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Malaga Weather in September, Spain


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Malaga Averages September

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    8 hours
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    20 mm

Malaga Daily Averages September

September 2024 Daily Averages

1 Avg 26º 79º
2 Avg 24º 75º
3 Avg 26º 79º
4 Avg 26º 79º
5 Avg 26º 79º
6 Avg 25º 77º
7 Avg 24º 75º
8 Avg 24º 75º
9 Avg 24º 75º
10 Avg 23º 73º
11 Avg 25º 77º
12 Avg 25º 77º
13 Avg 26º 79º
14 Avg 25º 77º
15 Avg 24º 75º
16 Avg 24º 75º
17 Avg 24º 75º
18 Avg 24º 75º
19 Avg 25º 77º
20 Avg 23º 73º
21 Avg 24º 75º
22 Avg 24º 75º
23 Avg 23º 73º
24 Avg 23º 73º
25 Avg 22º 72º
26 Avg 21º 70º
27 Avg 21º 70º
28 Avg 22º 72º
29 Avg 22º 72º
30 Avg 23º 73º
Avg Historical Daily Average

September Weather Averages

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Latest Malaga Holiday Reviews

  • My holiday in Malaga (La Hacienda de Mijas Golf)

    Wonderful - very hot, dry - almost too hot at times!

    Val Tuff

  • My Holiday in Tolox, Andulucia, Malaga

    Very hot, but nice breeze during the afternoon. Very humid at night; difficult to sleep.

    Jane Bennett

  • Holiday at Nerja (30 odd kms from Malaga)

    Arrived on Jan. 2nd 2011 for a 7 day holiday. Saw full sun for 6 days, temps around 16-18 degs, about 7 degs at night. Sea did not pass big...

    Nick Everson

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What's the Weather Like in Malaga in September

September is generally a hot dry sunny month in Malaga and the Mediterranean Sea is at or near its warmest at this time of year, so temperatures tend to hold up.


With an average daytime maximum temperature of 28°C and an average overnight minimum of 18°C, an average September is slightly hotter than an average June. Heatwaves occasionally crop up, when there is an import of hot air from northern Africa and a slight offshore breeze helping to fend off the usual sea breezes.


Most Septembers are very dry although the incidence of heavy thundery downpours increases, on average, as the month progresses. During an average September 16mm of precipitation falls and there are 2 days with measurable precipitation. Some exceptional downpours in the area led to widespread flooding near the end of September 2012, which killed at least 10 people, though there are many Septembers that remain completely rain-free.


Sunshine is generally abundant during September with an average of 247 hours per September, which equates to a mean of 8.2 hours per day.


The average relative humidity begins to climb at this time of year with a mean of 66%.

Sea Temperature

The average sea temperature falls a little to 23°C at this time of the year, which is swimmable though fairly cool. However, many of the shallower stretches of sea near the coastline are rather warmer than that, so there are usually good places to swim off the coast of Malaga at this time of year.

Hotels for Malaga in September

Malaga has a fairly wide range of good accommodation options but it is important to choose wisely.

Parador de Malaga Gibralfaro

The Parador de Malaga Gibralfaro at Castillo de Gibralfaro s/n, 29016 offers 4-star accommodation and offers good views over the port of Malaga.

Salles Hotel Malaga Centro

The Salles Hotel Malaga Centro at Calle Marmoles 6, 29007 offers 4-star accommodation and a poolside bar which is usually open at this time of year.

Hotel California

The Hotel California at Paseo de Sancha 17, 29016, with 2.5 star accommodation, is a reasonable budget option.

Casa de las Mercedes

Bed and breakfast options include the Casa de las Mercedes at HInestrosa 18, 29012.

Beaches for September for Malaga

September is quite a good time of year to hit the beach as the weather is generally reliable but tourist numbers tend to be down on those during July and August. 

La Caleta

La Caleta beach is approximately 1400m long and runs alongside the Paseo Maritimo de Pablo Picasso, and it is good for sunbathing and some water sports including windsurfing.

Penon del Cuervo

Penon del Cuervo beach is quite well secluded and is divided into two swimming areas by a large rock, and with the seas being near their warmest at this time of year, swimming is quite attractive.

Restaurants and Bars for Malaga in September

Malaga has a wide range of good restaurants.


Those who fancy trying an Italian restaurant can consider Giorgios at Avendida Bonanza, Benalmadena which features wines and a range of Italian food, and there are risotto nights on a Wednesday.

Cafe Fresco

For a pleasant snack, the Cafe Fresco at Las Rampas, Fuengirola serves a variety of fresh cafe food and light bites.

Visita Andalucia

Fans of flamenco dancing can try Visita Andalucia at Avda de los Guindos, which is one of the most famous flamenco venues in Malaga and features all night flamenco from 22:30 to 06:00.

Sala Wenge

Clubbers can try out Sala Wenge at Santa Lucia, in a historic corner of the city, which is open on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 22:00 until 07:00, and this bar/club plays mainly house music through the night.

Things to Do in Malaga in September

Pancho Tours Malaga

Pancho Tours Malaga based at Calle Casapalma 4 arrange tours of the city and pub crawls, which are good for walking and sightseeing. There is a Walking Tour which runs every day starting at 11:30 and also at 18:00 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, which features a tour of many of the main attractions in Malaga including the Roman Theatre and Alcazaba.

The Tapas Late Tour runs at 20:15 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and features a tour of 3 restaurants in 3 hours which includes 4 drinks and 15 different types of tapas. The Nightlife Tour features a pub crawl which starts at 23:45 hours every night and starts off at the Bar Robert Boyd in the Plaza de la Mecred, from which they leave at 0:45 hours. In addition to this, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 14:30, they run a Lunch Tasting Tour which starts off at Plaza Constitución.

Horse Riding Spain

Fans of horse riding can try a holiday with Horse Riding Spain at Apto de Correos 31, Coin 29100, Malaga, by the Sierra de las Nieves National Park. They offer horse riding packages spanning 3 days, 4 days and a week depending on personal preference and, between April and early October, they provide an Andalusian horse show in the form of a presentation of Andalucian Horsemanship "Cartujano del Arte Ecuestre" on Thursday evenings, set under the mountains of Mijas in a former bullring, which features traditional Spanish costumes and music. Accommodation and breakfasts are provided.


For those interested in horse riding but who would rather not have an all-inclusive horse riding holiday, Xtraventura, at Calle Casas de Campos, offers horse riding trips through the Montes de Malaga National Park, and La Rejertilla at Camino Los Sauces km.4, El Burgo 29420 offer horse riding tours around the Sierra de las Nieves National Park.

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