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Amsterdam Weather in February, Netherlands

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February, 2024

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What's the Weather Like in Amsterdam in February?


Weather in February is not much warmer than January so layers are still a must for those visiting in the second month of the year. The average high temperature in Amsterdam for the month is 8° C (46°F) with an average low temperature of 0°C (32°F).


While February is drier than January with an average of 39mm of precipitation in the month, there are more rainy days with 11 across the month.

Average Sunshine Hours

Sunlight is still at a premium with an average of only five hours of sunlight per day and average temperatures hover around 4°C (39°F).

Daily Weather

The daily weather in Amsterdam is highly changeable, but prolonged periods of cold are usually unlikely thanks to the modifying effects of the nearby North Sea and English Channel. These two bodies of water have relatively warm currents that keep the city from becoming too cold during the winter months. This effect keeps much of the precipitation in winter from falling as snow.

Amsterdam Hotels in February

With conditions still on the cold side in the month of February, travelers can continue to get big discounts on rooms in the city.

When looking for a hotel in Amsterdam, it is important to consider the surrounding community. Like many European cities, Amsterdam has its share of nightlife and unless you like falling asleep to the steady beat of nearby music, it may be best to do some additional digging into hotels and see what type of venues are close by.

Hotel V Nesplein

One excellent hotel near the central part of Amsterdam is the Hotel V Nesplein. This trendy boutique hotel is located in the heart of the city and makes an ideal place to stay with its opulent, calming atmosphere and proximity to all the attractions and sights.

There are three choices of rooms to select, and don't forget to sample the gourmet dining of the hotel's Lobby Restaurant.

The Hoxton

Situated among the canals and cobbled streets of the city centre, The Hoxton makes the ideal accommodation for a romantic getaway. Occupying an old Amsterdam townhouse and restoring it to its former glory, guests can choose from three different types of room at this upmarket boutique hotel.

There's also an inviting lounge area to retreat to if you want to take a break from the cold weather and crowds, while the onsite Lotti's restaurant serves up a range of fragrant flavours throughout the day.

Inntel Amsterdam Centre

Another centrally-located hotel worth choosing is the Inntel Amsterdam Centre. A short walk from Dam Square, this smart and sophisticated hotel comes with all the modcons, with a number of sleeping options to pick from. Enjoy the hotel's unlimited internet access and make use of the breakfast buffet, which is served daily. There's also a bar and lounge within the hotel, both of which make great places to relax in the evenings. 

Bars and Restaurants

Food in the Netherlands is not as well-known as other cuisines, but that doesn't make it any less delicious. In fact, there are several dishes that no visitors should pass up on their trip to the city.

Café Restaurant Amsterdam

When looking for a good place to eat, Café Restaurant Amsterdam is listed as one of the best. Located near the city center, it specializes in French fare and with high ceilings and large windows, it makes a perfect ambiance for a big breakfast or a leisurely lunch.

Mood's Coffee Corner

If you're in the Jordaan neighbourhood, then stop by Mood's Coffee Corner and grab a hot drink. This friendly cafe serves a range of delicious coffees, teas, hot chocolates and light lunches - its canalside setting makes it the ideal place to stop and watch the world go by.


For a romantic rendezvous, head straight to Zaza's. With a wide range of contemporary dining options on the menu, this sophisticated eatery combines fine fare with top-quality service and is hugely popular with both visitors and locals.

Getto Food & Drinks

Getto Food & Drinks is the place to go for a casual evening of dining and drinking. Set in the centre of town, this place is known for its eclectic, wacky decor and efficient service. Of any given evening in the week, you'll see lots of happy customers in this place, and it's easy to see why.


Amsterdam is home to thousands of microbreweries and new establishments are popping up all the time: Troost is one place that's definitely worth a visit. Situated in the De Pijp neighbourhood, this funky establishment serves up simple but satisfying dishes, and there's a staggering array of beers to choose from.

Things to do in Amsterdam in February

The month of February is still a time to stay indoors while in Amsterdam and enjoy the city's numerous museums and other indoor activities.

In the Jordaan district, visitors can find about 40 specialists galleries that are in former homes and shops. The galleries sell anything from photography to contemporary art, so there really is something for everyone.

Amsterdam Museum

For those looking to discover more about the city of Amsterdam, there is the Amsterdam Museum. The museum formally known as the Amsterdam History Museum educates visitors on the previous eight centuries of the city's evolution.

Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder

Another nearby spot not to miss includes the recently restored Museum Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder, a hidden church that has now been returned to its former glory.

Joods Historisch Museum

For children, a visit to the Joods Historisch Museum in the old Jewish quarter is in order. Located in a former synagogue, it holds photos, artifacts and paintings and contains an excellent children's wing.

Important Dates

Blues Festival Delft

Fans of the Blues are not to be outdone in the month of February with the Blues Festival Delft. With 50 live performances in 30 locations, this festival is one that one won't disappoint and the best news is that the entrance to all performances is free of charge.

Valentines Day

The city holds numerous Valentine's Day events for those looking to celebrate. Couples may choose between events at numerous restaurants and pubs throughout the city.

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