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Resort Information

Ko Lipe is a small, boomerang-shaped island in the Adang-Rawi archipelago about 60 kilometres off the coast of southern Thailand. It lies in the gorgeous Andaman Sea, near popular holiday destinations, such as Ko Turatao with Turatao National Park and the island of Langkawi in Malaysia. With Malaysia to the southeast and Sumatra to the south, it is sheltered from the major winds of the region. Owing to this fortunate location, it has a relatively stable climate all year, similar to Phuket in the north and Langkawi in the south.


Ko Lipe is considered to be the most important island of the Adang group, as it has the largest permanent settlement, and is considered the hub for transportation between the other islands and to and from the mainland. About 800 people live on Ko Lipe year round. It is most famous for the diving and snorkelling that is available in the surrounding waters, its beautiful beaches, great weather and its laidback atmosphere.

The Thai island of Ko Lipe is a tropical paradise. It features pristine beaches of white sand, crystal-clear waters ranging in colour from pale aquamarine to the deepest aqua, and warm temperatures year round. Located just outside the Tarutao National Marine Parkxempt from laws that restrict developmenthe waters surrounding the island are teeming with a large variety of sea life that you can experience while diving or snorkelling.


The Adang archipelago provides opportunities to explore the many uninhabited islands nearby. Just a boat ride away, these small paradise islands give you an opportunity to experience them as sailors being shipwrecked did long ago. Ko Lipe is a one of a kind holiday destination.


Being a tropical destination, the temperatures on the island do not vary much from season to season, or from month to month. Daytime highs throughout the year average from 31°C to 34°C, with FebruaryMarch and April being the hottest months of the year. Nights remain balmy throughout the year, with average low temperatures from 23°C to 24°C.

Sea Temperature

Similarly, sea temperatures do not really change either. Water temperatures remain close that that of a bath-like 28°C to 30°C all year long. The average overall daily temperature is extremely constant all-year round and ranges between 27°C and 29°C. Approximately 65% of the days in Ko Lipe are classified as warm; 35% are classified as hot.


Ko Lipe is home to a tropical monsoon climate, as a consequence there are only two seasons: a wet and a dry. A 'monsoon' is changes in the direction of the prevailing wind patterns; these changes are caused by increased differences in the temperature between the sea and the land. The term 'monsoon' is normally used to refer to only the wet portion of the cycle, although the dry portion is a monsoon as well.


Monsoons are marked by large quantities of rainfall, making up the lion's share of the rain that monsoonal areas receive. In other areas with monsoon seasons, there are concerns of flooding due to too much rain. However, Ko Lipe is different in that it is generally shielded from the wind patterns of the region, and as a consequence, the risk of flooding is reduced. The precipitation totals for the year are about 2345mm.

Sunshine Hours

The length of the days doesn't change significantly in the course of the year either. The shortest day of the year is December 21, which has 11.46 daylight hours, while the longest day of the year, June 20, has 12.29 hours of daylight.

Dry Season Weather in Ko Lipe: November - March


Considered the high season for tourism on Ko Lipe, the dry season features almost no rain and calm, flat seas. Lasting approximately from November through March, the driest period during this time runs from December through February. Ambient humidity ranges from 55% to 75%.

Sunshine Hours

The calm seas and plenty of sunshine make this season especially amenable to boating, scuba diving, sunbathing and swimming. The pesky mosquitos are kept away by the breeze blowing in from the northeast. Some of the best snorkeling takes place off Sunrise Beach. Sunrise Beach itself has beautiful pristine white sand and waters that make you want to jump right in!.


25 percent of the world's species of tropical fish reside in the coral reefs located just off the beaches of Ko Lipe and surrounding areas. In deeper waters, you may come across some larger denizens of the deep: shark type species, manta rays and whale sharks. A plethora of dive-boat operators are available at this time for day trips to excellent dive spots among the islands.


One danger of which all divers should be aware is the possibility of strong currents, particularly when on deeper dives. Tidal forces mostly generate the currents in Adang-Rawi. Accordingly, they are stronger during certain times of the month and weaker during others.

Rainy Season weather in Ko Lipe: April - October

During the rainy season, which runs from April through October, the monsoonal winds bring with them long periods of rain and rough seas. It is the volatile nature of the sea during this time that makes the rainy season the low season for tourism on Ko Lipe.


On the island itself, the rain is mostly produced by brief thunderstorms lasting an hour or less. While there are periods when the sun doesn't appear for days and the rain is unrelenting, this does not happen very often. The wettest months are September and October. Humidity levels are upwards of 75%, as would be expected with all the moisture in the air.

Boat Rides

Travel to and from the island, as well as inter-island travel, can be unpleasant due to the choppy seas. In fact, during low season, the only port that is open for boat travel to the island is Pak Bara on the mainland. One boat leaves from there at approximately 11.30h local time for Ko Lipe. That said, if you are able to weather the rough seas, you will find the island to be quiet and restful. The choice of accommodation is plentiful and the rates are cheap, often half off high season prices.


Furthermore, the island's three beaches, Pattaya Beach, Sunrise Beach, and Sunset Beach, along with their clear, warm waters, will be nearly empty. While the majority of the island businesses are shut down during the rainy season, a few will remain open. If you yearn for a holiday away from everything, then the low season is the best time to visit Ko Lipe.

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