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Krakow Weather in October, Poland

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What's The Weather Like In Krakow In October


October is the coldest month since May in Krakow and significantly cooler than September, with an average temperature of 9°C (about 48°F). Even with the dropping temperatures, the beautiful scenery in autumn in this area of Poland still make this month a great time to visit. The number of tourists drops during this month, so you can more easily enjoy the historic sites without the crowds.

The lows drop to a chilly 5°C (about 41°F) but if you're bundled up properly it's not so cold you can't enjoy your time outside exploring. The average high reaches up to 13°C (around 55°F), so during the day, especially with the sun shining, it makes for a pleasant time. Your suitcase should contain a warm coat or parka, and you might even want a winter hat, scarf and gloves, especially when visiting later in the month when the temperatures drop quickly.

Sunshine Hours

With the coming of winter, the number of hours of sunshine each day drops, averaging 3.3 hours a day during the month. It's best to plan ahead and try to visit the outdoor sites during the light of day and save the indoor activities for when it's dark.


Thankfully, the rainfall amounts drop during this time too, so when you are outside, you have a good chance of avoiding precipitation. The average rainfall is 33 mm, falling over 16 days in the month.

Thought rare, it can snow this time of year, but more than likely any precipitation falling from the sky will be in the form of rain. The chance of rain or snow on any given day is 50 percent and the chance of a cloudy or windy day is 33 percent. Like the previous months, there's also a 50 percent chance of fog in the area.

Krakow Hotels In October

Hilton Garden Inn

The Hilton Garden Inn provides rooms and suites with complimentary Wi-Fi, business services, family services like babysitting, cribs and children's video rental, and general convenience services such as a 24-hour Pantry Market, baggage storage, coin laundry, currency exchange, and pavilion lounge. There is also a fitness room, a restaurant, evening room service and an on-site café.

Aparthotel Miodowa

Travelers wanting a little extra space and privacy should check out the Aparthotel Miodowa with standard, deluxe, superior, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. Depending on what type of room you choose, you'll have either a full kitchen or kitchenette to prepare meals and snacks during your stay. All the rooms have private bathrooms as well. Other amenities include a hotel bar, airport transfers and a mini conference room.

The Maltanski Hotel

The Maltanski Hotel has private and quiet rooms in a garden setting to enjoy during your October visit. The large rooms come with tasteful decorations and separate bathrooms with soaking tubs. Some of the rooms have adjoining doors, so families or friends traveling together can have side-by-side rooms. Other room amenities include telephone, television, video player and free Wi-Fi. Each morning, you're treated to a full breakfast after a good night's sleep.

Bars And Restaurants

Pod Baranem

Pod Baranem sits at the foot of Wawel Castle and is a family-friendly establishment famous for its classic Polish dishes. Here you'll enjoy lamb, seafood, veal, pork and beef dishes, as well as favorites like meat stew, herring and mutton chops. For those with special culinary needs, the menu also includes vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. Pod Baranem can accommodate larger parties as well, and is a great choice for families and friends eating together.

Balkanica Restaurant

For a taste of the Balkans in Poland, check out Balkanica Restaurant with dishes from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Croatia. The menu includes classics like musaka, tzatziki and pohovane, as well as a large drink menu with wines, beers and cocktails. Don't miss the dessert menu either with homemade baklava, Balkanica ice cream with halva and banana splits. Bring along the kids, as the restaurant is family-friendly with a kids' menu and high chairs available.

Pizza Garden Brick Oven Pizzeria

If you have a hankering for brick-oven pizza during your stay in Krakow, head over to the Pizza Garden Brick Oven Pizzeria. From the handmade dough made fresh each morning to the high-quality toppings, you're sure to get an amazing pizza at Pizza Garden. To complement your meal, choose from a large selection of beers, many from local breweries. You can also get wine or cocktails from the full bar. 

Things to Do In Krakow In October

Magic Green Islands Folk Festival

In Krakow in October, the Magic Green Islands Folk Festival comes to town. The three-night festival with live Celtic music, folk dancing and various other sounds entertains crowds of all ages. It takes place at the Rotunda Cultural Centre and demonstrates the diverse musical community in Krakow. Before and after the festival, be sure to check out that area's restaurants and bars, some of which offer live music to keep the fun going.

Ghetto Heroes Square

A poignant and thoughtful memorial, the Ghetto Heroes Square features large metal chairs, one for every 1,000 Jews killed during the Holocaust in Krakow. The area was originally the site of mass deportations of Jews kept in the Kazimierz ghetto during the Nazi occupation. The Ghetto Heroes Square is also home of the Tadeusz Pankiewicz pharmacy, which was run by Polish man who tried to help the Jews in the ghetto. Now, it's a museum in honor of those Jews who died at the hands of the Nazis.

St. Florian's Gate

You'll also want to take in St. Florian's Gate, a main part of Krakow's Old Town. Built in the 14th century as part of the fortification to protect the city from Turkish invaders, the gate exemplifies Gothic architecture. The city's Royal Road begins at St. Florian's Gate and once you pass through it, you can walk to Main Market Square and then to Wawel Castle. Along with the artwork that graces the gate and tower itself, you can view the work of amateur artists selling their pieces around the gate.