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Amadores Weather in December, Spain

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December, 2024

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What's the Weather like in Amadores in December


The festive month of December is very special in Amadores, with plentiful celebrations to enjoy. Despite the fact that December is the rainiest month of the year in this part of the world, you can still only expect around 51mm throughout the month, which works out at around 6 days showing some sign of rain.

Average Sunshine Hours

The sun is still plentiful despite that, with 6 hours of sun per day throughout December.


You can expect an average temperature of around 16°C, which makes December a very pleasant time of year to visit, with an average high of 19°C, and a low of around 13°C.

Average Sea Temperature

Beach time is still very possible, with an average December sea temperature of 20°C, making a swim on Christmas Day the perfect start to festivities.

Check out the weather forecast here.

Amadores Hotels in December

Gloria Palace Hotels

For a festive stay in total luxury it has to be the Gloria Palace Amadores Thalasso and Hotel, or Gloria Palace Royal Hotel and Spa. Whichever you choose, you will be guaranteed opulence and luxury, in beautiful surroundings, right on the cliff-side, overlooking the sea and the glittering beach. These two hotels offer all-inclusive options, and also have a full spa, so you can enjoy countless treatments whilst you are there. Why not have a massage for your Christmas present to yourself?

This hotel is in easy reach of both Amadores and Puerto Rico, so you can enjoy night-life in either resort, but the hotel itself has plentiful entertainment of an evening.

Beach in Amadores for December

Amadores Beach

Perhaps you are planning to spend your Christmas Day celebrations on the beach, and in that case the central beach at Amadores is for you. A huge arc shape, spanning 800m, this section of sand is never crowded at this time of year, yet the wonderfully warm temperatures of the sea during the winter months make it a year-around spot to enjoy.

A great choice for families, due to the calm waters, this is a restful spot to head to, backed by bars and restaurants for a break from the beach itself.

Bars and Restaurants

If you choose to eat out during the Christmas period itself then you will need to book your table well ahead of time, as well as over the New Year period too. For festive fun in a very bright atmosphere then you are best heading over to Puerto Rico on the bus, or in a taxi, and enjoying the dancing and excitement this resort brings, before heading back to Amadores for peace and quiet.

Have Fun at These Bars

The Dolphins Bar and DR.INK BAR, both in Puerto Rico, offer riotous fun with plentiful drink offers to be had, and the Black & White Piano Bar gives a different take on Puerto Rico nightlife, whilst still being fun with a capital F.

Again, hotels offer bars and restaurants on-site, especially those with an all-inclusive option, which means you don't have to wander too far from Amadores.

Things to do in Amadores in December

Christmas in Amadores

December is a very popular time to visit Amadores, in fact Gran Canaria as a whole. The pleasant weather makes for a fantastic change from colder conditions back in other countries, and the chance to enjoy Christmas and the festive season in the sun is a pull that many people can't resist. Amadores as a winter sun destination means there are plentiful things to do even in December, and many Christmas celebrations taking place throughout the area.

Head to Veneguera

Navidad, that's Christmas to me and you, brings many traditions to the area, and on Christmas night head to Veneguera, just a short drive away from Puerto de Mogan, and enjoy the traditional nativity play, giving a real festive feel to proceedings. Puerto de Mogan is a very pretty place to visit regardless, with a more upmarket feel than some other places nearby, and the promenade makes for a pleasant walk in the November sun, with plenty of people watching opportunities and stops for refreshments.

Spot Dolphins on Christmas Day

On Christmas Day itself, you could head down to the beach, or you could do something truly special, and head out into the sea to try and spot dolphins. Animal Encounters Dolphin Search Encounters offer many different dolphin spotting trips, and the waters around the south of Gran Canaria are very popular grounds for these breath-taking animals to visit fingers crossed you spot one!

New Year's Eve

If you're searching for a New Year destination away from home, as many people do, then Nochevieja, or New Year's Eve, is a fun-filled night. Make sure you book your restaurant table well ahead of time, as this is a very popular and busy night in Amadores, and many restaurants book up completely. Once dinner has been digested, you will find plentiful parties and fun around the resort, and when the clock strikes 12, make sure you grab your lucky grapes, as it is said that if you eat 12 grapes at midnight, you will be bestowed with good luck for the following year.