When was the last time you went along to a hen or stag do? Was it abroad or here in the UK? Sunshine.co.uk wanted to find out more about the trend of hen and stag do attendees hopping on a plane to celebrate their impending nuptials (or their friends’) overseas, after we had an increase in the number of hen and stag do enquires.

They polled 1,196 people aged 18 and over from around the UK who had all been on a hen or stag do in the last six months (either their own or someone else’s).

More than half of hen and stag do parties are spent overseas

In response to the question, ‘Was the last stag/hen do you went to abroad or in the UK?’ more than half of the respondents, 51%, said it was abroad. The results showed that stag dos are more likely to be spent overseas than hen dos; with men equating to 77% of the total respondents who said they’d spent a pre-marital celebration abroad in the last six months.

Men taking part in our poll who said that the stag do they had attended in the last six months was abroad were asked where, specifically, they had been. The top five results were revealed as the following destinations:

1. Prague – 17% Find out more about Prague here.

2. Amsterdam – 16%

3. Krakow – 14%

4. Barcelona – 11% Find out more abut Barcelona here.

5. Benidorm – 9% Find out more about Benidorm here.

The women taking part were asked the same question, which revealed the top five most popular overseas hen do destinations to be as follows:

1. Albufeira – 18% Find out more about Albufeira here.

2. Benidorm – 14%

3. Marbella – 14% Find out more about Marbella here.

4. Ibiza – 13% Find out more about Ibiza here.

5. Barcelona – 11%
Stag dos abroad are almost £200 more expensive than hen parties

So how expensive is an average overseas hen or stag dos? On average the total spend for a stag do attendee heading overseas was revealed to be £512.00; compared to £320.00 for the hens that went abroad for the celebrations. The average stag do abroad lasts 3 nights, compared to 2 nights for hen dos outside of the UK, according to our poll.

It seems that many people are growing tired of the lacklustre seaside resorts and unpredictable weather that the UK has to offer, and those embarking on a hen or stag do want to spend it in sunnier climes or somewhere offering a bit more of an adventure.

Who can really blame them? Every hen and stag wants a memorable experience and it seems as though this is the main influencing factor for them heading abroad. The only problem is, it can be a very pricey experience so it’s always best to shop around for a bargain.

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