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Sicily Weather in May, Italy

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May, 2024

1 Avg 16º 61º
2 Avg 16º 61º
3 Avg 15º 59º
4 Avg 16º 61º
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6 Avg 18º 64º
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13 Avg 18º 64º
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17 Avg 16º 61º
18 Avg 16º 61º
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20 Avg 17º 63º
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22 Avg 18º 64º
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24 Avg 17º 63º
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What's The Weather Like in Sicily in May?

May is a very pleasant time to visit Sicily it is one of the driest months and the temperatures are very mild.

Is Siciliy Hot In May?

During your stay you can expect an average temperature of 15°C with highs of around 20°C, which is ideal for exploring and getting to know the island. the evenings are also warmer this month, too, with temperatures rarely dropping below 11°C.

Does It Rain In Sicily In May?

There's around 14mm of rain in Siciliy that falls over 21 days in May. This means there's a good chance you'll see a few showers and should pack accordingly.

Can You Swim In The Sea In Sicily In May?

The average sea temperature in Sicily in May is 19°C which is quite refreshin.

Click here for a 14-day weather forecast for Sicily.

Hotels for Sicily in May

AgriResidence Valle Degli Dei

Located in the heart of Noto valley, the AgriResidence Valle Degli Dei is a collection of small, fully renovated old cottages that offer idyllic and accessible self-catering accommodation to couples and families visiting Sicily. The cottages are very close to the "baroque" city of Noto and surrounded by Mediterranean lemon trees.

Centrum Hotel Residence

If you're looking for stylish and modern accommodation in Sicily, look no further than Centrum Hotel Residence. This contemporary hotel offers a range of suites and room to suit all budgets, as well as a great range of facilities and services.

Astro Suite Hotel

Astro Suite Hotel is a 4 star resort that is minimalist in design while offering a comprehensive array of exceptional services and facilities. The hotel boasts numerous awards including TripAdvisor's Certificate of Excellence thanks to its unique aesthetics that blend traditional Mediterranean style with modern influences.

Villa Belvedere

Operating continually since 1902, Villa Belvedere is a historic hotel that has recently been renovated to meet exacting modern standards. The Villa now offers all-inclusive deals that impress its guests both old and new. The quality here is top notch and the hotel's location is ideal as it is situated near the Greek-Roman theatre close to Taormina's town centre.

Viola Palace Hotel

Located at the northern side of Messina, Viola Palace Hotel is a minimalist and convenient all-inclusive hotel, which caters to busy tourists who want all their needs taken care of. The facilities here are excellent and sport a sleek design, while the food is commendable for its overall quality and wide range of flavours.

Restaurants and Bars for Sicily in May

II Locandiere

Head to Il Locandiere to satisfy your craving for quality seafood that won't leave your wallet empty. This restaurant offers so much more than just an evening meal, it is the place to go to enjoy a gourmet experience with outstanding service, unbeatable choice in quality wines and freshly-prepared dishes. 

Rosso Pizza

One of the best-known Sicilian pizzerias, Rosso Pizza is a very popular restaurant and the place to go for all kinds of amazing pizzas, ranging from the traditional to the exotic. The pizzeria is super friendly, with a smiling owner and lots of upbeat local music to set a merry Mediterranean tone.

Docker's Irish Pub

Owned and run by a British expat, Docker's Irish Pub is an authentic Irish pub that succeeds in offering the elusive "home away from home" feeling that so many tourists yearn for while on holiday. The drinks here are authentic and reasonably priced, while the atmosphere is cosy and friendly.  

Bar Gelateria Blend

Much loved by local kids and children visiting Sicily with their families, Bar Gelateria Blend is a laid-back local ice cream shop in Palermo. The Bar specialises in creating all kinds of delicious and wacky ice cream flavours as well as creating some of the most fun filled cakes for children's parties and other special occasions. 

Things to do in Sicily in May

Valley of the Temples

A trip to Sicily isn't complete without a visit to the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento. The temples are so well preserved that you almost feel like you've stepped back in time. Ancient and imposing, the Valley of the Temples is the single largest collection of ancient Greek temples in the world. This huge UNESCO world heritage site is home to seven temples and a host of other, well-preserved ancient buildings, which invite tourists to take a step back in time and explore these ancient marvels.

Sailing Sicily

Sailing Sicily is the premier provider of tourist-friendly sailing trips and lessons in Sicily. The company commands an impressive fleet of yachts and sailing boats, renting them to sailing enthusiasts; with or without a crew manning them depending on the skipper's experience. The prices are reasonable (given the quality of the yachts) and no matter how hard you search, you won't find better sailing deals in Sicily.

Taxi Taormina & Sicily tours

Taxi Taormina & Sicily Tours is a popular company that offers flexible tours around Sicily via car. The tours also combine walking routes to explore some of Sicily's most beautiful locations and natural landmarks. Some of the highlights include shore tours, market excursions, visiting the 'godfather' village, walking through the valley of the temples and much more.

Dates for the diary

Internazionale Degli Aquiloni

The festival internazionale degli aquiloni (international kite fair) takes place in May, when you can admire many beautiful kites from all over the world before they head to San Vito lo Capo.

Sagra Della Cassatella

Many other festivals also take place during this month, including the Sagra della cassatella in Castelvetrano. This festival is based on the cassatella and features traditional music, food samplings, markets, parades and street performers. It really is a treat to see and is sure to entertain the whole family.

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