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St Lucia Weather in December, Saint Lucia

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What's the Weather Like in St Lucia in December

The weather continues to get cooler in St Lucia in December.


During this month, the average temperature starts off at 27.5°C (created by highs of 30°C and lows of 25°C) on December 1st and falls down to 27°C (highs of 29°C and lows of 25°C) gradually by December 31st. 

Even though it only happens on an average of 10% of days, temperatures can sometimes rise above 30°C and fall below 22°C in St Lucia in December. The hottest temperature ever recorded on the island at this time of year is 33°C, whilst the coldest temperature ever registered here during this month is 16°C.

Since December is one of the coolest months of the year for St Lucia, it's a great time for travellers who hate the heat but want to experience the island to visit. Keep in mind that although the temperatures in December are relatively cool for St Lucia, they're still very hot compared to the UK, so be prepared and pack light and airy clothing plus suntan lotion to ensure you're comfortable. On the other hand, if you want to visit St Lucia when the sun is strongest and temperatures are highest, you're better off forgetting about December and visiting during August instead.


During December, St Lucia receives an average of 102mm/4 inches of rainfall spread out between 19 rainy days that's significantly less than in November. With rainfall occurring on around 2/3 of the month, it's practically guaranteed that you'll experience a shower or two during your holiday, so make sure you take some waterproof clothing or an umbrella with you if you don't want to be stuck inside.

The likelihood of rainfall occurring in St Lucia during December starts off at 60% on December 1st and falls down to 59% by December 11th, before rising up to 61% by December 22nd and falling down to 57% by December 31st. The most common forms of rainfall you can expect to see during your holiday in St Lucia during this month are light rain (64%) and moderate rain (26%).

Average Sunshine Hours

In December, St Lucia enjoys an average of eight hours of sunshine every day, alongside median cloud coverage which starts off at 59% on December 1st and falls down to 57% by December 31st. On an average day, the sky is clear or mostly clear 28% of the time, so despite the high cloud coverage, you should have a chance to sunbathe during your holiday in St Lucia.

Averge Sea Temperature

The average sea temperature for St Lucia stays pleasantly warm throughout the year. In December, it's 28°C that's the same as last month which is certainly warm enough for a swim.


Thanks to its tropical climate, St Lucia remains humid all-year-round. In December, the relative humidity for the island ranges between 65% (mildly humid) and 90% (very humid) over the course of the month, rarely reaching as high as 98% (very humid) or dropping below 56% (mildly humid). The air is usually at its driest around December 28th, when the relative humidity falls below 68% (mildly humid) three days out of four, whilst it's often at its most humid around December 1st, when it rises above 85% (humid) three days out of four.

Weather warnings 

December in St Lucia often sees a lot of storms which means winds can be remarkably strong at this time of year. During this month, typical wind speeds range between 4 m/s (gentle breeze) and 10 m/s (fresh breeze), sometimes exceeding 31 m/s (violent storm). The highest average wind speed of 8 m/s (fresh breeze) usually occurs around December 29th, when the average daily maximum wind speed is 10 m/s (fresh breeze), whilst the lowest average wind speed of 7 m/s (moderate breeze) usually occurs around December 1st, when the average daily maximum is 9 m/s (fresh breeze).

St Lucia Hotels in December

When it comes to spa accommodation in St Lucia, Ti Kaye Resort & Spa is a great choice. Located on the shores of Anse Cochon cove, this resort has its own private beach with sun loungers, shades, beach bar and water sports. The spa is the highlight of the resort and offers massages, body scrubs, wraps, facials, manicures and pedicures for men and women. Guests can choose between ocean-view rooms, standard cottages and cottages with private pools, each of which is decorated in Caribbean style and has air conditioning.

For an all-inclusive resort, check out Coco Palm. Based in Rodney Bay, it provides accommodation in the form of ten different rooms and suites, the most luxurious of which are swim-up rooms. The resort features two restaurants, bar, free WiFi access, swimming pool and spa with body treatments, hot stone massages, regular massages, manicures, pedicures, reflexology, hair styling and tropical braiding. Reduit Beach, Pigeon Island National Park, golf course, Rodney Bay Marina, bars, restaurants and shopping opportunities are all just a short walk away.

Harmony Suites offer a slightly more affordable option. Also set it Rodney Bay, this resort is surrounded by lush gardens and is found in the centre of the resort, with immediate access to all the amenities and services on offer, including bars, restaurants and shops. Accommodation is provided in the form of classic, premium and luxury waterfront suites, each of which is spacious and comes with air conditioning. Onsite services and facilities include the Cockpit Bistro which serves Italian cuisine, yoga classes, pilates studio, dive shop and free WiFi access. Keep in mind that children under 12 are not permitted to stay.

For something even more budget-friendly, try the Top o' the Morne Apartments. Found within Castries, this complex is made up of 12 studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, each of which offers superb city and sea views. The apartments come with fully-equipped kitchen, daily maid service and private terraces, providing you with everything you could need during your stay. WiFi access and swimming pool are onsite, but with bars, restaurants, shops, beach, excursion agencies, water sports and golf course available nearby, you'll have plenty to do during your visit.

St Lucia Beach for December

If you're looking for somewhere to practice windsurfing, check out Cas En Bas. Located on the north-eastern tip of St Lucia, this beach is subject to constant on-shore trade winds which create the ideal environment for wind-based water sports, such as windsurfing and kitesurfing. The golden sandy beach stretches on for one mile and because it's located within a cove, the sea is usually calm, despite the high winds. As well as being calm, the sea is also shallow very far out, making it fantastic for swimming, as long as you keep an eye out for anyone practicing water sports. There is a restaurant on the beach, but no toilets, so families with very young children might want to consider spending the day elsewhere.

Located on the north east of the island between the East Winds Inn and Windjammer Landing, Labrelotte Bay makes a fine beach to retreat to and deserves its reputation as something of a hidden gem. Characterised by a long sweeping crescent-shaped beach, deep blue waters and dark sands, making an ideal Caribbean getaway beach. The waters here are suitable for snorkeling and the reefs nearby are in abundance; make use of the rental facilities to take advantage of this. It's worth remembering that there aren't public bathrooms available at this beach, although nearby restaurants may let you use their facilities. 

Bars and Restaurants

When it comes to healthy eating in St Lucia, Elegance Café is a great place to go. Situated in Gros Islet, this café offers food for in-restaurant dining and takeaway. The lunch and dinner menu features Indian and Caribbean inspired fish and vegetable dishes, served up alongside Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, teas and fresh juices. The atmosphere is very relaxed and both indoor and outdoor seating is available.

Open Monday to Saturday from 11am until 11pm, JD's Mangrove is one of the most picturesque places to enjoy a drink. Based in Marigot Bay overlooking the Caribbean Sea, this bar-restaurant offers very cheap beers, wines and spirits, not to mention amazing views.

If you're on a tight budget, stop for a drink at the Happy Bay Bar in Rodney Bay. This bar is located at the end of the beach and offers 2-4-1 specials on drinks all day and night. The bar itself isn't up to much, but the beachfront location and cheap drinks make it a great place to spend a couple of hours.

Things to do in St Lucia in December

If you're searching for a unique souvenir to remind you of your holiday, stop by Eudovic's Art Studio. Based in Castries, this art studio features a huge selection of wooden statues all of which have been hand-carved by Eudovic himself and his team. All the carvings are made from local wood and since no two pieces are ever identical, you're guaranteed to have a totally unique souvenir. The main wood used is Laurier Canelle, but statues are also made from mahogany, teak, Laurier Mabouey, red cedar and white cedar. 

Families and couples staying in Rodney Bay should definitely take the time to leave their resort and explore Rodney Bay Marina. This part of the resort is home to a marina large enough to support 253 boats, many of which are super luxurious and worthy of a look. There is also a wealth of restaurants, bars, duty-free shops, ordinary shops, excursion agencies, swimming pool and beach, providing you with plenty to see and do during the daytime and evening.

In case the shops at the Rodney Bay Marina aren't up to your standards, see what Duty Free Pointe Seraphine has to offer. Based in Castries close to where the cruise ships dock, this shopping centre is home to a variety of duty-free shops. Although the prices are duty-free, they do include the local VAT tax. All prices are stamped on the items, making it a superb place for those who hate bartering and just want to pay a set price. Here you can get your hands on clothing, spirits, jewellery, souvenirs and handicrafts. There are also several restaurants, bars and cafes.