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Porto Weather in February, Portugal

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What's the Weather Like in Porto in February


February represents winter's last but very strong legs on the North Atlantic coastline, with a cool average temperature of 11°C (51°F), consistent over the four weeks of the month. While there is an increase of 1 degree across the board from January, helping the average low to reach 7°C on the colder nights, the average high remains steady at 14°C on warmer days.

Sunshine Hours and Rainfall

Chances of sunny days increase to 33% on average, with only four hours of sunshine per day, while rainfall gains volume and reaches 160mm, over a shorter total of 12 days in February. Chances of rainy days decrease to 42%, which basically means that it's simply not time to put the umbrella away yet. In fact, it may be a worthy partner on your holiday in Porto, particularly if you're planning to spend Valentine's Day in one of Portugal's best cities. Humidity hangs at 80% on average, as it would be expected during maritime winters, favoring heavy onsets of rain.


Chances of cloudy days drop to 17%, which means that although generally short, sunny days are more likely to dominate at least the third and fourth week of February.


Wind speeds stay present at 5m/s, but with only 16% chances of windy days altogether. While it's clear that spring isn't ready to grace the Tripeiros with its presence, it's still a decent time for a holiday by the Atlantic Ocean.

Sea Temperature

Speaking of which, the water temperature stays quite chilly at 14°C (57°F), and thus not a good time for swimming just yet. However, that should not stop you from visiting a beach and letting yourself drawn in by the splendid views - the northern currents tend to rattle the ocean and bring about foamy waves that love to crash against the rocky shores, bordered by majestic tones of ultramarine and icy blue skies.

If you're looking for a weather forecast for Porto, you are advised to visit this page.

Hotels for Porto in February

Hotel Internacional Porto

This is definitely a good month to spoil your loved one with a room in a vintage hotel in the heart of Porto. An excellent option is the Hotel Internacional Porto, a 3-star set of sumptuous accommodations which occupies a 19th century building in the Ribeira District, the historical center of the city. Its lovely suites go for prices starting from £34 per night for couples, and feature floor-to-ceiling windows, private bathroom with a tub, satellite TV and safety deposit box.

Boasting a splendid traditional Portuguese decor, the hotel also houses the O Almada restaurant, which serves a delicious and consistent breakfast buffet, filled with local flavors; there is also the O Almadinha Bar, overflowing with rich wines and tapas.

Pao de Acucar Hote

Another great option for February is the Pao de Acucar Hotel, another 3-star venue which offers beautiful suites for just £37 per night. Nominated as Hotel of the Year 2014 by popular booking websites, the Pao de Acucar is only 100 yards from the Avenida dos Aliados in the historical center of Porto. Its rooms feature art-deco style interiors, double glazed windows, vintage furnishings, and some even hold a lovely and intimate terrace.

They also come with an en suite bathroom, satellite TV, air conditioning and a minibar, and there is a breakfast buffet available every morning, which you can have served in your room or on the terrace, which overlooks the splendid Porto City Hall Building.

Castelo Santa Catarina

If you're looking to spoil yourself a little bit more, you can choose one of the gorgeous suites offered by Castelo Santa Catarina, for £55 per night only. This hotel is housed in an actual castle, part of a breathtaking cityscape, and its rooms boast an antique style - with early 20th century style decorations, including an ornate chest of drawers, large beds with carved headboards, and a balcony overlooking a Mediterranean garden.

The breakfast buffet is abundant with traditional Portuguese flavors, which you can also enjoy while lounging on one of the fold up chairs in the garden, with a beautiful view of the traditional glazed tiles of the courtyard. The lobby also offers a sumptuous aperitif and warm drinks, perfect for those chilly February nights.

Beaches for February for Porto

Douro River

You can always go down by the riverfront - the Douro River is full of motion this time of the year, and carries some northern winds all the way down to the Atlantic Ocean. Most importantly, many terrace bars and cafe begin to open their doors early in the season, particularly for St. Valentine's Day, a commercial holiday happily adopted by many venues in the city because who doesn't like to celebrate love?

Praia do Molhe

On a sunny day, you might as well jump on a train, or event rent a car and drive down to Praia do Molhe, a splendid beach not too far from the city. It's a beautiful place, absolutely perfect to enjoy a crimson sunset and even grab a picnic, if you're not too fussy about the cool temperatures and happy to warm up with a little bit of wine instead.

Restaurants and Bars for Porto in February

Wine Quay Bar

And speaking of the riverfront in February, there is one good place worth stopping by any time of the year - the Wine Quay Bar, the perfect location for drinks with a friend, a bubbly first date or even just a celebratory end to a full day of exploring the marvels of Porto! And given that you are, after all, in one of the world's most reputable wine capitals, you most certainly have to grab a table at the Bacchus Vini, in order to experience some of the best Port wines available in the city, best recommended after dinner for a sumptuous wine and cheese type of dessert.

O Paparico

As we've said before, this city is a massive gastronomical center of Europe, famed throughout the world for its variety of tapas bars and traditional restaurants. One such venue that is certainly worth mentioning is O Paparico, its guiding principle revolving around a mandatory Portuguese element in each and every one of its dishes. In fact, its award-winning chefs don't even bother with more modern techniques and contemporary ingredients unless they serve the precise purpose of enhancing the Portuguese flavor and identity of its rich and delicious menu.

The cuisine here is usually designed for two, so it's the perfect place to enjoy a candlelight dinner or a lovely lunch with your significant other - stone walls and pristine white table cloths serve as a defining element of the Portuguese rigor which comes with all dishes, including spectacularly simple and refined recipes for octopus, tartar steak and lamb.

Baixa Bar

Porto is also well known for its ability to switch from a night out drinking with friends into a full-on party mode with dancing, shots and insane fun, all inside one venue that can take it to that level. One such venue is the Baixa Bar, which opens late in the afternoon and holds its wicked rhythm into the wee hours of the morning, whipping out the pop and rock hits which delight its young and mature alike.

Plano B

And for the genuine clubber in each and every one of us, there is the fabulous Plano B, on Rua Candido dos Reyes, a retro-style club spreading over several rooms and sporting frequent art exhibitions alongside its live music and DJ-hosted club nights. This place certainly packs an artsy punch and it's one of the city's main destinations for its unique mixture of visual arts and music, loved in particular by young artists, designers and photographers from all parts of the world. It's also insanely fun on the weekends!

Things to Do in Halkidiki in February

Cais da Ribeira

Now is the perfect time to go and explore Cais da Ribeira, the historical district of Porto. With multiple end of season sales, rest assured that you can do plenty of shopping for very little money, so if you want to spoil your Valentine, definitely take them on a long walk through the city's most loved and vibrant alleys, riddled with artisanal shops and stylish boutique fashion and jewelry stores.

Palacio da Bolsa

As you probably know by now, the people of Porto have quite the resume when it comes to lavish architecture and stunning interiors, and the Palacio da Bolsa - the former Stock Exchange Palace, is one fine example of such artistic prowess. Its extravagant interior is absolutely magnificent and very well preserved, and offers views unparalleled by no other financial building on this side of Europe.

Igreja de Santo Ildefonso

For a genuine trip back in time, visit the many shops in the downtown district, all retro stores which have done an excellent job at preserving their Art Nouveau facades. Places like A Vida Portuguesa and Perola do Bolhao give you a genuine insight into the lifestyle and culture of the Tripeiros, and the Bolhao Market is certainly a good stop if you want fresh local produce and artisanal delights. And if going back to the early 1900's isn't far enough for you, then stop by Igreja de Santo Ildefonso, an architectural masterpiece of the 18th century, covered in a superb array of blue and white tiles.