Coral Bay Weather August Averages, Cyprus

    • Temperature Temperature 25.5°C 78°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 30°C 86°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 21°C 70°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 12 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 6 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 0 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 28°C 82°F
    • 31

    Coral Bay Weather for August 2023

    What's the Weather like in Coral Bay in August

    Summer is the most popular time to visit Coral Bay for a reason! Nothing beats the weather here during these months. Coral Bay is located on the south western part of the island of Cyprus. Coral Bay is peace but also less than a 20 minute drive from the center of the popular tourist town of Paphos. Weather during this time of year is fantastic with almost no rain and warm, sunny days guaranteed.


    The average temperature this month is 26(78. Generally, the breeze from the Mediterranean Sea makes Coral Bay cooler than the island's inland towns. However, temperature can reach an average high of 30(86 and heatwaves are not uncommon. August is the hottest month of the year in this seaside town, alongside July. On the contrary, the average low temperature is 21(70.

    Average Sunshine Hours

    At an average of 13 hours, August offers one less hour of sunshine than July. This is due to the upcoming autumn season and the shortening of daylight hours. UV ratings are slightly lower than July with a score of 10 on the index scale. This is still extremely high and visitors should take very precaution to protect their skin with SPF sunscreen and protective clothing and hats keep an eye on the forecasts. It is important to know that bright surfaces, such as water and sand will reflect UV rays and increase risk of overexposure.

    Rainfall & Average Sea Temperature

    Precipitation is at 6mm for the month. Additionally, sea temperatures are the warmest all year. At 28(82 the waters are perfect for swimming, diving, water sports, you name it!

    Coral Bay Hotels in August

    Panareti Coral Bay

    This seaside resort town offers many beautiful and unique lodging options. Panareti Coral Bay. This hotel offers indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts, a sauna, and massage service. For the kids, there is a children's pool, game center, and playground! Panareti is conveniently located just 50m from Coral Bay Beach, this resort's location is ideal! There are a variety of rooms and place available.

    Neptune Hotel Apartments

    Alternatively,  Neptune Hotel Apartments also offers a larger, more economical space while still providing the same care and attention you'd expect from a resort. These options are a balanced mix of economy and luxury. Both are highly recommended as the perfect home away from home.

    King Evelthon Beach Hotel and Resort Paphos

    King Evelthon Beach Hotel and Resort Paphos offers extraordinary facilities including a full service spa and water park! Many rooms offer views of the Mediterranean Sea. Sports facilities include a game center, tennis courts, and gymnasium. The resort has onsite restaurants and cafes. The rooms are both elegant and luxurious with some offering Jacuzzi options and modern design.

    Beach in Coral Bay

    Coral Bay Beach

    Coral Bay is known as one of the best beaches in the region, and with good cause. Located in Pegegia, Coral Bay Beach is in a convenient location that is lively and yet relaxing. The limestone cliffs are a signature part of the beach. Additionally, on your way there, you will see iconic banana plantations spotting the landscape. Coral Bay was awarded a Blue Flag Certification for excellence in environmental protection, water quality, and safety. Lifeguards are on duty between 1:00-5:30pm during the swimming season. For convenience, there are many umbrella and sun chair hires available onsite as well.

    Bars and Restaurants

    NAMOS Beach Bar Coral Bay

    In order to fully enjoy everything Coral Bay has to offer, one must try the local cuisine. NAMOS Beach Bar Coral Bay is an incredible location offering beachside seating and cocktails. This restaurant is just a few steps away from the beach making the location ideal for an afternoon beach break or a quick snack after a swim. NAMOS also offers nightlife entertainment such as dancing and music. The staff is polite, helpful and the location can't be beat! Providing hungry sunbathers with delicious food, NAMOS is a local favourite.

    O'Solomon's Irish Bar

    O'Solomon's Irish Bar is another favorite among the expat community in Coral Bay.  This establishment is perfect for the summer because it has air conditioning and outdoor seating, depending on your preference. The prices are inexpensive and the drink options are various. Perfect for families, O'Solomon's even has a children's play area. An economical place to relax or watch a game, O'Solomon's has several screens broadcasting sports or English television.

    Oniro by the Sea

    And last but not least, Oniro by the Sea is only of Coral Bay's most highly recommended restaurants. This extravagant bar has breathtaking sea cave views and delicious food to boot. A beached shipwreck adds an interesting element to the horizon. Don't miss this unique hidden treasure!

    Things to do in Coral Bay in August

    Zephyros Adventure Sports

    Those interested in outdoor activities and adventure need look no further. Zephyros Adventure Sports is exactly what you're looking for! This company offers water based activities such as sea kayaking, snorkeling, and coast-steering. Land based adventures such as trekking, mountain bike riding, and rock climbing are also very popular. The company has been operating since 2001 and has access to incredible locations such as Akamas Park and the Troodos Mountains. Many different routes, options, and locations are available to choose from. Facilities onsite include showers, rental boats, umbrellas, and lifeguard services.

    Akamas Park

    Speaking of Akamas Park, no trip to Coral Bay is complete without wandering this natural phenomenon. Located on a peninsula, the park covers about 230 square km and is renowned for its ecological diversity. The nature in this park is largely untouched and is an incredible sight to see. Several endangered turtle species have chosen this area as their nesting home. The diversity of flora and fauna living in this area is precious and breathtaking. Akamas Park also offers several untouched beaches with bright blue waters and prestige shorelines, an escape from the touristic atmosphere of Coral Bay and Paphos.

    Adonis Baths Waterfalls

    Just sixteen minutes by car from Coral Bay Beach is the stunning Adonis Baths Waterfalls. This historically rich site is one of the most unique areas in the country. According to Greek mythology Adonis and Aphrodite had many children at the site. Visitors are welcome to go swimming in many of the onsite natural waterfalls including the romantic Bath in the Two Level Waterfalls. Spa services, such as mud therapy, is also offered at this stunning location.

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