Ko Lipe Weather September Averages, Thailand

    • Temperature Temperature 27°C 81°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 31°C 88°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 23°C 73°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 8 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 339 mm
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 30°C 86°F

    Ko Lipe Weather for September 2020

    What's the weather like in Ko Lipe in September?

    September in Ko LipeThailand, is a little cooler than August by approximately one degree on average, but the wet monsoon season is now at its peak. Ko Lipe has plenty to offer, such as ancient temples, a national park and diving.

    Coming during the rainy season might have you re-thinking spending time outdoors, but most often the rain happens during the afternoon or is a quick shower after which the sun comes out again. You can plan for indoor activities or returning to the resort for a meal during the rain and then head back out for some fun.


    September and October are by far the wettest months of the whole year, receiving 339mm and 344mm of rainfall respectively. To show how wet those months actually area href="http://www.holiday-weather.com/ko_lipe/averages/may">May is the third-wettest and gets 256mm of rainfall, which is about a quarter less. The probability that precipitation occurs increases in the course of the month. September 1 has the lowest chance of rainfall (65%), while September 25 is historically the wettest day of the month (a chance of 72%). You're most likely to experience a thunderstorm in September. They happen on 58% of the days with rainfall. Light rain and moderate rain can occur as well, respectively on 27% and 11% of the rainy days.


    The average daily temperature in September is 27°C, which is, unbelievable but true, the lowest average daily temperature of the entire year. It is also observed in July and October. August is one degree warmer. In the afternoons, the temperatures rise to 31°C, while at night, they drop to 23°C. Both high and low temperatures are basically constant throughout the month. They both are as low as they get all-year round.

    Sea Temperature

    In September, the sea temperature averages 30°C. The sea temperature is, in fact, pretty much constant all yearhe annual low sea temperature is 29°C.

    Sunshine Hours

    The length of the days decreases a tiny bit in the course of the month, but only by 9 minutes. September 1 is the longest day of the month and has 12.13 daylight hours, while September 30, the shortest day, has 12.04 hours of daylight. Cloud cover is essentially constant as well and ranges around 90%, which means that, in September, the sky in Ko Lipe is mostly cloudy.

    Although there's a lot of cloud cover, every day still has 8 sunshine hours, the annual average of daily sunshine hours. The amount of daily sunshine doesn't vary much throughout the year thougha href="http://www.holiday-weather.com/ko_lipe/averages/november">November has the absolute and exceptional low of 6 hours of sunshine per day, while 9 hours of sunshine can be enjoyed from March through June.

    Hotels in Ko Lipe in September

    Green View Beach Resort

    Green View Beach Resort is an eco-resort on Pattaya Beach, on the island's south coast. Staying at an eco-friendly resort in a tropical destination like this will give you even more peace of mind. Green View Beach Resort does everything to respect the environment and lessen its (and your) ecological footprintt uses eco-materials, recycles its waste and treats its water. The beachfront bungalows are made from all-natural materials, such as bamboo, wood, earthen tiles and granite. Things to do in and around the resort include snorkelling trips, dive excursions, fishing tours, sunbathing, lounging on the beach and enjoying a massage.

    Mali Resort

    Another fantastic place to stay on Pattaya Beach is Mali Resort. This superb accommodation is located at a quiet end of Ko Lipe's most popular beach, a pleasant walk removed from Walking Street, the main street on the island. The resort has a wide range of luxurious rooms and plenty of facilities, including a restaurant and a spa, to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

    Beaches in Ko Lipe in September

    Main Beaches

    September may be one of the two wettest months of the year, but the weather will still allow you to spend some time on the beach. Try to go in the morning, though, as the afternoons are when the short, but heavy rain showers occur. Because of the warm temperature, however, getting drenched on the beach won't be uncomfortable whatsoeverhe rain is about as warm as the sea water.

    The three beaches on which you will most likely spend your time are Sunrise Beach, Sunset Beach and Pattaya Beach, respectively located on the east coast, north coast and southwest coast of the island. All beaches are within walking distance from each other.

    Bars and Restaurants 

    Kafair Hut

    Kafair Hut is a small and unassuming breakfast, coffee and lunch place on Walking Street. Despite its small appearance, it serves some of the most enjoyable breakfasts and lunches on the entire island. You can order fresh coffee, baguettes, smoothies, self-made yoghurt, breads and other good stuff.


    If you're after some more action or want to finish off an activity-filled day with refreshing drinks on the beach, you should head to Pattaya Beach, which is lined with a host of beach bars. Examples of lively places that are worth checking out are Barracuda BarReggae Bar and Time to Chill Bar.

    Things to do in Ko Lipe in September

    Walking Street

    Walking Street is the main street on the island. Numerous restaurants, shops, bars and massage parlours can be found along the street and down its side streets. If you're not spending time on one of the beaches or aren't off on some kind of boat trip, this is where you will spend your time. The street, although busy, is not overwhelmingt's simply a pleasantly crowded shopping street with an abundance of accommodations and eating and drinking venues.

    Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

    If you're interested in cultural and ethnic festivals, you certainly won't want to miss the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. This celebration takes place in Chinatown on Ko Lipe. Stalls are filled with mooncake to represent the Chinese Festival. It is held for one day only, so if you are in Ko Lipe during September consider planning around the 10th to 13th of the month.

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