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Bordeaux Weather in February, France

Bordeaux Averages February


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    The average high temperature and the average low temperature for that month, on a daily basis, divided by 2 equals the average temperature for that month


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    4 hours
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    14 days
  • What is Average Rainfall?
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    80 mm

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Bordeaux Daily Averages February

February 2024 Daily Averages

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4 Avg 45º
5 Avg 46º
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7 Avg 45º
8 Avg 45º
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13 Avg 43º
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15 Avg 43º
16 Avg 43º
17 Avg 45º
18 Avg 45º
19 Avg 45º
20 Avg 46º
21 Avg 45º
22 Avg 45º
23 Avg 46º
24 Avg 46º
25 Avg 46º
26 Avg 46º
27 Avg 45º
28 Avg 45º
29 Avg -
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February Weather Averages

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What's the weather like in Bordeaux in February

With one of the largest urban areas in the country of France, Bordeaux is one of the largest cities in Europe. Best known as the wine capital of the world, it also has numerous historic sites recognized by UNESCO. Like nearby Cognac, famous for its liquor by the same name, the city sees continuing cool temperatures but falling rain amounts in February. Compared to January's 110 mm, which is the highest rainfall out of the year, this month sees 80 mm. The rain falls over 14 days in the month and there is a 46% chance of rain.


The average daily temperature for this time of the year is 7°C (around 45°F), nice compared to many UK cities during this same month. The lows hover just above freezing, dropping to 3°C (about 37°F) and while snow is rare, it does occasionally fall, but typically doesn't stick. The chance of snow on any given day is only four percent, so you probably won't need snow gear. You'll be pretty safe in just a coat or heavy jacket. The highs can get up to 11°C (about 52°F), so during the day, long-sleeved shirts, pants, and sweaters are appropriate.

Sunshine Hours

Visitors can expect about four hours of sunshine each day this time of the year, making this month a good time to head inside to the many museums, cathedrals, and other indoor attractions. The chance of a sunny day sits at 13%, while the chance of a cloudy day is 45%. The winds are fairly calm this time of the year, with a 21% chance of a windy day. Fog isn't likely either with a 36% chance of a fog day.

Extreme Temperatures

While rare, extreme temperature swings are possible in this area. The highest recorded temperature was a balmy 25°C (about 77°F). The lowest recorded temperature dropped down to frigid -8°C (around 18°F).

Bordeaux Hotels for February

Ibis Bordeaux Centre Bastide

The Ibis Bordeaux Centre Bastide is located right in the centre of the city and offers rooms with en-suite bathrooms, televisions, and air conditioning. Depending on your needs, you can choose a room with a double bed, two twin beds, or one twin and one double. Guests can enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet-style breakfast with a vast selection of both hot and cold dishes. You're also within walking distance of the city's best attractions and entertainment venues.

Hotel Majestic

A medium-sized hotel with a three-star rating, Hotel Majestic has 47 rooms. You can pick a standard or superior room, or upgrade and go for a suite or even an apartment with additional space and privacy. Rooms come complete with Wi-Fi, television, minibar, and coffee maker. The hotel is centrally located and offers a buffet breakfast and private parking for a small additional fee. If you want to bring along your furry friend for your February stay, the hotel is pet-friendly as well.

Hotel du Theatre

The two-star Hotel du Theatre offers modern accommodations near the city centre. Each of the 23 rooms are individually styled, including themes like pink roses, beach holiday, Playboy, and Jamaican. The fun colors continue throughout the rest of the hotel, where you'll find brightly-colored settees, purple carpet, and unique lighting fixtures. Single, double, and quad rooms are available, and it's a great choice for those who fancy something a little different.

Bars and Restaurants

Restaurant Jean Ramet

While Restaurant Jean Ramet is a place designed for a quick bite to eat at lunch, it transforms in the evenings to a quiet and romantic eatery with a much slower pace. Candles light the main dining room and dishes include spicy fish tagine, roasted oysters, and, of course, the French classic, creme brulee, caramelized to a crisp. The extensive wine menu includes numerous local Bordeaux favourites in red and white.

Oxford Arms

If you're feeling a little homesick for some authentic English pub food, head over to the Oxford Arms, one of several English-themed pubs in Bordeaux. Board games and quizzes keep patrons entertained, while full English fish and chips, bangers and mash, and steak pies keep them well-fed. You can also have a nicely poured pint of Strongbow or Fosters. Throughout the week, there's always British sports on the televisions for those who don't want to miss a match.

Restaurant Baud & Millet

To enjoy the best culinary delights of Bordeaux, book a table at the Restaurant Baud & Millet, known locally as the "cheese and wine restaurant". It offers well over 100 different types of cheese, presented in dishes such as rhubarb-infused croque monsieur and cheese-topped leeks, potatoes, and almonds. To complement the plethora of cheese dish choices, Baud & Millet also has an excellent selection of reds, whites, and rose wines. 

Things to do in Bordeaux in February

St. Andre Cathedral

The St. Andre Cathedral is a good choice for the wetter months like February. Although routine services are held here, you can still visit throughout the week. The cathedral considers itself as much a place of culture as it is a place of worship and sacred music. The intricate detailing of the internal stained glass is worth a visit alone. You can't miss the exterior Gothic architecture either.

Rue Sainte Catherine

Shop till you drop on Rue Sainte Catherine, Bordeaux's main street with over 3 km of shopping. If you can't find what you need in this block of shops, it probably doesn't exist! Shops range from internationally-known retailers to local stores. During February and July, all the merchants run big clearance sales, so those are great months for finding a bargain. Numerous cafes and restaurants are also located along the street, so you can grab a bite to eat or drink to refuel for more shopping.

Bernard Magrez Art Institute

The Bernard Magrez Art Institute is a must-do for any art lover or anyone who appreciates architecture. The collections are housed in four different buildings, each built in the 18th century and featuring traditional design. You can't miss the gardens on the grounds, with interesting shrubbery and huge wine bottles decorated by different modern artists. During your visit, you'll see an eclectic mix of artists and styles.