flag Brittany, Average Weather February

  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Sea Temperature
  • Temperature
  • Rainfall

    58 mm
  • Rainfall Days

    14 days
  • Sunshine Hours

    2 hours

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February daily averages


February daily averages for Brittany

  • 1st
    7 45
  • 2nd
    6 43
  • 3rd
    5 41
  • 4th
    6 43
  • 5th
    6 43
  • 6th
    6 43
  • 7th
    6 43
  • 8th
    6 43
  • 9th
    5 41
  • 10th
    4 39
  • 11th
    4 39
  • 12th
    4 39
  • 13th
    6 43
  • 14th
    7 45
  • 15th
    7 45
  • 16th
    5 41
  • 17th
    5 41
  • 18th
    6 43
  • 19th
    6 43
  • 20th
    8 46
  • 21st
    6 43
  • 22nd
    6 43
  • 23rd
    6 43
  • 24th
    5 41
  • 25th
    5 41
  • 26th
    5 41
  • 27th
    4 39
  • 28th
    3 37
  • 29th
    6 43

February temperatures in Brittany can reach 10°C, but are more likely to average around 8°C. The lower band of temperatures are even cooler at 5°C. This is certainly not the warmest part of the year, so you will want to pack accordingly: think jumpers, hats, and gloves to keep you cosy. It is very much wintertime here, so be aware of that before you decide to travel.

While rainfall is slightly lighter than in December, you will still want to pack a raincoat given the 58mm rainfall average, which is the second highest of the year. This tends to fall over around 14 days, which means the chance of rain on any one day is reasonably high up to 60%. There is also a 20% chance that the day will be cloudy, and another 20% chance that the day will be windy. If so, watch out for your umbrellas. If you need to buy a new one, just ask for a "parapluie" at a local shop!  That's French for umbrella!

The sea lends itself to dry suit scuba diving throughout the year, as in February the average sea water temperature is 12°C. That's warmer than you will be on land, but don't think about swimming without a suit unless of course your hotel offers a heated swimming pool. There are an average of five hours per day of sunshine in this region, so plan your day to include some activities which can be done in darkness towards the evening. France does see darker, colder winters, so those who love long sunny days should visit towards the middle of the year. However, this region does see warmer weather during the winter than neighbouring areas like the Loire Valley, so if you do come at this time of year it's not a bad choice.

L'Arpenteur des Sens in Miniac-Morvan is near Pleugueneuc for those who want to enjoy the zoo. This charming bed and breakfast is affordable and available to families. La Coudraie in Pluguffan is a few miles from Quimper, France in Brittany. A cost effective inn, they offer estate sized bedrooms so that you have plenty of room to play with.

The Hotel Escale Oceania Brest is a three-star hotel in Brest, where you can still enjoy the coast despite the February weather. It is close to the airport, which means you can easily travel there as well as being able to find your accommodation without needing a taxi or hire car. It also has a restaurant with a good reputation.

The BEST WESTERN Europe Hotel is also in Brest, and offers a brand name that you can trust. It's a four-star hotel with spacious and modern rooms, and is fully accessible to disabled visitors. You can eat breakfast in the hotel and enjoy free Wi-Fi together with your booking. Though the facilities may be basic, it's a good base from which to explore the region.

If you visit Quimper for the tennis, be sure to check out the Creperie du Roi d'ici. This is a traditional French eatery, providing you with the chance to try the local cuisine in the form of crepes. Served as a savoury course, they can also form your dessert when paired with sweet fillings. This is the most popular creperie in Quimper, so if you want to try them, it surely has to be here.

How about an Italian feast? The Pizzeria Pomodoro & Basilico will provide one, including beautiful and large pizzas served from a range of menu choices. Pasta and salad options are also available here, in a small but cosy room which is fitted out with modern décor. The Italian owner ensures that only the best cuisine of his homeland is presented!

Finally, you can try Le Cosy for contemporary French cuisine. It might cost you a little bit more, but it is worth it to sample these beautiful dishes. Meat and fish dishes are prevalent here, dressed with fresh vegetables and served in an artistic style. It is everything that you would expect from high end French cuisine, and you can perhaps reserve it for a special occasion while you are on holiday.

For those who have children, heading to Pleugueneuc is a good option. Here you can visit Parc Zoologique & Château de la Bourbansais; home to endangered species living in natural habitats. The resident animals are from various continents, and include giraffes, monkeys and lions. This is a great treat for the whole family.

Due to the cooler temperatures in February you may want to enjoy indoor activities like the Quimper Tennis Open. The tournament lasts for six days and is held annually, generally at the end of the month. Make sure to check the dates and grab some tickets before you book your holiday.

How about a day of culture at the Musee des Beaux Arts? Here you will find exhibitions of classic art, mostly from Italian and French painters, as well as the permanent exhibits. This is perhaps better suited to older children and adults, as it may not interest younger ones.

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