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Tallinn Weather in April, Estonia

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Weather lowdown

March was kind of a transitional month in TallinnEstonia. It marked the end of the snowy winter season and the beginning of spring. April, however, is without a doubt a classic spring month, characterised by swiftly rising temperatures, less precipitation and more sunshine.

This is the first month of the year that has an average temperature above freezing. The temperature now averages 6°C, a very significant increase since the -1°C average in March. While frost may still occur at night, the average nighttime low temperature is now 0°C. In the afternoons, the mercury rises to a fairly comfortable average high of 11°C. The beginning of the month is undeniably the coldest part with temperatures ranging between -1°C and 6°C. At the end, those temperatures have increased a lot and the mercury then ranges between 3°C at night and 13°C in the afternoon. This trend will continue in May as well.

Just like in the previous couple of months, the length of the days keeps on increasing in April. With 13.17 hours of daylight, April 1 is the month's shortest day. April 30 is the longest day with 15.49 daylight hours. This implies that every day is 5.1 minutes shorter than the following day.

While cloud cover is relatively high all-year round, there is a noticeable difference between the cloudy winter season and sunnier summer season. Spring, obviously, is the transition between those seasons and is characterised by decreasing cloud cover. In April, cloud cover drops from 86% to 80%. This, however, still means that the sky is mostly cloudy throughout the whole month, which limits sunshine.

Precipitation is as low as ever this monthhe total amount is no more than 13mm, spread out over 10 days. The likelihood of experiencing precipitation lessens in the course of April. You're most likely to see rainfall or even snowfall in the beginning of the month, when the chance is 50%. At the end of the month, there is a 43% chance of precipitation. The chance of snowfall decreases from 27% to merely 5% throughout April. The most common type of precipitation is now light rain and moderate rain, respectively occurring on 37% and 24% of the days with precipitation.

Where to stay

Boasting no fewer than 390 rooms, the enormous Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia is situated in the middle of Tallinn, close to both the modern city centre and the Old Town. It lies close to shopping malls, Tallinn's beaches, businesses as well as the historic core of this amazing city. Facilities are plentiful and include a fantastic spa, a fitness centre with spectacular views over the city, a restaurant and a lobby bar.

Built for the German-Baltic Baron von Stackelberg in the 1800s, the Von Stackelberg Hotel is housed in an elegant and historic urban estate. It lies near Tallinn's Old Town, a quick walk from most of the city's historic sights and attractionshe April weather will be excellent for exploratory walks through the city. Facilities range from a fine restaurant and relaxing spa to a pool and event spaces.

Sokos Hotel Estoria is in the centre of Tallinn, located in between two other hotels. Each of the 93 rooms tells a story concerning the city's long history. This recommended accommodation is a great option for both business travellers and touristsowntown Tallinn's shops and the Old Town's attractions are a short walk away. At the hotel, guests can enjoy the restaurant, nightclub, pub, gym, private saunas, pool and conference rooms.

Eating and drinking out

Korsaar Restaurant is unique in the sense that it's a themed restaurant. Featuring a convincing pirate theme, its interior is decorated with skulls, ropes, cannons and treasures. The seats are even made of swords. While the experience of eating in such a setting may be enough to justify a visit, the quality of the food only adds to its appeal. The menu is huge and includes appetisers, salads, main courses and desserts.

If you like beer, you will love Beer House, a roomy restaurant and brewery located near Town Hall Square. You can try seven homemade varieties of craft beers along with a filling meal. The atmosphere is always lively, the food constantly great.

The extremely well-rated Ribe Restaurant was established by three waiters and is a beautifully decorated modern eatery. You won't find any simple food in its menu; the dishes served there are complex, delicious and totally unique.

Things to do

As the weather finally begins to improve, snowfall is almost absent and temperatures begin to rise quickly, Tallinn awakens. If you happen to visit this historic city in April, the Old Town is where you will want to be.

A particular highlight in the Old Town is the striking St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Set at the top of Toompea Hill, this magnificent structure with its onion-shaped dome is without question the greatest church in the city. It was constructed in 1900, a time when Estonia was incorporated into the Russian Empire. It's a marvelous piece of architecture from the outside, while the inside is serene and humbling.

Another religious building that's worth visiting is St. Olaf's Church, which is the largest medieval building in Tallinn. Named after the Norwegian King Olaf, who was sainted, this striking church actually used to be the highest structure in the world in the 15th and 16th centuriests spire rises 159 metres toward the sky, its viewing platform offering jaw-dropping panoramic views