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Cape Verde Weather in April, Cape Verde

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What's the Weather Like in Cape Verde in April

April sees the start of the tourist season in Cape Verde while the climate stays at similar, comfortable levels as in previous months.

Is Cape Verde Warm In April?

The average daytime temperature still lingers around 23ºC. At midday, temperatures peak at highs that can climb up to 25ºC; never too hot for comfort and at night, the temperature can drop down to 19 ºC (and only rarely lower).

Sunshine Hours In April Cape Verde

Cape Verde enjoys 9 hours of daily sunshine in April.

How Windy Is Cape Verde In April?

Cape Verde lies within the northeast trade wind belt. This means that prevailing north-eastern winds are getting stronger and stronger since February and until June.

What Are The Harmattan Winds?

On rare occasions the hot Harmattan winds that come from Sahara can pick up in strength and overpower the trade winds, resulting in relative draught and sometimes even dust storms over the Sotavento islands.

How Warm Is The Sea In Cape Verde in April?

As long as the trade winds prevail, sea temperature stays around a comfortable 23ºC, allowing water sports enthusiasts to try the numerous games the islands have to offer.

Does It Rain In Cape Verde in April?

Rain is virtually nonexistent during April, with only 1 mm of total precipitation expected across all islands as it rains only on 3 days of the whole month across the whole archipelago.

Hotels for Cape Verde in April

Pensao Jardim

One of the few noteworthy choices of accommodation in Ribeira Brava, the Pensao Jardim is a beautiful, cosy pension that offers affordable rooms and a very warm atmosphere. More than a simple guest house, the Pensao Jardim wins the hearts of its patrons with its spacious rooms and very polite and helpful staff.

Casa Verde

The Casa Verde is a beautiful and affordable all inclusive hotel on the island of Sao Vicente. Small for the standards of all inclusive hotels, the Casa Verde focuses on quality rather than quantity by offering personalised hotel services with a smile.

Marina d'Tarrafal Guesthouse

The Marina d'Tarrafal Guesthouse is a beautiful seaside hotel on the island of Santo Antao. Located in a beautiful bay overlooking the Atlantic and a scenic marina, the guest house attracts easygoing tourists and families that seek peace and quiet on the island of Santo Antao.

Residencial Goa

The Residencial Goa is a beautiful boutique hotel on Sao Vicente. Surrounded by two extinct volcanoes and just meters from the beach, this boutique offers ten rooms with beautiful patios overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Residencial Ponta do Sol

The Residencial Ponta do Sol is a quiet and charming hotel in Santo Antao and perhaps the best hotel to explore the famous area of Ponta do Sol. The hotel is rather basic but decent, with clean spaces and very low prices.

Beaches for April for Cape Verde

Praia Beach

The beach at Cape Verde's capital Praia is a beautiful family friendly coast full of fun activities and a solid flag and lifeguard system to protect tourists from harm. The capital of such an island nation is bound to have every conceivable tourist amenity and indeed this is true about the Praia beach. Additionally, tourists can find lots of water sports opportunities across the long beach including surfing, kitesurfing, parasailing and more.

Sao Filipe Beach

Fogo's Sao Filipe beach is perhaps the most ideal fishing spot on the whole volcanic island of Fogo. It is quiet and fish are plentiful here. Tourists can find half a dozen different fishing boat offers at Sao Fillipe that will take them to the best fishing spots across the beach.

Tarrafel Beach

White sands, blue water and surroiunded by capeverdian palm trees, the Tarrafel Beach is on the northwest coast of the island of Santiago. This is a beautiful spot, secluded yet near Tarrafal Village and the beach has a delicious local restaurant if you get hungry. Around sunset the beach gets busier with people sunbathing, swimming and generally hanging out to enjoy the sunset. 

Restaurants and Bars for Cape Verde in April


The Morabeza is an attractive local eatery in Santo Antao. Having recently garnered international recognition for its unique culinary fusion of Portuguese, African and Brazilian dishes, the Morabeza enjoys its fame without spoiling the authentic Cape Verdian atmosphere that has made it so unique.

Le Bistro

As its name implies, the Le Bistro is a locally-themed bistro on the island of Fogo. Small and charming, the bistro is the ideal place for chilling out and socialising with locals and other laid back tourists alike.

Ponta do sol disco

The Ponta do Sol disco is the most popular night club at Sao Antao. Attracting young crowds and seasoned partygoers alike, here is where all the night time action happens on the island. During high season, huge parties are held every weekend here.

S'Rrenegra Disco

The S´Rrenegra Disco in Ribeira Grande is another famous discothèque in Sao Antao. The music here is more pop and contemporary, featuring electronic sounds. Local and international DJs often visit the disco, bringing along outlandish playlists for the patrons to enjoy.

Things to Do in Cape Verde in April

Maio Island

Maio is the least visited of all the Cape Verde islands and is very traditional, with many Creole residents opposing the building of new resorts, so it's a great location for travellers wanting to see the 'real' Cape Verde as it is untouched by the tourism industry. Maio remains largely unspoilt and natural, so it is a fantastic spot for fishing and bird watching.

Bird Watching and Fishing

The area of Figueira da Horta is particularly good for bird watching as it is home to many desert-dwelling species. For fishing, you can contact one of the numerous boats for hire to book an unforgettable fishing and boating trip around the island.

Ribeira Brava

Also untouched by the tourism industry, the Creole city of Ribeira Brava on the island of Sao Nicolau has many photo opportunities with its colourful colonial architecture and public gardens, and the cobbled streets of the town square provide a particularly pleasant walk. The city is literally sandwiched between two mountains and gives off an eerie, exotic charm that mystifies tourists.

Dates for the diary

Every April (or early May on some occasions) Cape Verde celebrates the Catholic Easter. This is the largest religious celebration that takes place across all inhibited islands on Cape Verde's archipelago. Each day of the Easter week sees different celebrations culminating on Eastern Saturday night with a re-enactment of Jesus' resurrection taking place on all churches. Outdoors fiestas take place from Saturday night, lasting until Sunday morning.

Boa Vista is famous as the third most important nesting site for loggerhead turtles in the whole world. April is a great month to go turtle watching as thousands of turtles begin to arrive and come ashore to lay eggs. The local Turtle Foundation in Boa Vista aims to protect these creatures whilst educating locals and visitors by organising dedicated turtle tours for those wanting to see the creatures up close and learn more about them.

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