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Lloret de Mar Weather in February, Spain

Lloret de Mar Averages February


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    7 hours
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    49 mm

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Lloret de Mar Daily Averages February

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February Weather Averages

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What's the Weather like in Lloret de Mar in February 

The weather in Lloret de Mar is still quite chilly in February. The daytime temperatures reach 14°C, one degree more than January, but still drop to about 2°C at night. The average daily temperature is still 8°C, as it has been since December. However, the average temperatures do rise slightly in the course of the month. The daily high temperatures increase from 13°C in the beginning of the month to 15°C at the end. The daily low temperatures also increase, although minimally, from 2°C on January 1st to 3°C on January 31st. February is the third-coldest month of the year. The temperature of the sea water is 13°C in February, which is as cold as the Mediterranean Sea ever gets throughout the year.

The total amount of rainfall has dropped since January. Now, a total of 49mm is measured throughout the month. There are, however, still nine days of precipitation. In terms of total rainfall, February is the third-driest month of the whole year, after December and July. There is very little variation in the probability that precipitation occurs on any given day in February. The average probability is 29%. February 1st has the least chance of rainfall, with a 27% chance. February 28 has a 30% chance that rainfall will occur. Three main types of rainfall are observed this month: moderate rain, light rain and drizzle. Moderate rain occurs on 37% of all rainy days; light rain is observed on 16% of the days with rainfall; and it drizzles on 28% of all days with precipitation.

Cloud cover is essentially constant throughout the month, which is the main reason for the little variety in rainfall. Cloud cover ranges around 39% on every day in February, which is only a slight increase compared with January's cloud cover.

Even though cloud cover is pretty much the same in January and February, the total number of sunshine hours is 8 in February, which is one hour more than the previous month. The same number of sunshine hours is observed in October and November as well. The only explanation for the increase in sunshine in February, despite having the same amount of cloud cover as January, is that the days are getting longer.

February 1 is the shortest day of the month and has 10.01 hours of daylight. The longest day of the month is February 28 with 11.12 daylight hours. This 1.12-hour increase means that each February day is 2.5 minutes longer than the previous one.

Although it may be too early in the year to head to the beach, there are plenty of other activities in Lloret de Mar and at the Costa Brava for the whole family to enjoy.

Lloret de Mar Hotels in February 

Hotel Acapulco is an excellent four-star hotel situated within minutes of the city centre, beach and shopping areas. This hotel offers fully-heated rooms something you'll need in February with free Wi-Fi and a huge range of facilities including a shuttle service, two outdoor pools, a buffet restaurant with a different themed menu every day of the week, a bar, nightly entertainment and services to help you book excursions, a rental car, a table in a restaurant, and so on.

Another recommended four-star accommodation is Hotel Rosamar Garden Resort. This one is located about 250 metres from the beach and offers both rooms and apartments. The number of amenities and facilities is incredible. There are three outdoor swimming pools; two indoor pools; four water slides; a sports area with a gym, basketball court, volleyball court, bowling alleys, mini-golfing and mini-football; a large spa; an all-inclusive option for worriless vacations; a children's club; a buffet restaurant; and services to help you book anything you want.

Bars and Restaurants 

Restaurante Cantarradas offers high-quality food based on traditional Catalan cuisine and seafood. It is located on Plaça Espanya in the heart of the resort and only a few minutes from the beach. The restaurant serves both lunch and dinner and is open from 1pm until 5pm and again from 7pm to midnight. Their menu, including wine list, is extensive and includes gazpacho and other soups; classic Mediterranean starters, such as melon and ham, gambas, Carpaccio, prawn cocktails and bread with garlic and olive oil; a huge variety of tapas; pastas and pizzas; many beef dishes; half a dozen paellas; and seafood dishes. If you're not sure what you're after, this restaurant will help you find something.

El Raco de Fenals is located in the Fenals area of Lloret de Mar. It is a small restaurant with an excellent menu. While the indoor seating space is quite limited, there is a great enclosed dining area outside at the front. The restaurant serves a wide variety of food, but the seafood dishes are the most popular. 

Things to do in Lloret de Mar in February 

Take advantage of the cool weather and take a trip to explore the magnificent city of Barcelona. Barcelona is located only about 70 kilometres from the resort and is easily reached by car or bus. With incredible architecture and a thriving cultural scene, a visit to the city is a must. Visit the many fascinating museums, shop 'till you drop in the city's top-brand stores or simply take it easy and sip a café con leche in a small café. Barcelonese highlights include Les Rambles, the magnificent Sagrada Familia, all of Gaudi's buildings, Parc Guëll and Port Olimpic.

In the resort itself, you have to check out the Parish Church of Sant Roma. This is one of the city's greatest buildings and a major landmark. The church is located smack-bang in the middle of the city centre, so it is impossible to miss it. It dates back to the early 16th century and is striking because of its distinct architectural style and colored tiled roofs. The church is open daily between 9.30am and 1pm, and again between 4pm and 7.30pm. Mass takes place every weekday at 7pm in Catalan; on Saturday at 6pm in Spanish and 8pm in Catalan; and on Sunday at 10.30am in multiple languages, at 12pm in Catalan and at 8pm in Spanish and Catalan.