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Cinque Terre Weather in January, Italy

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January, 2024

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2 Avg 46º
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The year starts out cold and rainy in Cinque Terre, with an average daily temperature of 8°C (about 46°F). Because this month is considered the off-season for tourists, many of the hotels and restaurants are closed. Don't lose hope though if you have your heart set on visiting this part of Italy this month. In the five villages, the restaurants and bars have an agreement that at least one eatery is open every day of the year. January is the coldest month of the year, with lows that linger at 4°C (around 39°F), not quite reaching the freezing mark but getting close. 

During the day, the highs get up to 11°C (about 52°F), which is a decent temperature for spending time outside, especially if the sun is shining. As you're packing for your holiday this time of the year, be sure to bring along a heavy coat or jacket, as well as a pair of warm gloves and a hat. Snow is rare, so you probably won't need snow boots, but if you'll be doing any hiking or walking, you'll want sturdy and waterproof shoes. 

The days are short, with only four hours of sunshine each day; cuddle up with a good book in one of the village cafes during the dark hours. Nearly 100 mm of rain falls during this time of the year, putting a damper on many outdoor activities. That amount falls over nine days, so bring along the umbrella or poncho to stay dry on the rainy days. You won't be doing much swimming this month, with an average sea temperature of 13°C (about 55°F). 

Typically, the temperature stays consistent from day to day in this part of Europe. But, the resort has seen some extreme temperatures in the past. The highest recorded temperature was a very warm 20°C (about 69°F). At one time, the temperature dropped down to a very frigid -12°C (around 9°F). 

If you want to stay in the village of Riomaggiore during your trip to Cinque Terre, check out Affittacamere Edi. The complex is comprised of several apartments with one or two bedrooms and kitchenettes. While the accommodations are simple and comfortable, the views from the rooms are simply amazing, overlooking the harbour and sparkling water. If you don't feel like cooking in your apartment, try the on-site restaurant and bar. 

The 17 rooms at the Hotel Punta Mesco in Monterosso are clean, comfortable, and affordable. The hotel is conveniently located just minutes from the train station, pier, and the centre of town, so that you can easily explore the Cinque Terre area. Along with the standard amenities, guests also get free parking, a buffet breakfast each morning, use of beach towels and umbrellas, and a discount in the hotel's restaurant. 

At La Baia di Rio, you'll enjoy a central location in Riomaggiore for your holiday in January with easy access to bars and restaurants. You can choose from a suite or an apartment and all the rooms have private bathrooms, satellite television, and refrigerators. Some of the rooms have outdoor terraces with umbrellas, tables, and chairs, as well as panoramic views of the mountains and water. 

Trattorio da Oscar is family-run and ideal for a true Italian experience. The small menu changes daily but delivers big on taste and homemade freshness. You'll find everything from fish to seafood to pasta, depending on the day. Even with a limited menu, vegetarians will find several options each day. The restaurant is tucked away in Monterosso, away from the touristy main streets, so you can enjoy a peaceful meal. 

From the exposed stone walls to the metal and wood bar, Ristorante Il Gambero Rosso exudes cosy and comfortable. The outdoor seating area is large and gives diners a chance to dine and watch the world go by. The menu includes fresh seafood and fish, some caught right from the sea, as well as pasta specialties. Don't miss the seafood carbonara, seafood spaghetti, and shrimp taglitelle.  

If you're looking for a quick snack, stop by Batti Friggitoria, which specializes in fried foods. Here, you can get fried seafood, vegetables, potatoes, and more. The fried calamari are a crowd favourite, but you can't go wrong with anything on the menu. Everything is conveniently served in paper cones so you can take your food to go and snack while you're exploring the village. 

In the cooler January weather, take the Cinque Terre Walk n Drink tour and learn about the local wines, everything from planting the vines to bottling the wines. Led by a knowledgeable and native guide, the tour takes you through the vineyards of Cinque Terre and educates on the production process. At the end, you'll get to sample some of the area's best vintages, as well as learn about food pairings. 

At the Church of San Lorenzo, you'll experience a piece of history of Manarola. The church is also called the Church of the Nativity, as it honours the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. From the gorgeous coloured stones that make up the exterior to the intricate altar inside, you'll get a taste of gothic and baroque styles. Inside, you'll find beautifully-painted murals, and the huge wooden door leading into the church is a piece of artwork in itself. 

Honouring a prominent figure in Italian history, the Monumento a Giuseppe Garibaldi sits prominently in the main town square of Monterosso. Garibaldi was a general, politician, and nationalist and considered one of the fathers of Italy. The statue honours him and his contributions to the country and is easy to view as you pass through the village. It's surrounded by shady trees and benches, so you can take a break from sightseeing.