Port el kantaoui Weather April Averages, Tunisia

    • Temperature Temperature 17°C 63°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 22°C 72°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 12°C 54°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 10 hours
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 5 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 17°C 63°F

    Port el kantaoui Weather for April 2021

    What's the weather like in Port El Kantaoui in April


    April marks the point where the winter starts to really ease towards the May averages of 20°C. April has an average temperature of 17 °C, making it one of the milder winter months to visit Port el Kantaoui Best of all you can still pick yourself up a cut-price deal during April and you won't be faced with the claustrophobic summer crowds.  Let's be clear though, if you're after scorching beach weather without the slightest hint of rain, it's best to hold off on your holiday plans until June, where average temperatures in excess of 30°C are the norm.

    Getting up close and personal with April, the month starts off with a comfortable daily average temperature of 16.2°C, gently rising to 17.6°C midway through the month, before rising again to 18.4°C.

    April's daytimes highs are surprisingly favourable, coming it at 22°C, with night-time averages bringing minimum temperatures down to around 12°C. Those highs of 22°C really do translate into beach weather, so don't be shy to pack a beach towel or two!

    Now for the history books, the highest recent temperature in April reached 36°C on 10 April 2006, with a lowest recorded temperature of 5°C on 19 April 1993. Of course these figures are in the extreme, so don't let the prospect of shivering away in temperatures of 5°C put you off just yet.


    Unfortunately, by Port El Kantaoui standards, April is subject to its fair share of rain, with 5 days of rainfall to be expected over the month. Across April, Port el Kantaoui receives an average of 31 mm (1.2 inches) of rainfall; this is less than the March average of 42 mm (1.7 inches) and over double May's 15 mm (0.6 inches).

    Average Sunshine Hours

    As Port el Kantaoui warms up after the winter, April starts to see a good average amount of sunshine, with ten hours of sun, making a day trip to nearby Hammamet or Sousse and back a real possibility.


    April see's the average daily relative humidity drop into the 60's at around 69%, which is a marked improvement from January, which is the most humid month of the year at 74%. With a humidity level of 69% it'll still feel a bit close so give this some consideration when choosing what clothes to take with you.


    Moving onto the daily wind speed, April comes in at 18 km/h, equivalent to about 11 mph, or 10 knots (classed as a 'gentle breeze' on the Beaufort wind force scale). Overall, the maximum sustained wind speed in recent years has reached 89 km/h, that's equivalent to roughly 55 mph, or 48 knots (classed as a storm or a 'whole gale' on the Beaufort wind force scale).

    Average Sea Temperature

    If you have your sights set beyond the hotel pool the sea temperature averages around 17°C. This will still pack a bit of an icy punch, but you'll soon get used to it.  

    Port El Kantaoui Hotels in April

    Dessole Abou Sofiane Resort is a Tunisian style hotel with its 380 rooms on the Mediterranean coast. The hotel is set against an eight hectare park, adjacent a sandy beach and only a stone's throw away from El Kantaoui golf course

    The ClubHotel Riu Bellevue Park offers enviable views of the coast and boasts large manicured gardens. The hotel comes fully equipped with an outdoor swimming pool, indoor pool, solarium-terrace,"L'Olympe" wellness centre and a sauna. A perfect venue for a relaxed poolside holiday.

    Hotel Riviera is an Arab-Moorish style hotel situated 250 metres from the beach. Hotel Riviera is just 2 km from the marina at Port El Kantaoui, 7 km away from Sousse city centre and El Kantaoui golf course is only a brief walk from the hotel. 

    Port El Kantaoui Beach for April

    Despite April still being one of the cooler months of the year in Port el Kantaoui, the weather is still pleasant enough enjoy a walk along the beach and the highs of 22°C make a beach day a genuine option.

    If you follow the line of the beach south you will find yourself in Sousse. Most of Sousse's beaches are very close to the town centre and its more historic medina. Bou Jaafar beach is directly adjacent to the Medina in Sousse, with clean white sand and very calm water and nearby facilities it's perfect for families with young children.

    Despite a somewhat cringe worthy name, Las Vegas beach sits next to Bou Jaafar to the north. It is not as wide as the latter, but enjoys the same facilities and services and is ideal for a family holiday. It features more waves, making a great water sports spot.

    Bars and Restaurants

    So many food places have a tourist's palette firmly in their sights, that's where Le Grand Malgreb separates itself! Take the 15 min trip to Sousse and enjoy authentic Tunisian, cuisine with the locals and tourists alike. After all why should the locals keep all the best places to themselves!

    Restaurant Sultana can be found in the square by the dancing fountains. We hear that the lasagne is a particular crowd pleaser, so if you're after a bit of Italian, this may just be the go to place.

    The Saloon Restaurant in Sousse gives you a South American 'cowboy style' experience. As you would guess, the restaurant loves its fried chicken, steaks and BBQ classics. Hardly the most authentic option in Tunisia we'll grant you, but it remains a family favourite and is perfect if you want a no fuss evening out.

    Things to do in Port El Kantaoui in April

    After you've made your way down to the marina and explored the shops, the Port itself is fairly limited. We recommend taking a trip south to Sousse, which is Tunisia's third largest city. It's only a mere 15 minutes away, so it's definitely worth the trip. Upon your arrival as Sousse you'll be greeted with a UNESCO-certified Medina with a grand 9th-century courtyard, complete with minarets. Whilst there we'd recommend checking out the Dar Essid Museum, it's a historic old private residence that gives you an insight into how the well to do families of Tunisia used to live. Another popular spots include the Great Mosque and a Roman museum, so it really can make for a varied day out.

    If you the Ports market is a bit stale and touristy for you, we recommend a day trip to Hammamet's Nebeul Market. The market is largest scale street market in North Africa, you'll be spoilt for choice when looking through the various types of couscous, silks, chocolate and saucepans. Admittedly the market has evolved over the years to the tourist market but you still see locals looking for a bargain. If you're in Hammamet, why not take a trip over to the well-known Bacchus Chateaux vineyard and sample some of their fine wines. Just keep in mind, Tunisia have a slightly different take on wine tasting, there'll be no spitting wine back into the glass!

    Getting slightly more adventurous now, we'd recommend using those 10 hours of average sunshine up by going on a Sahara Explorer safari. It consists of a two day organised excursion to the desert, with everything organised for you, including coach, meals, hotel and Jeep safari. If you take this trip it's safe to say you'll really have made the most of what the Port and it's neighbouring towns and cities have to offer.

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