Sharm El Sheikh Weather February Averages, Egypt

    • Temperature Temperature 19°C 66°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 23°C 73°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 13°C 55°F
    • Day Temperature Day Temperature 20.2°C 68°F
    • Night Temperature Night Temperature 18.1°C 65°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 10 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 2 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 1 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 22°C 72°F

    Sharm El Sheikh Weather for February 2022

    Weather Lowdown

    February is usually the second-coldest month of the year at Sharm el-Sheikh with only slightly higher temperatures than January, but it is generally warm by day, with an average daytime maximum temperature of 22°C, while on average the temperature falls to 14°C at night. Temperatures rarely fluctuate by more than a few degrees either side of the long-term average, and the daily weather is reliably dry and sunny, so the long-term averages are representative of what will be experienced during a typical holiday in the area.

    An average February has no days at all with rainfall and the mean monthly rainfall is well under 1mm, so there is a high chance of a February holiday in Sharm el-Sheikh remaining completely rain-free. There is an average of 251 hours of bright sunshine, approximately nine hours per day, during February. The average sea temperature is at its lowest during February and March but still holds up at a relatively warm 21°C, which is conducive to water-based recreation, though a little cool for swimming in.

    On rare occasions sandstorms may occur in association with the khamsin wind, although the likelihood of those is higher in March and April than in February.

    Where to stay

    Xperience Sea Breeze Resort

    The Xperience Sea Breeze Resort at Shark's Bay has a private beach area, and is very handy for the main attractions at Shark's Bay as well as offering swimming pools, Jacuzzis and special offers for couples. 

    Moderate Budget Hotels

    Those with relatively moderate budgets can consider the Coral Sea Splash Resort, or Jaz Mirabel Park, both of which are in the Nabq Bay area and are very family-friendly. 

    Jolie Ville Golf & Resort Hotel

    The Jolie Ville Golf & Resort Hotel, which houses the region's only 18-hole golf course, is definitely worth considering for those who are into golf.

    Sinai Old Spices

    For those on a tighter budget, Sinai Old Spices is a good B&B situated at the Roissat area of Sharm el-Sheikh. 

    Sharks Bay Oasis

    Those after self-catering options, Sharks Bay Oasis is a very handy option for those interested in visiting, and staying close to, Shark's Bay.

    Hit the beach

    Shark's Bay

    A good beach to try is Shark's Bay, which is situated to the south of El Sheikh Zaied Street, off the south-east of Sharm el-Sheikh. Like Ras um Sid, this bay offers good opportunities for diving and snorkelling and surveying spectacular reefs and species of fish, as well as sunbathing on the beach. There are numerous shops, bars and cafes just inland from the coast. It is a relatively quiet resort, and does not have the hustle-bustle of, say, Naama Bay. 

    Naama Bay

    Naama Bay will appeal more to those who like to have access to entertainment close by, and it also houses the Red Sea Diving College. It is a particularly good area for scuba diving.

    Eating and drinking out

    Cafe Royal

    For eating out, the Cafe Royal at Sharm Elise is a good option, as the European-style food, the service and the value for money are all highly rated by most customers, and free Wi-Fi internet access is also provided.

    White Elephant Thai Restaurant and Sushi Bar

    The White Elephant Thai Restaurant and Sushi Bar, a Thai restaurant situated at Royal Albatros Moderna, Peace Road, is a relatively expensive, but high quality, option which offers plentiful and high quality food, making it particularly suitable for a special occasion for those who enjoy Thai cuisine.

    Taj Mahal Centre

    For entertainment and nightlife, the Taj Mahal Centre in Peace Road, El Hadaba, features the special Taj Mahal parties on Friday nights, organised by 1001 Nights, and beach parties on Wednesday nights, and also houses the Dolce Vita nightclub. 

    SOHO Square

    SOHO Square also provides a lot of entertainment- there are five bars on-site plus a nightclub which features frequent musical performances, and there are the usual British-style sporting facilities, including a ten pin bowling alley.

    Things to do

    Sinai Golf Heights

    There are a couple of golf courses in the area, including the Sinai Golf Heights course which is located on Dusti Road in the Nabq area. This is a new golf course which is likely to grow with time, developed by a company which has established numerous high-quality golf courses across Egypt, and offers nine playable holes which offer a good challenge, while the organisers give swing tips to novice golfers. Club hire is available and the prices are reputed to be lower than at most other golf courses in the area.

    Jolie Ville Golf & Resort

    An alternative is the Jolie Ville Golf & Resort at Um Marikha Bay which contains an 18-hole PGA golf course, and also provides highly-rated five-star accommodation and 15 restaurants and bars, and provides free golf lessons on Mondays. Private lessons, short game lessons and an international golf academy are all available. The golf course is the only 18-hole championship golf course in the region, although it is quite pricey to play on.

    OXTUR Tours

    OXTUR Tours are a popular way to sightsee around Sharm el-Sheikh with guidance from a local holiday operator. They offer a wide range of tours and trips to sources of entertainment including a banana boat and tube ride (allowing visitors to experience the thrill of moving fast close to the water in a safe setting), a night show and dinner in the Sinai desert, a crocodile and snake show, horse riding, quad biking, and trips up Mount Sinai.

    For those interested in heading further out of Sharm el-Sheikh and seeing other attractions around Egypt, the company also provides trips to Cairo (the capital city) and Dahab, which is a smaller resort to the north of Sharm el-Sheikh and has some popular dive locations. They will also set up custom city tours for those who are interested.

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