Cape Verde. The Hotel Dunas de Sal has a sleek design and beautiful indoors and outdoors spaces.

Family Friendly

Xaguate Hotel

The Xaguate Hotel in Sao Filipe is a cosy, Portuguese style 4 star resort. The hotel's décor is authentically Cape Verdian, with spacious brightly coloured spaces. The hotel's restaurant is noteworthy and its bar is open to non-visitors and quite busy throughout the year.

Pensao Nha Terra

The Pensao Nha Terra is a family friendly hotel in Sal, perfect for young children and large families. The hotel is cosy and without many frills. Nonetheless, it manages to impress thanks to its polite staff and excellent quality of services. The hotel's pool is small but totally child-friendly.

Oasis Atlantico

The Oasis Atlantico is another family friendly hotel near Cape Verde's capital Praia. The hotel offers numerous children-friendly facilities and also offers a host of services tailor-suited for people with disabilities, such as elevated ramps and disabled-friendly elevators. This is a great hotel for elderly tourists.

Colonial House Bed and Breakfast

The Colonial House Bed and Breakfast is a beautiful family friendly hotel on the island of Fogo. This attractive B&B is best suited for families with children and large tourist groups. The hotel's kitchen serves great food and the view from each room is just splendid.

Benfica Pensao

The Benfica Pensao is a no-frills family hotel located just outside Praia on the island of Santiago. The hotel is quiet and tranquil, surrounded by a local forest and thick vegetation. The hotel's restaurant is very decent and the prices welcoming.


The Mindel is a luxurious family friendly hotel in Mindelo, San Vicente's capital. The hotel boasts amazing view over the old city of Mindelo and offers lots of children-friendly services to make the stay of large families hassle-free and thoroughly enjoyable.

Guest Houses

Pedra Brabo Inn

The Pedra Brabo Inn is a unique inn located inside Fogo's volcano crater. This amazing inn is charming and very hospitable. The hotel's restaurant serves delicious Cachupa (the national dish of Cape Verde) and tourists can arrange for hiking trips to the volcano's top on a daily basis.

Pensao Jardim

The Pensao Jardim is an award-winning guest house in the Pensao Jardim. This cosy pension offers spectacular value for money and very hospitable services. This is much more than a simple guest house, as the staff will go above and beyond to make you feel as welcome as humanly possible.

Residencial Monte Sintinha

The Residencial Monte Sintinha is an authentic Cape Verdian guesthouse that offers amazing rooms at budget prices. Located in the historic Travessa de Santa Luzia square at the village of Espargos, the guesthouse is as vibrant as it gets. With local sounds and a colourful décor, it manages to convey a truly cheerful and upbeat mood to all visitors.

Migrante Guesthouse

The Migrante Guesthouse is a family run guesthouse on Boa Vista. The guesthouse provides quality accommodation with vintage furniture, smart design and very clean spaces. The Mirante is ideal for families with young children.

Demeure Criola

The Demeure Criola is another busy guesthouse located just outside Praia in Santiago. This newly renovated guesthouse is rather large and very well-maintained. The rooms have private balconies and are designed with privacy and discretion in mind.

Romantic Retreats

Hotel Morabeza

The Hotel Morabeza is a popular hotel for romantic tourists and water sports enthusiasts who want to meet and socialise with athletic young people. The hotel offers access to some of Cape Verde's most popular beaches. Its rooms are private and the hotel's style is charming.

Casa Beiramar

The Casa Beiramar is a family run cosy hotel in Fogo and one of the most popular small resorts in the whole island. The hotel is located in a quiet, historic neighbourhood, the Casa Beiramar is inside a fully renovated colonial building, perfect for romantic getaways.

RosyMar Inn

A romantic studio, the RosyMar Inn is a beautiful mini-resort in Cape Verde's capital Praia. The inn has a colourful and playful style that makes it ideal for young couples and tourists who seek discretion and privacy.


The Sobrado is a discreet, adult-only hotel in Sal's Santa Maria. This hotel is designed to provide ideal accommodation for romantic couples. With locally themed décor and romantic flower gardens, this is the perfect romantic retreat in Sal.